Sadie Newman Net Worth 2024

Sadie Newman is a British model, most famous for her modeling for renowned fashion brands in L.A., London, New York, and Ford New York and Premium Models. Sadie is also known as one of the most popular young models online, and she presents one of the best-paid models in the U.K. today.

Sadie Newman
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Early Life and Career

Sadie Newman is born on December 11th, 1993, in Devon, England, in a family with younger brother Chris Newman. Sadie started her modeling career quite early when she was only five years old, and when she turned seventeen, she moved to the capital, London, where she had her first official modeling job. After she got into adult age, Sadie moved to New York, where she started with her professional modeling career. Since then, she beautifies famous magazines with her presence on the covers, as well as posing for famous photographers.

Sadie Newman is also quite active on social media, and her Instagram account has more than 210 thousand followers. She uses social media to promote herself and to make new collaborations with famous designers and casting agencies.

Moreover, apart from modeling, Sadie was attracted to acting. Thus, she appeared as a guest – star in a popular T.V. series Law & Order, in the episode “Special Victims Unit.” Therefore, who wants to see this beautiful model acting, can check this episode.

Sadie is quite interested in acting. However, she places modeling at first. Knowing how popular and acknowledged she is, in a fashion world, it is logical that she wants to stick to her career.

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Personal Life

Models and celebrities mostly surround Sadie Newman. Thus, she had several relationships connected with the fashion world. However, recently, Sadie is spotted with famous rapper Hoodie Allen, and those two later confirmed that they are dating. Before him, Sadie was dating actor Cameron Monaghan, but the couple split after a short period of dating. Besides, Sadie was never publicly involved in scandalous relationships or similar.

Moreover, Sadie is 179cm tall and very fit, which makes her be the ideal choice for modeling. Besides her special diet as a model, she is quite active in sports, which explains her perfectly fit figure. She loves to spend her time outdoors, as she is a big fan of extreme sports and swimming.

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Sadie Newman Net Worth 2024

Sadie Newman is one of the younger professional models from the U.K. who are making a fortune before their thirties. Also, she is one of the top paid models in the U.K.; which makes her even one of the wealthiest young models today. Forbs magazine placed her among the top paid and most successful young models today.

However, that status required many sacrifices, such as leaving home while only seventeen and starting a modeling career in the U.S. It was high – challenging, but it paid off.

Today, Sadie’s net worth is around $5million, and because she is only twenty-six years old, we believe that her income will increase drastically by the time this beautiful model reaches thirty years old.