Ella Mai Net Worth 2024

Ella Mai is only 25-years-old, and she is already rocking the world. She is known for her strong personality, unique appearance, and above all, extraordinary music skills.

Moreover, she is known as one of the few who left the audience speechless on the 11th season of The X Factor. Although she started a serious career after this show, this is not how she became famous. Discover how she built her successful career and how much money it brought her so far.

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Early Life

Ella Mai Howell goes by the name Ella Mai. She is originally from Southern London, England. This great start was born on November 3, 1194. Mai was named after a famous jazz singer, Ella Fitzgerald. She is partly Jamaican from her mother’s side and Irish from her father’s side.

As a teacher, Ella’s mother played a huge role in her upbringing and her love for music. So no wonder that she had a significant interest in music from a very young age. When Ella turned 12, her family moved to the states and located in New York. There her love toward music became more engaging.

She went to Queens High School of Teaching in the Glen Oaks area and felt culture shock right away. She was picked on due to her natural British accent. This environment affected her strongly, that once she finished school, she went back to London at the age of 17, and enrolled at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute.

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Music Life

Mai accepted that her passion is music, so in 2014, she started group Arize with two other females. The next big step was participation in The X Factor’s 11th season. The group didn’t make it past the auditions, but Ella knew that she stepped into something big. So, in 2015, she created a 4-track solo EP called ‘trouble’ and posted it on SoundCloud. It went fine, but nothing extraordinary happened. Then she posted a 15-second clip of herself singing covers of popular songs on Instagram, and it was massive. DJ Mustard contacted her via Instagram DM after seeing her version of Fetty Wap’s hit single 679′. The rest is history.

Ella Mai Net Worth 2024

So far, Ella Mai is earning mainly from her music career. And for someone who is only 25 years old, she is earning more than well. Just in 2024, her net worth is estimated to be $6 million. When she is not making number 1 hits on charts, she is earning money from her YouTube channel. It’s rated at the moment, that she is receiving a max of $76,600 from her YouTube channel.

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Love Life

It’s known that Ella has a boyfriend, but she keeps his identity private. Moreover, this famous star often states that she loves to keep her private life deficient key. Maybe it will change once she becomes more famous. Until that, you can enjoy her fantastic music work and watch her as she multiplies her fortune.