How to Change Netflix Region?

Though Netflix needs no introduction but still let me tell that Netflix is one of the biggest online video content distributors in the world currently, with shows and movies of all genres, it is becoming the hub of streaming service in contemporary times. However, one really disturbing thing is the fact that it offers different content libraries in different regions. It happens due to geo-restrictions. It is the concept of restricting viewers from accessing content based on their geographic locations.

Thus, people find the need to change the region and stream to shows that they like. Changing a region will get you to the shows or movies that you wish to watch but are restricted in your region.

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Why Netflix Has Different Content Libraries?

Well, if you stream movies and shows on Netflix regularly, you would have seen that you might hear about some shows that are released on the platform, but when you find it on your Netflix, you see nothing. This happens because of the geo-restrictions being imposed by Netflix. Geo-restriction is a concept that refers to blocking or restricting users from a specific geo-graphic location from accessing certain content or platform.

Netflix imposes geo-restrictions usually due to licensing rights and also because of the agreement they have made with the producers of content. According to a streaming editor of StreamingRant, the richest Netflix library in terms of content is US library. It has around 4500 shows and 1200 movies. The library is one of the best to access in order to stream the best content. However, to do this from any other regions you will need a VPN. VPN is a technology that masks your IP address and changes the geo-graphic location of your device to let channels, platforms and websites think that you are accessing it from a non-restricted region.

How Can You Change Your Region?

As explained above, has restricted shows and movies in a certain region based on the licensing rights issues, and that is the reason that we see the needs to change Netflix region. Such as, I heard much about The Walking Dead, but when I searched for it, I found nothing. Upon further inquiry. I found out that it is geo-restricted in my region. However, I came up with a way, and that was to use a VPN to access it. The process is simple, first you need to sign-up for a VPN. You possibly will have to buy it. Once you have the login credentials, log-in to VPN app and connect to your desire server. Now when you will access it you will see the difference in the library.

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What is a VPN?

Explaining it simply, a VPN is a virtual network that masks your IP address and connects you to the server from your desired location. With this simple connection, you are regarded as a user for the location that you have connected to, and this can make you access whatever is geo-restricted in that region.

How to Change Netflix Region With a VPN?

  • Sign Up for a VPN that suits the best to your needs.
  • Log in with your credentials
  • Connect to your desired server
  • Once you are connected to your desired server, go-to Netflix, and you will see a difference in the library.

This is a simple process that you can follow to change your Netflix region and access whatever library you wish to access.

Just connecting to any VPN is not enough for changing the Netflix library, but there are a few things that you should care about. Here are a few things to consider.

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  • The first and foremost important thing is to analyze the VPN you have chosen works with Netflix or not. This is in the points to consider because Netflix itself has got the technology to block VPNs. At times you might be connected to a VPN and still see an error message. It usually happens because the VPN you are using doesn’t work with Netflix. Though, one of the best ideas to encounter this is to select a premium VPN. We have seen that there are various industry-leading VPN providers and these VPNs have been able to unblock it easily.
  • The second thing to consider is the servers offered by your chosen VPN. Such as if you want to connect to the American Netflix library in New Zealand, then your VPN service provider should have the servers from the US region. This is important because geo-restrictions are because of the geographic locations and to access geo-restricted content you should be able to connect to a server where your desired content, channel or platform is not restricted.
  • Another important point to consider here is the speed and security of the VPN that you are using. No one likes to wait for buffering and lags while streaming, and thus the speed of your VPN service provider should be fast enough. Moreover, since online connectivity is the focal point here; thus, the VPN should also be secure, and your data should not be shared with any unauthorized entity.

Which Netflix Library is the Richest in Terms of Content?

Well, without any doubts, the US Netflix library has the most shows and movies. With 1157 shows and 4593 movies on the list, it gives the viewers things that are binge-watching worthy. This is the reason that most of the Netflix VPN service providers have offered optimized servers from the US.

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If you want to change your Netflix region, that best possible answer is to use a VPN. A VPN can connect you to servers from different desired locations to access Netflix. Though you will have to see which one suits the best to your needs, the top picks could be PureVPN, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark.