Privacy Trees Around Pool

It is no doubt people love swimming outdoors, but what usually comes in the way is their discomfort towards the pool being too exposed. Planting trees around the pool for your privacy is a great solution to help overcome this issue. 

Landscaping your swimming pool not only deals with the privacy issue but also creates a fantastic look for your outdoor pool, making it pop. Choosing the right trees to plant in this regard is extremely important. It would be foolish to randomly pick any tree to plant as the wrong options could ruin the pool’s entire look. You do not want to plant something that would end up towering your pool, or taking over the whole space, planting something that will be hard to maintain. 

Why people choose to landscape their pool:

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Planting privacy trees for pools is not as simple as it sounds. Growing the wrong trees could end up in a disaster according to To choose the best option for your landscaping, first, consider the factors that limit your options.

1. Shade: 

If the primary purpose for you to plant privacy trees around your pool is to obtain a shade around it, that can direct your tree choice. In this regard, a pergola or cabana with vines or wisteria could be the right choice for you. 

2. Beauty:

Planting trees to enhance the beauty of your outdoor pool is a common reason. The trees that look most beautiful around outdoor pools are flowering, deciduous trees, and fruit trees. 

Privacy: If you’re tired of not being able to enjoy your outdoor pool due to privacy issues, landscaping is a very beneficial solution. Evergreens would be an excellent choice for you, as they are fast-growing and cover the pool from the outside prying eyes. 

3. Climate: 

In landscaping, the climate of the region you’re situated in matters the most. Every tree grows and flourishes differently in different areas. Pools located in the southern areas have a broader diversity of trees that could thrive around the pool. Pools located in the Northern regions can use a lot of tropical trees too, but only if embedded in large pots. 

Things to consider while choosing a tree specimen

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You cannot pick any tree specimen at random. There are various factors that you should look over while choosing a tree to plant. 

1. Root system:

The root system of a tree is essential to consider as trees with long roots can cause trouble by getting into plumbing and cracking the concrete. Picking trees with a shallow root system would be more comfortable and better manageable. 

2. View:

Although you want a cover around your pool picking out the wrong trees, it could cover your outdoor swimming pool’s entire view. 

3. Leaf drop: 

You would not want to clean the fruit, dead flowers, seed pots, leaves, and other tree and plant fragments from the filter of your pool. You must choose trees that have a low leaf drop and do not create much mess. 

4. Theme: 

Picking trees that will match the theme of your outdoor pool can make the entire view magnificent. Mediterranean, Japanese, Tropical, or desert oasis ideas naturally come for different types of trees.

5. In-ground vs. container: 

Grow trees in big containers, on wheels, if possible, so they can follow the sun for growth or move away from it if it is beneficial for the flourishing of the tree.

Best trees to plant around a pool:

1. Citrus trees

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If you want to add color to your pool, citrus fruit is the way to go. There are certain varieties of citrus fruit that are specifically suited to grow in small areas or containers. Growing a citrus fruit in a box is beneficial in regards to its movability. You can quickly move it around to either follow the sunlight or to protect the tree from too much exposure. The most suitable citrus trees to grow in containers are “dwarf citrus.” 

2. Japanese maple 

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Japanese Maple trees are admired most for their changing leaves and subtle, airy shape. They are native to Korea and Japan. Most trees grow slowly and don’t reach heights beyond 20 ft. As they do not respond well to winds, it would be safe to plant them in sheltered areas. They require plenty of water, especially in hot environments; otherwise, they can dry out. 

3. Palm trees 

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Palm trees make an ideal privacy curtain when you plant them in groups or clusters. They are the most appropriate choice to plant in tropical or sub-tropical weather as their roots cultivate straight down and don’t spread much. 

The best varieties among Palm trees include Cane palm, Mediterranean fan palm, Queen’s palm, Windmill palm, and Sabal palm

4. Fruitless Olive

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Olive trees grow slowly and typically only reach a height of 25 to 30 ft. When grown in rich and deep soil, olive trees are the most attractive looking. They grow in areas with dry, hot summers and in coastal regions. Olive trees are a suitable choice for private trees around pools because they are elegant and lack fruit, so they do not create a mess. In the first year, you have to give them plenty of water, and after that, they can survive and tolerate scorching weather and drought conditions as well.

5. Palo verde 

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Palo verde are drought-tolerant trees, which make them the perfect choice for people that own a swimming pool in arid regions. The trees are signified for their willow-tree-like branches and fresh green bark. These trees usually grow upwards of 20 to 40 ft., depending on their types. The best options among Palo Verde include Mexican, Foothill, and Sonoran. 

6. Banana trees 

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For landscaping purposes, choose a tall variety from the Banana trees that can quickly grow up to 25 ft. These trees need to be planted in sheltered areas since they are tropical plants. Growing them in temperate weather would be a mistake unless you’re growing smaller varieties in pots that can be taken inside to guard them against the cold. Cuban Red can be the better option among Banana trees to build around your pool. 

Planting trees around your pool is an excellent idea and leads towards great success in not only making the whole space astonishing but also gives you the privacy you need to stay at comfort. It is necessary to choose the right trees to plant, considering all the essential aspects.