Memorial Trees: What Do They Symbolise?

How we come to this world is not in our hands, but we can decide how we want to be honoured after death. Making end-of-life plans need not be depressing and dark, as you might encounter certain topics like memorial gardens and remembrance trees.

If you want something unconventional and unique, consider memorial trees and gardens. Memorial garden burials are eco-friendly and a unique way to honor the deceased. It not only carries powerful symbolism of life and death but also gives your loved ones something tangible to remember you by.

What Are Memorial Trees?

Memorial trees are also known as remembrance trees or tribute trees. They are planted in memorial gardens in honour of someone who has passed away. This type of burial can be pre-planned by the deceased, or family members can choose to honour their loved one in an eco-friendly and peaceful way.

Trees are symbols of life worldwide, and being buried as a memorial tree symbolises the eternal circle of life and death. A memorial tree is a tangible reminder to the deceased’s family and friends. Memorial gardens often become a comfort place, giving people a place to sit and feel close to the person who passed away.

What do Memorial Trees Symbolise?

A Symbol of Life

Memorial trees are a potent symbol of new life and growth. When treated, organic human ashes help a tree grow and flourish; it contains the deceased person’s pieces. You can touch this tree, see it, care for it, and watch it grow.

A Symbol of Rebirth

Many religions and cultures worldwide regard memorial trees as symbols of the afterlife and rebirth. The tree can be a reincarnation of the deceased.

A Symbol of Peace

The memorial garden is a tranquil and peaceful place to sit by, relax, and feel close to the one who has passed away. It can be your comfort place where you can gather your thoughts or remember the beautiful memories you share with the deceased.

Different Trees, Different Symbols: How to Choose the Perfect One?

Like humans, different trees have different personalities and represent other symbols. In the last three decades, psychologists and researchers have found that human personalities connect at various levels around the “Big Five” senses. These big five senses are neuroticism, conscientiousness, openness to experience, agreeableness, and extroversion.

Similar to us humans, trees also have personalities with vibrant inner life. Moreover, different species of trees also represent dissimilar personalities. So, suppose you are thinking of choosing a memorial tree it is best to get one similar to the deceased individual’s character at some level. Here are some popular plants often chosen as memorial trees.


If you are looking for a tree symbolising wisdom, luck, and idealism, then Jacaranda is the perfect choice. The purple-coloured flowers are famous all over the world. The tree reaches an average height of 10 to 15 meters and flourishes in the summers. The tree is originally found in South America.

Ornamental Pear


With an average height of 7 meters, the Ornamental Pear tree blossoms in the spring season. The trees’ origins can be traced back to Vietnam and China. Ornamental Pear represents the qualities of resilience and hopefulness. During spring, delicate clusters of white-coloured flower blossom on the branches.

Flowering Crab Apple


This tree originates in Central Asia and reaches an average height of 4 to 8 meters. The tree is a symbol of love, and in spring, double-pink, fragrant flowers blossom on the tree.

Cherry Blossom

A symbol of optimism and beauty, Cherry Blossom trees are known for their delicate double-pink flowers that bloom during spring. As we all know, Japan is famous for its Cherry Blossom trees, with people coming from all over the world to see the spectacle. The tree reaches an average height of 6 to 12 meters.

Tulip Magnolia


This is a great tree for someone compassionate and wise. The Tulip Magnolia is an elegant tree found in the West Indies, North America, and Asia. The goblet-shaped, deep-purple-coloured flowers bloom during early spring and reach an average height of 5 to 6 meters.

Crepe Myrtle

This tree originates in China and flourishes mostly in summer. Crepe Myrtle represents the qualities of passion and creativity. A cluster of pink flowers adorns the tree in summer, reaching a maximum height of 8 to 9 meters.

Flowering Gum

If you are looking for a memorial tree for someone strong and ambitious, then go for Flowering Gum without any doubt. Bright red coloured flowers bloom throughout the Australian summer. The tree reaches an average height of 2 to 15 meters.

Sweet Gum


Last but not least, the Sweet Gum tree represents strength and optimism. The tree is known for its characteristic lobed-shaped leaves that turn beautiful shades of red, purple, and orange during autumn.

It reaches an average height of 15 to 20 meters and originates in Asia and North America.

Japanese Maple

Originating in Japan, as is evident from the name, the tree represents boldness and peace. The Japanese maple blooms in autumn and reaches an average height of 1 to 7 metres. Its characteristic leaves are elegantly cut and turn bright crimson during autumn.


The tree is known for its fan-shaped leaves that turn beautiful shades of gold throughout autumn. The origin of the Ginkgo tree is traced back to China, and it is known to grow to an average height of 10 to 14 meters.

Queensland Kauri


Originating in Queensland, this tree grows quite tall, with an average height of 50 meters. The tree mainly blooms during winter and represents strength and confidence.

English Oak

The real beauty of this tree can be seen during autumn when the leaves turn beautiful shades of red and yellow. The tree is best suited for people who are or were intuitive, noble, and strong.

As the name suggests, the tree originates from the United Kingdom and grows to an average height of 20 meters.


As mentioned before, trees, just like humans, have distinctive personalities. The connection between humans and nature is quite strong. Contact your local memorial garden and search for the tree you want for your loved one.