How Long Does It Take to Buy a House Once You Find One?


Buying a house is no easy feat. Anyone who went through the process knows as much. It can be done fast if you’re lucky and persistent. But, it usually takes time. There are a few steps when buying a home that you can’t circumvent. Even in the best-case scenario it could take you anywhere from a few weeks to one month, and in prolonged cases up to half a year. Some cases lasted even longer, as it all depends on your circumstances, price, location, and many other factors.

Luckily for anyone going through this process you’re not the first one to do it. This makes matters easier. You’ll find people who have experience in the field. We are one of these people. In this article, we are going to talk about the steps you need to go through to get that dream house of yours. Tie your seatbelt s this might prove to be a bumpy ride, considering the housing market we’re living in. So, how long does it take to buy a house once you find one? Let’s see what we have to say on this subject.

Finding The Right Agent


This is where you’ll start. You can’t find a house without professional help. If you’re buying a house in the Bay area, for example, you’re obligated to speak to some of the best San Francisco realtors in order to find a perfect spot and get the best deal. If you’re lucky enough some of your friends and family members can help you recommend a good agent. If not, you can search for yourself. These days we have online reviews, and you can do a fast check on any agent out there. Their help is necessary to find what you’re looking for, to close the deal faster, and to be sure that the deal is clean and tidy. What you need to know is that you won’t complete this task in a matter of a few hours. Finding an agent could take you up to one week.

Move Onto Pre-Approval

No one buys a house these days for cash. You’re not Christopher Moltisanti from The Sopranos, we hope. To buy a home you’ll need a loan. To get one, you’ll need pre-approval to determine that you’ve qualified for a mortgage. This is where things might get a little bit complicated. You’ll need to put forward a lot of your financial information. Both yourself, and your partner, if you have one, will have to show your tax returns, pay stubs, various credit bureau information, and info about any debt you might have. This process won’t take less time than one week, but it can take up to ten or even more.

The Hunt Itself


All of the above seems easy when compared to this step. Finding the right place is not an easy task. There are just too many factors involved. Even with the best agent, and pre-approved loan you might lose a few months to get yourself a place to live. Yes, you could be as lucky to find the ideal home upon your first visit, but that’s rarely the case. Usually, this process lasts for a few months, and sometimes even longer than half a year. It is a once-in-a-lifetime decision.

In With The Offer

This is where you need to go stealth bomber. Once you put a lock on the property don’t be afraid to pull the trigger. When you have the right place, your next move needs to be an offer. There’s no going around this decision. Your agent will hand you the price, and you need to make the offer. Of course, you’ll need to increase the value a little bit, to give yourself the best chance of landing the property, and to show your serious intent of buying. Furthermore, you could contact the homeowners directly with a letter letting them know that you’re fully committed to buying their home. Once you have the right place, you must make your offer within a five days window. Here’s where you no longer have time to waste.



If you had your offer accepted, you need to start the mortgage process. This is not an easy proceeding. You’ll need to put forward more financial documents, and even an appraisal of your finances might come into question. This part of buying a home might take up to a few weeks, and sometimes even over a month. It all comes down to how clean your finances are, and how expensive your new home is. What you need to know in this department is that it will usually take more time than you want or expect. But, that’s a mortgage for you. Once approved you’ll be ready to take the next steps.

Closing In

It is not over yet. You need to close on the house once you’ve been approved by a lender. This is where you make the final move. You’ll make sure that the house is in great condition, and that you’re getting everything that’s promised within the price. This is where some sorts of negotiating are still allowed. But, if everything is in the order you’ll be making the money transfer. This is the last part where you’ll have expenses. Also, this is where you’ll sign your contract and be handed the keys to your new place. Yes, it is a lengthy road, but one worth walking. After all, it’s not every day you buy a new home.

How Long Does It Take?


As you can see, we took you through the most important steps of buying a new home. It is a lengthy process. It’s not one you can finish in a few days. It is just not possible. Most of us will need loans and mortgages to close on a house, and that’s fine. But, it won’t happen overnight. Anything of worth rarely happens that fast. When it comes to buying a home, if you go carefully through our steps, it takes as long as one year, and in some cases even longer. In the best-case scenario you can get the job done in a few months, but good luck with that.