How to Find Month to Month Rentals – Safe Rental Housing in the USA

Do you need to move, but don’t want to sign a long-term lease? Or you still don’t know how long you will have to rent a house? In this case, month-to-month rentals will suit you. What is it and how to find an apartment or house with a monthly lease fee? We will tell you in the article.

Month to Month Rentals: What Is It, and Who Needs It?

Month-to-month rentals are rental housing with a monthly payment and the possibility of extending the contract for another month. If there is no need to rent a house for the traditional 12 months, then you may consider this option or you can contact Rentler.

Often month to month apartment rentals is used by:

  • students who study for less than a year;
  • employees whose business trips can be extended;
  • residents who make repairs at home;
  • pregnant women who want to give birth in another state;
  • residents looking for new housing to buy;
  • travelers who move frequently, etc.

How to Find Month to Month Apartment Rentals Near Me?

If you understand that you will soon need a month to month apartment rentals, we recommend starting your search as quickly as possible using reliable services.

But first of all, learn more about short-term rentals so that you can make a well-informed decision in the future.

Different Sides of the Same Coin: Month to Month Rentals Pros and Cons

Month to month rentals has the following positive aspects:

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  1. Short duration. Thanks to the monthly payment, you can move out at any time if you do not like it here or you have found a better option.
  2. Terms and conditions flexibility. When you rent an apartment for a long time, for at least 12 months, then you cannot terminate the contract until that time. Otherwise, you will be fined. By renting an apartment every month, you have the opportunity to terminate the contract every 30 days, notifying the landlord in advance.
  3. Renewal of the lease. For example, if you like everything after 6-month lease apartments, then you can agree with the landlord to conclude a long-term lease agreement.

You learned about the positive aspects. But before looking for a month to month rentals near me, check out the possible unpleasant moments:

  1. Cost. When looking for month-to-month rentals near me, you should remember that the cost of such rent will be higher. Thus, the landlord compensates for the frequent changes of tenants and their time spent.
  2. Eviction. The landlord has the right to ask you to move out at any time, giving several weeks’ notice. When signing the contract, be sure to read this paragraph.
  3. Rent increases. The landlord has the right to raise the rental price upon the expiration of the contract. Therefore, do not be surprised if the homeowner asks for a large amount for the apartment next month.

How to Find Month to Month Apartment Rentals?

Before you start looking for an apartment or house, decide on your requirements. Allocate your budget, decide how many rooms you need, compare furnished or empty apartments, consider the opinion of other people if you would like to share rent, etc. Take a few minutes to decide on your wishes, and then start looking for housing. Below are some ways to do it.

Ask your friends and acquaintances

Ask your friends for help. Perhaps they have the experience in finding month-to-month rentals near me, or they can recommend a landlord. Do not forget to make a post on social media so more people can help you find an apartment.

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Check top websites

There are a lot of rental sites to help you navigate the options and their cost. If you didn’t find the perfect month-to-month rentals among all the proposed monthly rental options, look for long-term rentals. Sometimes the owners simply do not specify this option. Some houses do not allow month-to-month apartment rentals, but 6-month lease apartments or 3 months are welcome.

Contact the leasing office

Why not? And even if they can’t offer you anything, they may recommend another agency that may help you.

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How to Choose the Month to Month Apartment Rentals?

There are so many offers on the real estate rental market that you can get confused. We have compiled a small guide that may help you choose a comfortable and safe home.

Take a close look at the photos

Try to pay attention to housing with photos. After all, this way you can make sure with your own eyes how an apartment or house looks like, where it is located, how it is furnished, what view does it have and so on.

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Chat with the owner

Don’t be afraid to ask landlords your questions. Before contacting the owner, write down all your questions in a notebook. This way you won’t forget what you wanted to ask. If the landlord does not wish to or is reluctant to answer your questions, you should carefully and avoid hustle when signing the contract.

Read the contract carefully

After reading the contract, you must clearly understand how much you are paying, when you must inform the landlord that you are moving out, in how many weeks the owner must notify you about the termination of the contract, and so on. If necessary, contact your attorney and ask them to clarify the contract’s terms and conditions.

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Protect your money

After signing the contract, transfer money using secure services or a credit card. You can also use the services of real estate agencies that can ensure maximum security and legality of the transaction.

Listen to your inner voice

Sometimes an inner voice can tell you that something is wrong, even if everything looks perfect. While the final decision is always up to you,  it doesn’t hurt to check everything more thoroughly.

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The Bottom Line

Finding month-to-month rentals or 6-month lease apartments can be a little more complicated than finding an apartment for a year. Ask your friends for help, visit websites, contact trusted leasing offices, and carefully read the lease agreement. After that, there is a great chance that you will feel like home in a new apartment or house.