8 Countries Show Huge Growth in Cryptocurrency Interest

There is a great rise in the cryptocurrency market, and we can see that many countries that were not so active from the start are now growing fast in this sector. The main reason for that is the great potential as an investment when it comes to many different digital currencies, and many people think how blockchain technology will replace the standard monetary system soon. While countries like Japan, United States, Germany, Sweden, or China, are known as very active on the market of crypto for a long time, there is a huge growth in many other countries as well. Also, we can see that young people and women are also getting interested in this kind of investment.

There are many benefits of investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, and some of the most important are advanced transparency, security, improved payment method, and great potential for profit. You can visit thebitcoincode if you are interested in learning how to earn from trading with Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Also, various online platforms, exchanges, and ATMs with crypto support also made it a lot more available for people to buy or trade with virtual assets. Another reason for such popularity is that most of the cryptocurrencies are decentralized, and represents a great alternative to the standard banking system, with much smaller fees during transfers, and improved security measures.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are subject to frequent changes in market prices, which creates a great space for speculations, which attracts investors from all around the world. Besides the countries that are well-known bases of many investors, there are others with a huge growth of people interested in the crypto market. Here are the countries that show huge growth in cryptocurrency interest.

1. Greece

Source: Fine Art America

Greece citizens are showing that they become very interested in cryptocurrencies and the implementation of services with the support of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and others. For example, we can visit the capital of Greece, and find some locals where we can pay with Bitcoin. There are more than 2000 people in Greece who are part of the community that is trying to motivate other citizens to start using a modern type of payment. Also, more than 70 companies already accept Bitcoin as a regular type of payment. According to some analyses, the growth of Bitcoin users in Greece is over 160 percent.

2. Argentina

Source: Capital.ba

Maybe the main reason why people in Argentina are so interested in cryptocurrencies is that they are struggling with the economic situation for a long time, they are under financial crisis, and restriction of import and foreign currencies like Dollar and Euro. A decentralized system that we have with digital currencies could have many advantages for the economy of Argentina. Also, we can see that there are many start-ups related to blockchain technology opened in recent years. Argentina has one of the highest numbers of people interested in investing and using cryptocurrencies, with near 100 percent of growth.

3. Romania

Source: Romania

Romania is another European country with a huge growth of interest in virtual assets and blockchain technology. The biggest Romain crypto exchange is CoinFlux, and their reports say how there are more and more people every year who are investing and trading with digital currencies. Around 90 percent of all trades are related to Bitcoin as the most popular currency. Besides CoinFlux, there are other companies such as Bitcoinx Romania, BTC Xchange, and Coinfetti. The growth in Romania is 145 percent.

4. Portugal

Source: Jacobin

The main reason why there is a great growth of people interested in blockchain in Portugal is that this country decided to don’t charge any fees or taxes on trades with cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, many other countries are creating various measures for charging taxes when you are trading with your e-wallet. Portugal is one of the most innovative countries in Europe, and its government is trying to implement cryptocurrencies as a standard way of payment. The growth in Portugal in the last year was around 90 percent.

5. Ukraine

Source: US Department of State

Ukraine is facing many problems, they are struggling with a civil war in the eastern parts of the country, and economic crisis that lasts for years. They see blockchain technology as a great way to improve their economy, which is the main reason why they are planning to make most of the cryptocurrencies legal in the country. However, they have many problems with the black market, which is most known for using untraceable cryptocurrencies, and they will have to find a solution for that problem before introducing Bitcoin and other digital currencies as a standard way of payment. The annual growth of the crypto market in Ukraine is near 90%.

6. Colombia

Source: ViaHero

According to some statistics, more than 80% of people in Colombia are interested in cryptocurrencies as a chance to improve their economy and monetary system. Most of the people who are showing interest are younger generations and people in their 30s who are familiar with modern technologies and the real benefits of blockchain. In Bogota, the capital of Colombia, there are more than 80 companies that accept Bitcoin as a regular way of payment. Also, there are many ATMs with the support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others.

7. Czechia

Source: International Business Times

The community in Chechia has a plan to create the biggest hub for cryptocurrencies in Europe. There are already all kinds of services that you can pay with Bitcoin, such as restaurants, hotel rooms, and many other things. Some people in this country take a step further, and they are convinced that Bitcoin will become a standard way of payment, that they even installed microchips under the skin that can work as an e-wallet. Also, their government introduced various measures that will stop the black market from using digital currencies.

8. Venezuela

Source: Socialist Voice

Venezuela is another country in this list that is facing many problems with the economic crisis, inflation, poverty, and more. People in this country see cryptocurrencies as a great way to stabilize the economy and fall of the monetary system. This country has one of the biggest Bitcoin markets in the world. The annual growth of the crypto market in Venezuela is around 80%.