Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Need Facebook Presence


The marketing strategy you choose for your business highly determines its growth and success. Everyone knows that social media is one of the most popular marketing tool today and when we talk about social media the top social media platform is Facebook. Not only does this platform allow you to connect with friends and family, but also you can use it to promote and advertising your business.

With billions of active users, there’s no reason why you will not find potential customers here.

Below are top 10 reasons why you need social presence online.

1. The Biggest Social Media Giant


Everyone knows Facebook has become the largest social media network with 2.5 Billion registered users and still rising. Based on this fact we can say that whatever product or service you are promoting, you will find its buyers on Facebook. It depends on your strategy how you reach those targeted people. It could be via Facebook ads but that is not a wise decision as it will cost you a lot of money. Best way is to rise your Facebook likes naturally and grow your audience slow and steadily.

2. Your Page is Your Corporate Identity

When you create a Facebook page, it acts as your online identity where people can show engagement and connect with your business. Even you can provide customer support service via Facebook. But just creating a page is not enough if there are no likes or followers on your page. It’s just like a stone in the deep water which does not see sun light. You need to make it active by regular posting. Does not matter if there is no engagement in the beginning, It will rise with the passage of time but you need to be consistent.

If regular posting is a headache for you, you can hire someone to do that for you or use 3rd party tools such as hootsuite to schedule your posts for a week or month and it will do the job for you.

3. Facebook Helps Build Brand Loyalty

As long as you provide valuable content, your fans will stay loyal. You can build loyalty by staying active and being responsive.  Nowadays, most people look for information online before making a purchase.

Thus, companies that are active and responsive on Facebook has higher chance of being more successful as compared to the companies that have poorly managed pages.

For people to trust you and be loyal to you, you need to prove to them that you are trustworthy. One way of showing that you can be trusted is by having high engagement on your posts. There are many ways to improve engagement on your posts.

4. Increase Traffic on Your Website


Do you know that you can increase your web traffic using your Facebook page? You can do this by adding website link in the about section of the page and sometimes sharing the direct link of website on your page. That way, you will get traffic from Facebook. Please note that you will get more traffic if your page is active. But you need to be careful when sharing website link that it does not look spam.

5. Facebook is Good for SEO

Facebook has an indirect impact on you SEO. Google has added this feature in its ranking algorithm that if your business exist on Facebook, your website or business will appear higher in search ranking for branded keywords. Even some instant results also show up in search engine. Google pulls and shows your business details from Facebook. So everything you do on Facebook has and indirect impact on your online marketing and SEO.

6. Facebook Helps Build a Community

Facebook helps you to build a community of your existing customer, prospects and stake holders to provide reviews and shares feedback. People can interact with each other because they belong to same interest group. If your business page can bring like-minded people together you can build a loyal fan base community that will continue to grow.

7. Easy Accessibility of Facebook


Facebook users can access it from their mobile devices. This makes it easy and convenient for people to access your corporate identity online and get the business updates and promotions.

Therefore, if you have Facebook presence, your fans can easily interact with your content and make your post more engaging even on the go.

8. You Can Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

By using Facebook, you can keep track of what your competitors are doing on Facebook, what type of promotions they running and how they are interacting with their audience. Hence, you can get some ideas on how to market on Facebook.  You just need to search for their pages and go through them. By doing so, you can gain essential insights which can help you come up with appropriate strategies.

9. It Brings Down Your Marketing Expense

Signing up to Facebook is free. You also do not incur any cost opening a Facebook page. If you are starting up a business, Facebook business page is the best solution, especially if you do not have a website yet.

To increase interaction on your content, you can buy Facebook likes. The best thing is that you can buy likes on Facebook from this website that promise to deliver real likes on any Facebook page.

Visit Facebook’s official Help Centre and go to the instructions under How to get contact with Facebook for help if you need to contact them.

10. Instant Access to Audience Insight


Each Facebook business page has a built in feature of audience insight from where you can see page views, post reach, new likes and much more. You can dig more to see which post is best performing and check your fans demographics. You can also download theses stats that will help in business decision making. Based on this data you can design a marketing strategy for your top audience.


It is necessary to have your business presence on Facebook these days or you are missing a great opportunity. Apart from the above mentioned reasons, it is very easy to manage your page and you can even grab contact details of your prospects, build a list and then run a specific campaign that will convert them into customers.