Sara Kapfer Net Worth 2024

You are probably aware of the American comedian and actor who goes by the name Cuba Gooding Jr. in case you didn’t know, he was a married man until five years ago, and his ex-wife is the main subject of our article today. Her name is Sara Kapfer, and if you want to know something more about her, and what caused their marriage to fall apart, take a look below.


The specific date and place of birth are unknown to us, but we do know that Sara Kapfer was born in 1969. She is an American of White-Caucasian decent, and she attended North Hollywood High School, which is located in Los Angeles, in one of the United States of America. Upon completing high school education, she further attended college, and she got her bachelor’s degree there. We don’t know what exact university she went to, but it is a known fact that she graduated from college.

Other than this information, we don’t know anything about her early life, childhood, and what is her family like. Kapfer never talked about personal details from her life, and therefore, we don’t know such information. Until she decides to reveal some details from her early life and childhood, we are not going to be able to provide you with such information.

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During her high school years, she met a boy in her class who was named Cuba Gooding Jr. that was in 1986, and they soon fell in love with each other. But for them, their high school romance wasn’t over. In fact, the two ended up marrying each other in 1994.

Given the fact that the ex-teacher was pregnant at the time she was working as a teacher; she decided to exchange her career for motherhood. Their first child was born in the same year they got married in 1994. They named him Spencer, and soon after, two more children followed. They named them Mason and Piper.

Their love seemed as it was going to last forever. Unfortunately, Sara filed for divorce in 2014, after being married to the comedian for ten years. She revealed how her husband seemed very loving and passionate when they were somewhere out in public, but behind closed doors, there was a whole different story. The American comedian was cheating on his wife, and not just on one occasion. He was cheating with many women during the time they were married, and she finally got the courage to end their marriage.

She admitted that it was tough for her, considering the family and the years they spent together; but the ex-teacher did what she thought was the best for her, and her kids. The divorce was finalized in 2017, and Kapfer got the custody of their three children.

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Sara Kapfer Net Worth 2024

Sara Kapfer was a stay-at-home mother, so she didn’t get her sole income. The family was living off the comedian’s paychecks. When they got divorced, Gooding Jr. is supposed to pay somewhere around $5 million and $10 million to his ex-spouse for child alimony, spousal support, and divorce agreement.