Aaren Simpson Net Worth 2024

Aaren Simpson was known as the daughter of O.J Simpson, who was an American football player. Sadly, the girl died when she was only two. This news came as a shock for everyone, but especially for her parents, who were just divorced five months before the tragedy.

Read the article below, and you will find what caused her death and everything about her parents.

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Aaren Simpson was born on September 24, 1977, in California, United States of America. Her parents are O.J Simpson and Marguerite L. Whitley. O.J Simpson is a former American football player, broadcaster, actor and advertising spokesman. Her mother was a housewife.

She had two siblings, Jason and Arnelle, and they were raised in California. From the day she was born, Simpson was a kid that got a lot of love and attention. According to some sources, she used to be adventurous and loved to play with her siblings.

The family had a luxurious life, and they had a lot of pressure from the paparazzi as they were in front of the house almost always.

Aarens older siblings (Jason and Arnelle)

Cause of death

Aaren died on August 16, 1979, after she fell into the family swimming pool. At that moment, she was alone, and later on, her body was found. Her family brought her to the hospital, and the doctors managed to revive her. She was even put on life support. After a few days that she was in a coma, the small girl died.

Her family was shocked, and it affected them a lot. Not only that was sad for parents, but also siblings. Until now, they all talk about her with deep emotions.

The private funeral was held only for closest friends and families.

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The scandal with Aaren’s father

After the divorce from Marguerite, O.J. Simpson got married the second time. After the relationship with Nicole Brown, the couple tied a knot in 1985. Afterward, they had two kids together. In 1992, they decided to get divorced.

O.J. Simpson drew a lot of attention when he got arrested for murders of his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman. Even though he was arrested, soon after, Simpson was released, and he was not found guilty.

However, a couple of years later, he got accused and sentenced for armed robbery and kidnapping. In 2017 he got released.

Aaren’s Father’s Net Worth

O.J. Simpson’s net worth in 2024 has an estimated net worth of $3 million.