25 + Unique Birthday Gift For My 19 Year Old Daughter

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A unique birthday gift for my 19 year old daughter? How to give a birthday gift to a 19-year-old daughter skillfully, delicately and impressively? 19 years old is a relatively important milestone, signaling the bright days of youth to come. Surely many people are confused about which gift to choose for these girls of this dream age.

Depending on age, girls will have certain interests and hobbies. Read more about birthday gifts for 19 year olds on giftomg.com or below to find out a lot of interesting things and choose a suitable and satisfactory gift for her.

1. Scented Candles Gifts Set

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Looking for a birthday gift for my 19 year old daughter? It’s here – Scented Candles Gifts Set is the first suggestion for you. This ceramic set has Spring scented candles, Lemon scented candles, Mediterranean Fig scented candles and Lavender scented candles. Each scented candle is meticulously designed and packaged in a delicately colorful box – demonstrating the taste and sincerity of the gift giver. Besides, these lovely boxes can be used for decoration after they are used up.

2. 16K Your Name Bar Bracelet

This 16K bracelet is a delicate, glossy and smooth bracelet. There are 3 colors (silver, gold plated or rose gold plated) for you to choose depending on your daughter’s preference. With a simple, elegant and fashionable style, it is suitable as a birthday gift for a 19 year old daughter. This fashion jewelry is also perfect for everyday wear, in any occasion, such as birthday parties, graduations, valentines, weddings, dating, parties, etc.

3. Everyday Essentials Set

This Everyday Essentials Set includes 5 favorites: Hand Salve, Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream, Coconut Foot Cream, Milk & Honey Body Lotion and Beeswax Lip Balm. Made entirely from safe and natural ingredients, each product in this set is formulated to nourish skin with moisture throughout the day. What a necessary birthday gift to make your daughter always radiant inside and out.

4. SEGOAL Moon Night Light

Made from durable premium PVC – one of the finest materials available today, this SEGOAL Moon Night Light ensures the surface of each crater resembles NASA satellite imagery. With different lighting modes, you can enjoy comfort, romance, quiet or splendor as you like. To change the color atmosphere of the moon lamp, you can use the touch button and the remote control. A fun treat to brighten up your 19 year old daughter’s bedroom!

5. Happy 19th Birthday Girl Jewelry

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This Alluring Necklace is the next suggestion in the list of birthday gifts for my 19 year old daughter. Possessing an almost perfect shine, this necklace symbolizes luck, joy, happiness, sophistication and care. More importantly, the necklace always shows the boundless love of parents for their daughter. Or you can also go with lockets from Jewlr, simple but will surely be a keepsake. Are you considering gifting jewelry for your birthday girl? Surprise your 19-year-old daughter with any of these gorgeous gifts!

6. MAJESTIC PURE Himalayan Salt Body Scrub

This MAJESTIC PURE Himalayan Salt Body Scrub is the perfect combination of lychee oil and sweet almond oil – 100% pure and natural. It is made from the finest ingredients, which means, it does not contain toxins, additives or any harmful chemicals. This is a self-care body solution that removes build-ups like dead cells, dirt, toxins and all other harmful particles and gives a firm and smooth appearance.

7. FFXN to My Daughter Blankets

This fleece blanket is made of 100% microfiber fabric so it’s soft and comfortable. When giving it to your 19 year old daughter, it shows your thoughtful care for her. In other words, not only does it bring warmth, but this fleece blanket also brings a smile, courage and a feeling of love to her. Perfect for cuddling while watching TV, relaxing on the sofa, having a picnic and more.

8. To My Daughter Special Canvas

Wondering what to give a unique and meaningful gift for your daughter’s 19th birthday? Try giving her this canvas! A canvas that is both modern and meaningful but at a very affordable price. The special feature lies in the words printed on the canvas – it is like a loving letter that a mother sends to her daughter. So profound and touching, right?

9. Rustic Canvas

Looking at this art picture, what do you feel? Rustic, warm, gentle, sweet and peaceful, isn’t it? That’s right! Those are the wishes of a mother on the birthday of her beloved daughter. Surely, every time you look at this canvas, your daughter will always smile happily. Great for hanging in your bedroom, study room, living room or any favorite space in your home. Umm, a birthday gift for my 19 year old daughter is so impressive!

10. St.Patrick’s Day Shirt

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St.Patrick’s Day Shirt feels super comfortable thanks to its soft and silky fabric. At the same time, it also feels super cute to wear, because it has very funny creatures and patterns printed on it. The print on the shirt uses reactive dye technology to ensure that the shirt does not fade after washing. Great gift for my daughter turning 19!

11. V-Neck T-Shirt

Add this imported V-Neck T-Shirt to your daughter’s list of 19th birthday gift ideas. Classic styling, light weight, double-needle sleeves and bottom hem make this t-shirt perfect for everyday wear such as playing games, parties or outdoor activities. There are so many colors to choose from – find the color your child likes best. Especially suitable for giving to fans of basketball, football, baseball, hockey and more.

12. 19th Birthday Black Rope Bracelet

This Black Rope Bracelet is braided and hand-engraved making it an ideal gift idea for your 19 year old daughter. This bracelet has a universal size of about 25 cm (can be arbitrarily adjusted from 8.5 to 25 cm). Made of black stainless steel, this bracelet is highly resistant to corrosion and tarnishing. As a timeless masterpiece of craftsmanship, it is endowed with an exquisite and premium bag.

13. Tree Photo Holder Gift

This Tree Photo Holder which is 12 inches tall can hang 6 small 2×3 inch photo frames. Thanks to its round metal stand, the family tree has a sturdy base so you can use it to decorate your desk, desk, or any other flat surface. The stem has a resinous texture and the leaves are bronze in color. Plus, to keep your photos from falling out, each small photo frame comes with a lightweight glass cover and a sturdy cover. A birthday gift for my 19 year old daughter is unique and interesting, right?

14. 19Th Birthday Wine Glass

This 19th Birthday Wine Glass uses high quality printing technology so it looks very beautiful, durable and attractive. It features a narrow mouth-wide bottom design, which effectively prevents water spills and enhances grip stability. It can hold juice, water, coffee, tea, milk, whiskey, wine, beer and other liquids. A unique 19th birthday gift idea is not only sincere but also very practical.

15. Custom LED Neon Signs

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This personalized neon sign is a bold birthday gift idea. Handcrafted with premium and first-class materials, the neon signs provide a romantic atmosphere that will make anyone feel loved and sweet. Just a few simple steps such as plugging in the power and using the dimmer (to adjust the brightness) is enough to enjoy the comfort. Perfect to use it as a bedroom wall decoration.

16. 19TH BIRTHDAY Gift Insulated Tumbler

The words “I Am 18 Plus 1 Middle Finger” are printed on the Vacuum Insulated Tumbler as an affirmation that your daughter has officially turned 19. Made of stainless steel with a BPA-resistant lid, this product keeps her drink cold or hot for hours and prevents the outside surface from getting too hot or too cold to hold by hand. Unique size and texture – great for school, hiking or long-distance driving.

17. AROLLY Designed Box

AROLLY Designed Box is made of mahogany, so it is sophisticated, smooth and durable. It has enough space for you to keep all your most important mementos like jewelry, photos, letters, pins, small heirlooms, UB, DVD, CD or other favorites from loved ones. Love. The box has a black felt lining and locks with a brass tassel key – very safe for storage. A 19th birthday gift that your daughter will appreciate!

18. Expandable Wire Bangle Bracelet

Crafted with love and care, this Expandable Wire Bangle Bracelet deserves to be one of the most impressive birthday gifts for my 19 year old daughter. The beautiful bracelet has the words “Daughter” on the front – as an affirmation of a parent’s love for their daughter. Unlike traditional clasps, this bracelet uses a sliding mechanism to customize the size of this bracelet (2″ to 3.5″ wide). Remind your daughter that you will always cherish her like your own baby girl with this special jewelry gift!

19. Dainty 14K Gold Aquamarine Earrings

These Dainty 14K Gold Aquamarine Earrings are like a blooming flower representing the vitality and youth of each girl – very suitable as a birthday gift for your daughter’s 19th birthday. When worn on her ears, she will be extremely bright and full of youthfulness. Made of solid 14K gold, they look incredibly sophisticated, meticulous, sharp, smooth and scratch-free. These earrings have a clip-on design, easy to put on and take off.

20. GUESS Sport Multifunction Glitz with Crystals Watch

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Although the phone can also see the time and calendar, it still cannot replace the position of the wristwatch. With this watch, your 19-year-old daughter can tell the exact time with just one glance. Besides its usefulness, it is also considered a piece of jewelry, beautiful and trendy. This sparkling pink watch with gold-tone details will enhance her beauty and accentuate her personality.

21. Shoulder Bags Purse

This women’s shoulder bag with a crossbody strap can be adjusted as a crossbody bag, fashion handbag, shoulder bag or cell phone wallet – very handy, isn’t it? An indispensable multi-purpose item for school, outing, traveling, party, etc. This would be a great birthday gift for a loving daughter. Surely, she will jump for joy when she receives this sweet surprise from you. Let’s try?

22. Summer Sun Sun Hat

Summer Sun Sun Hat is the next birthday gift for my 19 year old daughter that should not be missed. Not only is it an accessory to help her protect her skin and health from the sun, this is also one of the items that help her create a beautiful shape. With a simple but eye-catching design, elegant yet attractive colors, it can match many different outfits. Worth buying, right?

23. Gaia Geo Wander Cap

With a ventilated design and breathable material, the Gaia Geo Wander Cap is ideal for women to help cool off in the heat. Great as a golf cap, ball cap or tennis cap in the sun. The hat has an adjustable strap for a snug, secure, comfortable fit and room for a ponytail. Is there any reason why you wouldn’t buy this versatile and stylish hat for your 19-year-old daughter?

24. Olay Face Moisturizer Cream

This Olay face moisturizer has the benefits of collagen peptides + 24 hours of hydration, supporting the skin’s renewal process by improving elasticity and reducing fine lines. It’s free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, dyes and added fragrances – completely benign and safe to use on sensitive skin. After a short period of use, it is sure to leave your daughter looking radiant and feeling visibly firmer.

25. New Balance Sneaker

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In addition to clothes, cosmetics or flowers, shoes are also items that every girl loves. If your 19-year-old daughter belongs to an active, stylish and healthy team, what are you waiting for without giving her a pair of these sneakers on her birthday? Made of high-quality imported materials that are durable over time, this product prevents mold and is especially smooth. Because shoes are items that can be used every day, every time she uses them, she will definitely remember you.


For parents, their daughters are all lovely princesses. We always want to bring a lot of joy and happiness to our little princess with interesting birthday gifts. At this point, surely from the suggestions for birthday gifts for my 19 year old daughter above, you already know how to choose and give the most suitable birthday gift for your 19-year-old daughter. Hopefully, our sharing can help your daughter love you more and more!