10 Stylish Gifts That Will Blow Your Mind

Do you know the feeling when during the whole year, original gift ideas for this or that occasion come to mind spontaneously, but when “Day X” happens, your thoughts are confused. – “Stop! What kind of ideas were these?” Or, “Are they good enough?”

Don’t panic! We have selected ten best gifts for every taste and pocket, which will suit different recipients and different occasions. And we hope that this list will be useful, or maybe even inspire you to please your loved ones just like that, for no reason.

Indeed, gifts presented from the heart are not a banal material contribution, but a feeling given form, and the memory of the bright moments of life.

1. Personalized photo crystal

Personalized 3D crystals can be a great way to capture some memorable date, returning the photography of its original essence as a meaningful souvenir that adorns the interior and makes it more personalized.

ArtPix 3D creates customized 2D and 3D photo crystals using a laser etching method. It offers a wide range of available to order products from lockets and wine stoppers to more monumental crystals on bases with LED backlight. The customers can express their wishes in shape and size and embody their vision in the best way.

Creating a photo crystal with the image you choose takes about 1-3 days, so this is one of the fastest ways to make a unique souvenir that cannot be bought in a nearby store.

And finally, when the thing is about 3D photo crystal, it all depends on the customer’s idea, so such a present can suit various occasions from Mother’s Day, birthday, wedding, to college graduation, or rewarding the best employees.

2. Movie Projector

Choosing for Mr and Mrs wedding gifts is a challenging task. There is a considerable risk of mismatching with their preferable style, color, size, etc. Besides, as a rule, many guests gather, and some will likely buy the same things.

The newlyweds will politely thank you for the fifth coffee maker, and then exchange the goods in the store, and why not, there is no problem. However, if talking about your friends, about the closest people, you are unlikely to want your gift to be just a formality.

A projector is a good acquiring for almost any couple, regardless of their interests and hobbies, since, who does not like to spend an evening watching the favorite movie? Unlike even the best monitor or television, the projector creates a unique warm atmosphere, like in a real cinema but at home.

After returning from a honeymoon, the newlyweds will view their wedding photos and videos using it, and this can be a charming tradition for a wedding anniversary.

Besides, a projector is a useful thing. It is very compact, does not violate the interior and overall style of the house, and it can be easily transferred from room to room, to the courtyard, or anywhere else.

3. Concert Tickets

We hope that the virus spread will recede soon, and we can enjoy concerts of our favorite bands. Concert tickets or tickets for any other event, depending on the recipient’s tastes and preferences (theater premiere, art festival, etc.), is one of the gifts you can email. There is a chance to present something truly personal, significant, a gift remembered of a bright event, even choosing it at the last minute.

Moreover, many people are now retreating from consumerism and do not want to acquire a bunch of unnecessary things, preferring impressions, and new experience.

4. Fashion Items

Regardless of style and worldview, and with respect for the uniqueness of each person, there are gifts almost all girls like.

However, Instead of saying something like “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” it is better to turn to a particular girl’s personality.

Style is what and how people want to tell about themselves to the world, so almost any girl will be delighted with some stylish wardrobe item or accessory if it reflects her style. She will feel that the thing is chosen with all the attention to her. And this is the main thing in the gift!

For some, jewelry matters, while someone will be happy with the newest model of trendy sneakers, and someone – with one of the iconic bags that are not so easy to get. If a girl is fond of some kind of sports, then you can give a chic outfit specifically for this activity.

If she is an environmental activist, then only clothes from innovative recycled materials. Now science is developing very quickly in this field, so you can find something unusual, not yet very popular.

In general, presents related to style are not only diamonds or lace lingerie sets. Let’s leave all these stereotypes behind, and think about a particular person! And then, no one can say that “fashion item as a gift to a woman” is a corny and primitive pattern.

5. Day at the Spa

In today’s hectic lifestyle, one of the gifts everyone needs is the opportunity to relax and take time for self.

Even the most active extroverts, workaholics, and party animals need a “reboot.” Sometimes, this is not a matter of leisure anymore, but health. A day at the spa can be gifted to anyone.

Choose wellness programs depending on gender, age, and individual preferences and health indications of the recipient. There is a wide range of services, including hot stone massage, Thai massage, sauna, hammam, body wraps, peeling, detox programs, face, body, and hair spa treatments.

6. Greetings from the Hometown

If we are talking about sending gifts to a person who has moved to another city, you can present something not from yourself, but the whole town. Perhaps, a person is nostalgic for his/her native city, or with this parcel, you just want to remind him/her of the beautiful times that you spent here together. Such a gift can be sent without any reason, just to cheer up your friend.

Take a fancy wooden box, one of those old-fashioned ones filling with sawdust, in which parcels were sent in the past. Fill the box with things associated with your town or city, and something that the recipient loves.

For example, it can be his or her favorite local beer/cookie/cheese, a postcard or some souvenirs that tourists usually buy, some useful items produced here, or which the city is famous for. You can even dry a bunch of flowers that grow in a local park. In general, there can be a lot of ideas, and it all depends on your personal history.

The local daily newspaper will be a cherry on top. Whether it is about the New York Times or the small-town paper that even its editor does not read, it will be a charming and funny addition to the package.

7. Travel Items

If a person loves to travel, the idea of a gift will not be a problem. If the recipient is a lover of camping trips, he or she always needs many things like organizers, portable devices, camping mess kit, sleeping bags, accessories, trekking poles, and more.

Many of these things may seem trifles, not chic enough to be presented as a gift, yet if you pay attention to specialized brands, the choice of genuinely stylish, not cheap, but high-quality items is vast.

If a person prefers flights, then he or she can be presented with a beautiful new suitcase. Put inside various pleasant things, such as a travel pillow, earplugs, document holder, and a paper map of his/her dream city. This will make a percent more creative, personal, and soulful.

8. Vintage and Antiques

Fashion has always been cyclical, and today, in the wake of smart consumption, vintage or antique items have become even more popular.

Many people are fond of collecting antiques, and they are always happy for another find. However, it is unnecessary to be a collector to appreciate a rare vinyl, an old-school record player, a Woody Allen style typewriter, or the first edition of the favorite book.

Rare things created before the era of mass replication not only have their unique character but also often delight with their quality. Looking for such a unique present may take hours of exploring the local flea markets and offers on eBay. However, a gift, which requires effort, is especially valuable!

9. Gift Cards

And once again about surprises for those people who prefer emotions to things. Now there is a wide range of gift cards offering a variety of services and entertainment. Horseback riding, hang gliding, rope jumping, a painting or pottery lesson, a cooking master class, makeup classes, go-karting, personal stylist services, you name it.

The gift can be chosen based on the recipient’s interests, but also you can surprise him or her by offering to try something new.

The convenience of gift cards is that you do not need to know the recipient’s scheduled to present it. He or she will decide when it is more convenient for him/her to find the time for a particular event.

10. Interior Design Item

Of course, not every piece of furniture or decoration will be a great gift. To choose a good tip, you should know well the taste of the recipient and the overall style of his or her home.

It is worth to pay special attention to craft-design products, which are often presented in a single copy or a limited edition. Such a gift will be original and soulful, even if it is just a carpet, textile wall hanging, lamp, or a handmade vase.

A vast selection of stylish and chic handmade products that cater to every taste and budget is presented on Instagram accounts of artists and specialized online marketplace like Etsy. Interior design items will be an excellent housewarming, wedding, or birthday gift.

Of course, there is no universal gift that will suit all men or all women, that would be good for any wedding, every birthday or other occasion.

Even using a tips list, like this one, it is impossible to choose the perfect gift without considering the context, the personality of the recipient, and your relationship history with him or her.

Always try to add a touch of personality to each gift, since even such a trifle as taking into account the recipient’s favorite color matters. A person will certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness and imagination.