Road Trip Tips for Fun and Safe Traveling 2024

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Sometimes a staycation is just what the doctor ordered, and what’s a better staycation than a road trip? Those of you who have wanderlust in their hearts and a license in their pockets know how thrilling it is to pack up a bag and hit the road. Fortunately, the United States has some of the best roads and destinations for road trips, and everyone should go a trip like that at least once. So, if you get the itch to travel and you don’t want to get on a plane, hit the road! And when you do, use these road trip tips that will help you get from point A to point B and back home safely.

Get some sleep before driving

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If you are the one who is behind the wheel during a road trip, make sure to get plenty of sleep before you get on the road. Fatigue and drowsiness are major contributors to accidents, so keep yourself and the people who are in the car with you safe by getting some shut-eye. To make sure you get enough rest, take a break from driving every two hours or every 100 miles. It could save your life.

Plan your rest stops ahead of time

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Aside from getting some rest, you should also take breaks from driving to stretch your legs and keep the blood flowing. So, when you are planning a long drive, make sure to include several stops where you can get out of your car, breathe some fresh air, have a cup of coffee and let your body rest from the drive.

Take maps

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Yes, maps. Those old things with red and blue lines that people hardly ever use anymore. You are probably asking yourself “why should I take a nap if I have Google maps at my fingertips?”. Well, Google maps are great but it can’t help you in areas where there are cellular dead zones, when your battery runs out or when you finish up your package. So, when you go on a road trip, stack up on some maps to your destination to make sure you always have directions and not just electronic ones.

Take some entertainment along

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Whether it’s your favorite CDs or audiobooks, you should take some entertainment for the road. Music and audiobooks will not only make the trip fun, they will also help you stay awake when you are feeling tired. So, stock up on CDs and hit ‘play’ whenever you get into your car.

Be careful with who you take along

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Road trips are always more fun with company, and many people like to travel with their family and friends to see the country. If you are planning on traveling with people you met online or on travel message boards, make sure you stay safe. Meet up before you begin the trip, run a check on them on background check sites, like GoLookUp and be cautious with who you bring along to the trip.

Take snacks

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If you are driving longer hours than you intended, you should always keep snacks handy. You won’t always know when your next stop is going to be, so it is a good idea to stock up on snacks and water. Aside from classic snacks, you should also make nutritious snacks, like trail mix, healthy energy bars and snacks that have complex carbohydrates that will keep you full for longer than plain sugary snacks.

Go off the grid

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We live in an era where many people who travel do so to upload photos on their social media profiles. Not that there is anything wrong in sharing your experiences with people but you should also get off the grid from time to time. A road trip provides a great opportunity to clear the mind and relax from the everyday hustle and bustle. So, put the phone down and enjoy your time on the road without checking what people had for lunch.

Make gas station stops

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When traveling alone or with people, you have to make sure you always have enough gas in your car to get you to your next destinations. So, even if your tank isn’t empty all the way, make sure to fill it up. Also, gas stops are a great place to take a bathroom break, restock on snacks and water and loosen your limbs after driving for hours.

Always carry cash

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Having a credit card is great, but not all places, and especially gas stations, except them. So, always make sure you have cash handy when you go on a road trip.

Getting in the car and exploring the country is one of the best ways you can travel, and the US certainly has plenty of places to visit. If you are planning a road trip, whether it is solo or with friends, stick to some rules of the road and you will have the time of your life.