7 Best Indoor Pets For Your Kids – 2024 Guide

Getting a pet for your kids is something they will forever cherish. Everybody loves a loyal companion by their side at all times. This could be a dog, a cat, and even a hamster.

But getting an indoor pet for your kids is no small task. Luckily for you, this is something that many parents do to teach their children important values.

For starters, we teach them important values such as being responsible. Since your children will mostly be looking after the pet, it’s their job to be responsible and caring.

However, do you know which pet is best for your kids? If not, then this is the ultimate pet guide for 2024. We will talk about the best indoor animals to get your children and why you should do it.

1. Dog

Source: The Spruce Pets

It goes without saying that the dog is one of the two most common indoor pets we could get. The world of dog ownership is huge. If you’re hesitant about getting a dog because you’ve never owned one or you are scared for your interior, do reconsider this thought as the World Wide Web is an excellent place where you can find literary every bit of information you’d need on how to take care of it.

A dog is a man’s best friend, in a literal sense. The dog will care for you, your kids, and keep your home safe from intruders. Smaller dogs are better as children companions, but never underestimate the love that a big dog can provide. You can check the WhyDoPet and find out all you want to know about your pet, its behaviour and many more.

2. Cat

Source: Omlet US

Cats are brilliant because they are one of the most adorable creatures out there. Cats are very straightforward and your kids will have less work on their hands.

What a cat really cares about is being fed and a clean place to take number one & number one. But, a cat is also a loving pet that will be with you till the end of days.

Cats are more attached to the home rather than the people in it. With all that said, a cat will place itself between you and any danger. A cat’s attachment to the home stems down to the people living it in. Cats are also very emotional animals, so emotional that they leave when their time to move on comes.

3. Rabbit

Source: Quarto Knows

Not many people own rabbits in their homes, but these are some of the most adorable pets we could own.

Rabbits can be very fun and super cool. They’re very active and can often be found running endlessly around the house. This happens when they get bored, but you know what else happens when they get bored?

They chew on things so much that you’ll have to teach Mr. Bugs some manners.

However, don’t plan on getting a rabbit if you live in a tight space. They need quite a lot of space to maneuver and dwell, but they also dwell because they can grow quite a lot in size.

4. Guinea Pig

Source: The Northern Daily Leader

Guinea pigs have three important things in life they care about very much – exploring, sleeping, and eating.

Guinea pigs are very snuggly and fluffy. They are some of the best pets you can get for your kids since they require very little taking care of.

When owning a guinea pig, you’d want to put it into a cage. The type of cage depends on your liking, and your options include glass or metal. We don’t recommend a wooden cage since they can chew through it.

But you’d kids will absolutely love a guinea pig as a house pet. Apart from being easily startled, guinea pigs will stick by your side every day.

You can find some awesome cages for your guinea pig online. If you don’t believe us, then check this.

A word of advice when getting a guinea pig is to take it out of the cage multiple times a day as they can get quite depressed if they don’t have their morning walks.

5. Bird

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Birds are awesome pets and your kids will have lots of fun singing and dancing.

But a bird is a very broad term as there are thousands of different pet bird species that are drastically different from one another.

For example, a parrot can be very loud if he gets bored or if something’s bugging him. Other species come with other characteristics, but your kids will have a lot of fun if you get them a parrot. As you all know, parrots, cockatoos, and parakeets can be taught words and phrases.

So don’t be surprised when you get home one day and see that the kids have taught the bird how to swear.

6. Lizard

Source: The Times

The thing that makes lizards great is that they can be quite silly. But most importantly, they are very quiet and quite relaxed.

Well, that’s unless you happened to buy a very hyperactive gecko. Also, lizards require very low maintenance, and that might be perfect for your kids.

While lizards do have habitation needs, they will likely stick around longer than most pets and certainly longer than your children in the home.

If you do set your mind on a lizard, be prepared to feed it lots of insects such as worms, flies, and even cockroaches.

7. Hamster

Source: Mashable SEA

Hamsters can be very hyperactive and very passive at the same time.

Hamsters are typical night owls since they get active quite a lot during the night. During the day, they’ll want to get as much food in their mouths are they can and will look to spend all that excess energy in the night.

Hamsters will be great for your children since they are quite snuggly. One bad thing about getting a hamster is that they live quite a short life. Most hamsters rarely surpass the three year mark, and most don’t even make it till the second year.

This can be a good and a bad thing for your children. The bad thing is that they will have to cope with the loss of a friend, but the good thing is that they will learn valuable lessons in dealing with the loss of a pet.