Ata Johnson Net Worth 2024

Maybe you have never heard about Ata Johnson, but for sure you know her son Dwayne Johnson. He is the world-famous actor and wrestler, called The Rock. Ata is also known as an ex-wife of Rocky Johnson, a Canadian professional wrestler.

Ata is credited for Dwayne’s success, as he often thanked his mother for being an inspiration.

Currently, she is living in the United States and enjoying her grandchildren. Stay tuned and find out what’s the reason for her divorce with Rocky Johnson and many more interesting facts about her life.

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Early Life

Feagaimaleata Fitisemanu Maivia (aka Ata) was born in Hawaii, the USA on October 25, 1948. From birth, Ata was surrounded with wrestling as she was born into the family of wrestlers. Her father was Fanene Leifi Pita Maivia (aka Peter Maivia), and he was a famous Samoan professional wrestler. During his career, Peter has won 18 heavyweights championships. He was also known because he showed up as a coordinator and actor in James Bond – You only live once. Ata’s brother, Peter Jr. Maivia also wrestled after the death of their father. Ata’s mother is Ofelia Lia Fuataga, and she was a wrestler promoter. She also had one more brother, called Toa Maivia and he was not into the wrestling.

Johnson belongs to American nationality, and she has Afro-American ethnicity. There is no a lot of information about her educational background, as she didn’t want to reveal it.

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Career and Television Appearances

Since her childhood, Ata was dreaming of becoming a fashion designer, and she always presented exciting outfits. Also, she was interested in modeling and singing, but she didn’t pursue any of these careers.

Ata has various television appearances. In 1996 she showed up in one of the episodes of WWE Raw. Later on, she attended Wrestle Mania 2000, which happened in Anaheim, California. In 2002 she was a guest of the popular TV show Late Show with David Letterman. Afterward, Ata spoke about her son in the TV documentary called Biography. In the year of 2009, she was a part of a television series named Tagata Pacifika. Besides, Ata appeared in shows such as WrestleMania XXVIII, Survivor Series, WWE SmackDown Live and WrestleMania XXX. In 2016, she borrowed her voice to a documentary movie titled The Last Matai. The year after, she biwas spotted in WWE: Mae Young Classic Woman Tournament.

There is no specific information about what’s precisely her profession, except the TV appearances. She didn’t make a huge success on her own, but she was excellent support for her loved ones and became famous because of it.

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Personal Life

According to some sources, Ata is single at the moment. The beautiful lady is secretive when it comes to her love life, and she doesn’t talk publicly about it. However, her marriage with Rocky Johnson, a professional wrestler was in the spotlight of media’s attention. The couple met at the match between her brother Peter Maivia Jr. and Rocky Johnson. They fell in love, but Ata’s father was against their relationship. Her father knew what kind of responsibilities will Rocky have, and he was aware of his absence from home. However, she didn’t listen to her father, and she married Rocky on December 22, 1972. The ceremony was intimate, and only the family and friends were present. The love birds were married for 31 years and got divorced in 2003. The reason for their separation was a busy schedule of Rocky.

In this marriage, Ata got a son, Dwayne Johnson, who is also a professional wrestler and famous actor as well. In a lot of occasions, Dwayne expressed gratitude toward his mother and said that she means a world to him. The son and the mother are close, and they had a special bond.

Several times Dwayne talked about the marriage of his parents. He said that his parents had a fight in front of him that later on continued inside the car. Dwayne was driving behind them and saw that his mother stopped the car and started to walk in the middle of a busy street, trying to commit suicide. Dwayne pushed her, and according to him, that was a valuable lesson for him when he learned to appreciate human life.

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Ata Johnson Net Worth 2024

As we don’t have a lot of information about her success in professional life, we can not know her exact net worth. It can be more than millions as she is the mother of Dwayne Johnson whose net worth is $220 million.