Shalana Hunter Net Worth 2024


Shalana Jones – Hunter is best – known as a mother of popular American model Blac Chyna. Except for being her mother, Shalana is also famous for other reasons. People know her as an entrepreneur in the heart. She also founded her company Grind Entertainment and has a lot of success with it. Besides, Shalana is a vlogger as well, so we can see she is using her talents. She is also known as Tokyo Toni, and she was also part of the United States Army.

Shalana’s daughter, Blac Chyna, participated in a reality show, so naturally, the family drew a lot of attention at the time. Since then, they were in a spotlight everywhere they go.

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Early Life

Shalana Jones – Hunter was born on October 12, 1969, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Her zodiac sign is Libra. Her African parents raised her, but their names are now known. Hunter has an American nationality, and she is a descendant of Caribbean Ethnicity. Same like other famous people, she keeps a lot of information in secret, so we can not confirm did she had any siblings while growing up.

As for her education, she finished Prince George’s Community School and later on went on the Howard University to get higher education. The information about this matter, we could see only from her Instagram page, as she didn’t reveal those facts.


Before she got in the spotlight of the media, Shalana was in the United States Army in 1991. Later on, she turned to the showbiz business and been active in the industry since 2010. She founded a talent company On My Entertainment and Promotions LL. Currently, she is a CEO of Grind Entertainment which is based in Largo, Maryland, and she posted various videos of the meetings.

Before she had her own company, Hunter used to work for EOTM Radio and Media and Movie Extra. Besides, she is also a blogger, and she is posting videos regularly.

In her showbiz engagement, she always drew a lot of media attention, thanks to her open-minded attitude and behavior.


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Personal Life

When Shalana was a teenager, she started a relationship with Eric Holland. Eric is known as a criminal, and during his life, he was in prison in a lot of occasions. The couple soon became parents, and Shalana gave birth to Angela Renee White, known as Blac Chyna. At that moment, Hunter was 17. The couple split shortly after because of his infidelity which was reveled at Rob Kardashian’s dinner.

In October 2012, she got married to a Marcellus Hunter, and they were married for six years. Even though they lived a long time together, they didn’t have children. In their marriage, the couple had a lot of ups and downs. In the first year of marriage, the husband filed a restraining order against his wife. According to the papers, Shalana was a threat, and Marcellus claimed that she is aggressive and violent when angry. He accused his wife of threatening him to throw his dead body in the land field and to crack his head. In August 2014, Marcellus got protection from Prince Gorge County Jurisdiction. Afterward, Shalana filed for divorce in 2016, and the couple officially got divorced in 2017.


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Shalana’s daughter, Blac Chyna

Shalana gave birth to her daughter on May 11, 1988. Chyna is a model, reality star and socialist. She is also famous for her relationships with rapper Tyga and later on with Rob Kardashian. Chyna has two children, and one is with Tyga, a son named King Cairo Stevenson. The other kid she had with Rob, a daughter called Dream Renee Kardashian. Shalana appreciates her son in law and even made some posts about him. She said that Kardashian is treating her daughter like a queen. Even after Chyna and Rob split, Shalana continued to support Rob.

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At the moment, Shalana is enjoying as a grandmother of two grandsons.

Shalana Hunter Net Worth 2024

If we consider that Shalana has her own company, we can assume that she has a lot of earnings. Apart from her gains, Shalana relishes a net worth of $4 million accumulated together with her daughter. Chyna even bought her mother a mansion as a surprise gift.