Jade Logue Net Worth 2024

If you are familiar with the work of the American actor named Donal Logue, then you are probably familiar with his personal life, and you have most likely heard about Jade Logue, his daughter, who recently revealed that she is actually transgender. If you want to know some more details about this beautiful teenager, then we suggest that you keep on reading our article.

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Arlo Logue’s zodiac sign is Aries as she was born on March 5, 2001. Arlo is his birth name, but he later named himself Jade when he realized that he is a transgender.

Her father is Donal Logue, who is most famously known for his portrayal of a character named Harvey Bullock. Harvey Bullock is a detective and a fictional character from TV series titled Gotham. Her mother is Kasey Walker-Smith, and the whole family lived in New York, where Jade was born. Kasey Walker and Donal Logue have two more children, but we only know the name of their son, which is Finn. The other sibling’s identity is still unknown to us.

We also don’t know where this beautiful teenager went to school. Considering her age, she is most likely still in high school and thinking of what is her next step when it comes to education.

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When Jade Logue was 15 years old, she started identifying herself as a woman and revealed to her parents that she is actually transgender. Her loving parents accepted her for who she is, and they supported her all the way. They are still caring and loving as ever, and they are there to give her comfort and support her every decision.

The teenager underwent some surgery to become a woman, but she isn’t done yet as she is still in progress. We applaud her for the bravery, and she is fully supported by the LGBTQ community, who are always warm and welcoming to anyone who is undergoing changes.


In 2017, Jade Logue decided to go out with some friends, but unfortunately, she didn’t make it home. That prompted worry and sadness in her family, who were desperate to find her, but couldn’t find a way to reach her. When her father posted about her disappearance, he was criticized a lot and had to delete his tweet about his daughter’s disappearance. The family sought help from the FBI and National Center of Missing and Exploited Children, and luckily soon enough, the missing teenager was found some 400 miles away from her home.

There isn’t any information about why she was missing in the first place. The family didn’t reveal any information, except that she is home, safe and sound and that they are beyond happy that she is back.

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Jade Logue Net Worth 2024

Considering her age, this young lady isn’t working at the moment, as she isn’t receiving any income. However, her father’s estimated net worth is around $3 million, so currently, she is living off her father’s wealth. We have no doubt that he will make a career on her own, but all in its time.