9 Ways to Improve Your Aim and Win More in WarZone

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Today, I wanted to share nine key ways to improve your aim and win more gunfights as a pro player does.You can take advantage of so many techniques in the game settings, such as sensitivity and mechanics like the peeker’s advantage.

You’ll leave this article a lot better equipped to get more kills and wins in War zone.

Let’s get started.

1. Sensitivity

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If you’re a Controller player, this is one of the most difficult choices that you have to make.Top players have made it work with any sensitivity, so there is an argument that you can choose any sensitivity, and be successful with excellent aim.However, as a rule of thumb, lower sensitivities will be much easier to control and give you a much wider margin for error.

So you can make those micro-adjustments that are key to coming out on top in those medium to long-range gunfights.While having a high sensitivity will allow you to react faster and potentially snap onto opponents a little bit quicker.

I would recommend starting with a lower sensitivity like a 55, which I feel is the perfect starting point and is what I use.I constantly get accused of using an aim box, so I must be doing something right.Link (These are the Call of Duty hacks pro players used to improve their aim, yet they don’t want other players to know)

2. The actual controller you use

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Different controllers have different thumb stick tensions, which has a significant impact on your recoil control.If you have low thumbstick tension, that thumbstick will move a lot easier, making it harder to make those small changes as there’s no resistance.It may also mean that you might need to increase your dead zone as the thumbstick will be more likely to drift.A high thumbstick tension will give you the most resistance and make more controlled movements.

From my experience, an Xbox controller has a lower thumbstick tension by default. A PlayStation controller is around the middle.I use an Xbox Elite Series two that allows you to adjust those thumb stick tensions, which I make sure is on the highest possible setting to give me an outstanding level of control.It’s an important thing to think about as you’ll need to adjust the pressure you apply on your thumbstick based on the tension.It’s one of the reasons people struggle changing controllers.

3. Recoil management

What makes War zone difficult at times is over 90 weapons, all with their recoil patterns.Some weapons have more recoil, and some have less.Some will kick up vertically into the right, others to the left, and so on.Whenever you make a class setup, make sure you understand the gun’s recoil pattern.

So you know what you need to do to counter the recoil and make sure your gun moves as little as possible. Countering the recoil is going to give you the fastest times to kill available.It’s why weapons like the Kilo and the Grau were so popular in the earlier seasons because the recoil was so easy to control.

So whichever weapon you decide to use.

Please take a look at the recoil pattern and choose the attachments best suited to make it as easy to control as possible.If you need to check the recoil of your weapon, go up to a wall and hold down the trigger.

Whatever you decide to use, make sure you stick with it, so you learn how to handle the recoil, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly your aim improves.Learning your weapon’s recoil is the first thing you need to start to achieve a better aim in Call of duty Warzone.

4. Bullet velocity

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The next thing is the bullet velocity of your class setup.Weapons with a higher bullet velocity act more like a heat scan, so you don’t need to lead your shots as much at a distance.But if you’re using a lower bullet velocity weapon, you’ll need to aim further in front of a moving target to hit them.Now, I’m telling you all of this because it’s important to understand if you’re going to have the same aim as a pro player.Because pro players take every single one of these things into account when playing war zone.

Aiming in front of your target while tracking their movements at the same speed will help you land those long-distance shots.But then slow down as you start firing until you get a hit marker.Then as soon as you get that hit marker, maintain that speed, and you’ll be able to hit your opponent consistently.It’s a good thing to do when you’re not 100% sure where you need to fire to hit your shots and take them down.But you’ll be able to quickly figure that out with this technique, especially with aim assist helping you out simultaneously.

5. Take advantage of the game’s inbuilt aim assist

First of all, I make sure my aim response curve is dynamic, which is always a good setting, and then aim assist is set to standard.Aim assist doesn’t just make it easier for you to land your shots whilst using a controller.It’s a mechanic you can abuse and allow yourself to snap onto an opponent much easier than without it.As you’ll get something I like to call, sticky aim.

Whenever you’re playing war zone, try and aim at opponents with your Hip Fire Crosshairs 1st then A. D. S.This will give you an almost sticking effect where you’ll be able to snap onto an opponent’s centre mass a lot easier.Then all you need to do is flick upwards with your thumbstick to snap up towards the head.This will also happen naturally with your gun’s recoil because every weapon in War zone will naturally kick vertically.

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You then have to control that horizontal recoil to make sure you land those headshots.But aim assist is just super powerful, and every pro player takes full advantage of it.And it’s also why you’ll sometimes hear them freak out when they lose aim assist in hotspot parts of the map.Like superstore, when there are too many players, you won’t get your aim assist.

Learn to take advantage of it and snap onto your opponent’s quickly.Also, the change it has on your sensitivity. As you want to make sure that you hold your aim in that aim assist Sweet spot.This is why you also want to ensure that you have scale aim assist with the field of view enabled.To make sure that sweet spot is as large as possible on your screen.

6. It’s all about your crosshairs

The way you move around the map is key to having a good aim.Here’s why, if you’re centring your crosshairs at high-risk locations such as windows, corners of buildings, doorways, etc. You’ll be ready to start firing in the quickest time possible.You’ll effectively always be aiming at something even when no one is there yet.

It’s a hard mindset to get into, but it will help you get a much smoother curve and make you a much more situationally aware player.As you’re always trying to identify where players could come from and aiming at them, so you’re ready if an enemy squad appears.So get into the habit of centering your crosshairs to high traffic areas, and you’ll get more kills.

7. Using the Peeker’s Advantage

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Peeker’s advantage will help you have better aim and also win more gunfights.Many people don’t realize but being the first to peek around a corner gives you a small advantage, especially when going from the right-hand side.Suppose you’re stuck behind a tree. And have the choice to jump out from the left or the right.

Always go right because that’s the side of your screen that your gun is.It gives you that peeker’s advantage as you’ll be able to start getting your shots off first instead of having to have your gun go all the way across the tree with your body in view.

8. Turn your controller vibrations off

There is no competitive benefit for vibration.It’s only going to throw off your aim, especially in those tense final moments of the match.So please do yourself a favour and turn it off.

9. Get into the habit of making smooth movements

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There should be no rash, quick movements at all.Everything should be slowly controlled.Anything to ration jerky will completely throw your aim off, and even aim assist won’t help you.Something that will also help with this, especially at medium to long-range, and it does sound completely ridiculous, but it’s to hold your breath while firing.

I don’t mean in-game, but in real life, it just makes your entire body a lot more steady and controlled.And when going through those headshots at 100 plus meters away, you’re going to notice the difference.

Thank you for reading this far, guys.

I hope all of these tips proved informative. Let me know in the comments down below, till next time.