5 Things All Wow Shadowlands Players Hate the Most

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World of Warcraft is a very famous game amongst PC players. The game is renowned worldwide, with millions of daily active players. Since the inception of the game, the game has maintained its popularity due to regular updates and new features in the game. But there are a few features that players hate the most, and the game still requires several developments.

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In this article, you will get insights into the most popular features of WoW Shadowlands that players hate the most. Continue reading this article to know which are the things about Shadowlands that disappoint players.

1. Time-sensitive Test

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This is one of the primary features most of the WoW Shadowlands players hate the most. In WoW Shadowlands, players are given limited time to complete the quest missions. Adding a time limit to complete a quest mission can make the mode challenging and increase competitiveness amongst players.

But according to the latest reviews, this feature was completely unnecessary, whereas adding some new actions would have made it more interesting and competitive as well. Spending too long to complete a mission can be overwhelming. Sometimes players tend to give up and lose interest in playing the game. Hence, developers should focus on this issue and try to bring something new.

2. Islands Expeditions

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Island Expeditions is a feature added by Blizzard to provide players with a new game mode, so players don’t get bored playing the same missions and challenges. You can play this game mode in four difficulty levels based on the level of your character. This is a PVE game mode where you can team up with two friends or random players matched through the queue system.

This three-player strategy mode allows players to achieve Azerite on an uncharted island. You will have to fight against the enemy fraction forces to achieve Azerite. The team that scores maximum wins can obtain Azerite.

The main issue with this mode was the battle became quite boring and was not up to the expectations of the players. Also, the players don’t have the option to explore the entire island. Because of these factors, the island expeditions were widely disliked by several players, and we are hoping developers will bring something new with this mode.

3. Player vs. Player

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The player vs. player game mode in WoW Shadowlands is a very famous mode, and it excites the players very much in this competitive game mode. But even after several updates in the game, there have been no changes in player vs. player mode.

A lot of time has passed, but there have been no additions to this mode. The grounds of battle and the entire arena are still the same as before. Due to this reason, players who liked playing player vs. player mode stopped playing the game. It made their gaming experience boring without any new concept or gameplay.

Players have demanded changes in this game mode and bring new arena or new ground, PVP vendors, and PVP rewards, so it brings back the interest of the old players. The PVP mode is one of the most played modes in this game, and in upcoming updates, you can expect developers to work on this mode to enhance your gaming experience.

4. Warfronts

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Warfront in WoW Shadowlands is a large-scale PVE mode that features 20 cooperative player instances. This epic game mode in WoW Shadowlands created a lot of hype, and players were excited to witness this action-packed PVE mode.

However, when the mode actually launched, it completely disappointed the players. The reviews for this mode were quite negative, and the concept of this new mode was far less than what was expected. Several players didn’t like the gaming experience of this mode at all.

The fraction forces that attack and defend enemy commanders were periodically altered. This made this mode extremely difficult because, in this mode, you have to take control of the warfront as well as collect resources throughout the week. This made the Warfront mode difficult to win.

5. Lack of Instructions and Information About Quest

In wow shadowlands, there are no indicators and only a few details about the mission. Of course, this isn’t true for all quests, but some of them have this issue. It is way different from the quests where the player receives clear instructions and goals of the mission and doesn’t have to ponder for what to do next, where to look for someone to give them a message, and so on. Since the description of the quest is unclear, It’s kind of annoying when someone spends hours looking for a solution.


WoW Shadowlands has captured a significant amount of the market in the gaming sector. But just like other games, even WoW Shadowlands has some features that are not up to the expectations of players, and it spoils their gaming experience.

Starting with the bugs and glitches which are currently being looked upon by developers to improve their gaming experience. Also, several features and game modes are quite boring, and the concept needs to be improved.

Finally, developers should work on providing clear and detailed information about quests and missions. These were some popular features about the game WoW Shadowlands players hate the most. With some improvements, the game can do a lot better in the coming times.