What Is the Quickest Way to Level Up in World of Tank?

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World of Tanks is a multiplayer, online game released on August 12, 2010, by the Belarusian gaming company ‘Wargaming’. The game was developed as a collective effort of the developers and producers after more than a decade’s hard work and persistence.

The game took over the internet and conquered the gaming world in almost two weeks after its release, and has been on the road of world domination ever since.

World of Tank has been a fan favourite ever since its release over a decade ago and is still one of the best war based games ever created. It is also amongst the most critically acclaimed games in the history of video games.

Various factors such as stunning visuals, stellar performance, and a simple, yet intriguing gameplay keeps the users and players gripped, and these are the factors which have contributed significantly to the international success of the game.

With the continuous development and ease of technology, many things are now available on the internet and the web for the comfort of the users. These days a lot of guides and manuals are available on the internet for the users and players, which they can go through that would help them ace the game in no time. Players can check a few of the same by clicking here.

With the game being a hybrid of free to play and free to win, and with the presence of in-game vendors and shops, it becomes quite easy to level up.

However, a few of the players want to finish the game as soon as they can. For this, they need to level up real quick. And given the excessively vast nature of the game, there is no single quickest way to level up. Given below is a list of things that would help the players to level up quicker:

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1. Stick with Heavy Tanks

If you are playing the World of Tanks, then you must be familiar with the Heavy Tanks. Heavy tanks are the top tier tanks present in the game, with loaded weapons and ammunition that are ideal for long battles with the rival teams and enemies. These tanks are designed for war, as they are the replica of the actual tanks and artillery vehicles used by the Russians during the Cold War.

These tanks have the ability to inflict maximum damage to the enemy tanks and also take the least amount of damage on themselves during combat. These tanks are the sole weapons players have on themselves during the entire course of the game, and thus, it is advised to them to choose the best tanks and vehicles early in the game.

Heavy tanks can be unlocked with the progressing levels, or by spending some real cash. World of Tanks is a free to play game, but it also offers the option to pay for the upgradation and customization of their vehicles and tanks. The customizations also enhance the fighting capabilities of the tanks, thereby making it easier and faster for players to level up.

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2. Buy Premium Bundles

Game boosters and premium level ups are sold on the internet at various sites. Players can choose to buy premium bundles for the game, which will help them in getting more level ups, thus, finishing the game real quick.

Users and players are further advised that they should trust only the official websites and apps of the game developers, and their verified partner outlets whilst making any purchase. Many counterfeits and scams are available in the market which can dupe the money of the players.

Premium bundles have many underlying benefits to it. Firstly, they help the gamers to level up sooner than others. Secondly, they also provide the users and players with the best tanks and ammunition in the early stages of the game, thus making them professionals in the battlefield.

This not only helps them complete the game with a good score, but also gains them respect in the gaming community.

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3. Develop and follow a strategy

War based and shooting games, especially the multiplayer ones, require the players and users to formulate a strategy from the very beginning and follow it. Even though the gameplay of the World of Tanks is quite simple, it is still important for players to make a strategy at the early levels of the game.

This way, they would not get hit on easily and would be able to cover much longer distances and have more battles than the other players.

Players can follow and join a clan, which would help them gain additional XPs, which in turn can be used to level up. Moreover, clans can be beneficial to the players in many ways.

It can teach them about the important and meaningful places on the map of the game world, where the coolest and the most powerful customizations can be found and other things like this. All these are important and will help the players to level up quicker than the rest.

Players need to understand that combat style and fighting skills are subjected to the opponents and should never be kept constant. They need to develop new combat styles whilst fighting with different enemies, as battles also provide with XPs and diamonds which are later used to gain a level up or new and powerful tanks, respectively.

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While there is not a single way to ace the game and get the quickest level ups in the World of Tanks, if any player combines all the above mentioned ways, then they surely would finish the game earlier than the rest.

However, Games were and still are being developed to take the players’ minds off of the things and stuff which worry them, and most importantly, to have fun.

With that being said, players are therefore advised to keep their gaming time to the minimum. Additionally, War based games such as the World of Tanks are not suitable for an audience under the age of 13. Parental advisory and discretions are needed.