What Is TikTok? History, Pros, and Cons, How to Register an Account

Tik Tok is currently the most used application on mobile devices

Tik Tok downloader is currently the most used application on mobile devices. It gives you new experiences that you cannot find on other platforms. What is special about this application compared to other entertainment applications? Let’s explore!

What is Tik Tok?

Tik Tok is a Chinese social networking platform that was launched to the public in 2017. Initially, the app was called Douyin and Vibrato.

The way this application works is also quite simple, mainly videos are inserted with music from a few seconds to about 30 seconds. Besides just inserting normal music, Tik Tok allows users to edit effects, create unique effects to bring viewers interesting moments. To get started with this social networking platform, you can use the DownTik for download, create an account and connect.

Tik Tok is currently the most used application on mobile devices

Therefore, Tik Tok quickly became the most popular social network on electronic forums today.

This is artificial intelligence (AI) software. It has the ability to create dynamic effects combined with music, video images at the same time. In addition, this application is suitable for users of all ages in all countries. With just a few simple steps, you can get acquainted with this interesting application.

In fact, to be able to create an animated video or an animated image, you need to have certain skills. However, with Tik Tok, you can also become an expert editor in seconds.

Source: theverge.com


Tik Tok, or Douyin, was founded by ByteDance Zhang Yiming and announced in the Chinese electronic market in September 2016. First, this application was called A.me, then it was renamed Douyin and Vibrato. After a period of popularity in the country, this application has gradually been popularized to the world. By 2017, this application was officially launched in the international market. After a year of operation, Tik Tok has reached the Top of the most downloaded applications.

Up to now, Tik Tok has become one of the most used applications. It’s even been updated to 75 languages, allowing netizens around the world to create their own videos.

However, currently, Tik Tok is being restricted in some major countries such as India, USA, Russia, etc. According to experts analyzing artificial intelligence software, this application can steal user information through login and use. Therefore, the authorities of many countries have warned people to be more careful with their behavior while using this app.

Tik Tok quickly became the most popular social network on electronic forums today. Source: BBC.com

How to register an account

The steps to register for Tik Tok are similar to how to download other apps (software) when using smartphones. Specifically, you can refer to the following:

If you use the Android operating system, go to the “Ch Play” application to download as follows:

Step 1: Type in the search bar the keyword “Tik Tok”

Step 2: When the Tik Tok software appears, click on the download list.

Step 3: After downloading, you continue to register for an account in the form of registration with your Facebook, or Google account, or you can also register with your phone number.

Step 4: observe the introductory steps to using the pre-installed Tik Tok to better understand how to use it. So you have completed the registration step and can use it directly.

If you use the iOS operating system, then you will follow the same steps as above with the App Store.

How to make money on Tik Tok?

As we all know, the social network of the 4.0 era is not just an ordinary entertainment, exchange, and friendship application. They also have the effect of “increasing income, making money” for Tik Tokers. Here are some of the most commonly used ways to earn money on Tik Tok today.

Source: dnevno.rs

1. Donated by viewers

You will be posting high-quality videos, the content may be good, it may be meaningful or simply unique. You will be liked by app users and voluntarily donate money to your bank account. Just like that, your video goes viral by sharing it so other users can also see your video. If you are liked, you will continue to receive money from viewers.

Especially, if you are professional, users will follow you and expect you to produce more new videos. They will also actively share and donate money for you, allowing you to spend more time investing in future videos.

2. Advertising for the brand

Tik Tok does not limit users as well as the age of use. So, it is not difficult to see beautiful young girls, famous actors, pretty babies, or old people walking around Tik Tok. Thanks to the attraction of this application, many brands have hired users to advertise their brands by making creative videos with content related to the products to be advertised. The more users know about your brand, the more revenue your business will generate.

3. Online selling

If selling on Facebook is not a strange thing, selling on Tik Tok will be the same. Not only can you share photos, but you can also record videos using your products. That gives customers a real experience, increases trust, and helps you to sell more products.

Source: dnevno.rs

The advantages and disadvantages of Tik Tok


  • Bringing users the best experience with AI artificial intelligence.
  • Simple to use but gives us unique products
  • Stimulate human creativity in all circumstances.
  • It is possible to learn about many new cultures in many different countries.
  • A place to exchange and connect with international friends, exchange and improve foreign language skills.
  • Help players earn extra income by selling online, or advertising brands


  • Content posted to Tik Tok is not checked before posting. Therefore, it contains a lot of violent, sexual, offensive videos
  • It can be addictive
  • The possibility of leaking user information is very large. The proof is that Tik Tok will use algorithms to estimate user needs and purposes to provide products and services.

Overall, this application has a great influence on the lives of many people. Have you used this app yet? Let’s give it a try and let us know what you think.