How To Create A Viral Tiktok Marketing Campaign For Your Business


One cannot underestimate the power and influence of TikTok. It is helping influencers and businesses all over the work to capitalize on their work, gaining success and recognition. It goes without saying that this app has influenced culture in today’s world and is one of the best savvy applications for teenagers. Several videos go viral on TikTok, and their creator benefits a lot; however, several factors go into making trending videos, such as several views, likes, content, etc. So, if you are new to this field or looking for a way to create a viral video and an effective marketing campaign, check out the below.

What Is TikTok Marketing?

Before getting into how to make a viral video, let’s get into the basics.

Marketing is basically several techniques that creators use to promote their brand, services, or products.

TikTok advertising benefits businesses:

  • It helps in brand awareness
  • It provides exposure, and that helps in selling services and products
  • Helps in building engaged communities
  • Offer client support
  • It becomes easy to get feedback from audiences and customers.

There are three primary types of marketing:

  • Influencer marketing on TikTok: It is a big part of this community. Several influencers, such as Zach king and Charki D’amello, impact the business significantly as millions of users watch their content. However, when you are marketing, you do not always require such high influencers. In fact, it will be helpful if you find an influencer who belongs to your niche. For example, if you deal with beauty products, then a fashion influencer works great for you.
  • Create Your TikTok: One of the best ways is to create your TikTok account and post videos. You can set up a business account and start building and promoting your brand. You will have complete freedom, and the possibilities will be limitless, and free tiktok likes help kickstart your TikTok journey by providing you with more exposure.
  • You can show off your products, create some challenges, etc. To get an idea of what is trending, scroll through TikTok, and you can see what people are watching right now.
  • Advertise: Another way is you can advertise on TikTok. Several brands, such as Maybelline, advertise on this platform and gain from it too.

Tips To Create a Viral TikTok Marketing Campaign

When making a viral video, it all comes down to content. The content must be exciting, and viewers will love to watch it again. If you get successful in that, the viewers will watch more of your video, and you will have more interaction. So, you must put in your thoughts, creative ideas, etc. Below are some ways to get more engagement for your content.


Use Interesting And Trending Hashtags

Blogs are one of the best ways to promote your websites, and when you write blogs, you take care of SEO content, keywords, etc.; the same goes for creating videos. If you are new to this and need to know which hashtags to put on, you can search the keywords on TikTok and see several trending suggestions associated with what you are searching for. Also, incorporate some generic hashtags; it will help you reach a generic audience.

For example, you can use #marketingtips. You can also add unlimited hashtags, as there is not any limit. But remember that the hashtags you will use appear in your caption and are limited to one hundred characters. Try not to cover the captions in hashtags, as you will need room to put a description of your video too. Also, remember that trends change quickly, so keep an eye out and regularly check for trending content. Also, do not copy others’ content; you can take an idea and show your creativity.

Define The Audience

Who makes the content viral? Well, it is the audience. So, to make your content viral, you should be aware of your audience. When you define your audience, you get better engagement and reach. But you have to convert these interactions into subscriptions and sales. So, it is essential to have a better understanding of the audience. First of all, TikTok leans towards a younger audience.

But the site is also used by a more significant number of people aged 20 to 49 years. So, you have to consider the demographics you want to focus on. So, conduct your research, check who is your demographics and cater to them.


Comment Regularly

Similar to other social media p platforms, TikTok encourages regular user interaction. What is the perfect way to do that? Well, it comments. When you comment and interact with your potential customers, then there is a chance that customers can convert into a client.

Also, this platform rank comments, and it is based on the number of likes the comment got. So, when you comment, make sure you are commenting on something meaningful and keep your comment generic and nice. You can leave comments on other people’s videos too.

Post Regularly

One way to have more interaction is to be regular. Try to post content daily; however, ensure that the videos you post are not repetitive. When you post regular content, your chance of getting followers increases; also, try to use effects in your videos to help you stand out from the crowd. Several effects are available, and they help videos to trend as they are fun and interesting. You can find these under the effects tab. Also, to make your video more interesting, you can replace your video with any photo you like.



Over the past years, TikTok has gained popularity and is one of the most widely used applications in social media. There are around more than 730 million active users worldwide. More and more businesses have steered towards this platform to promote their business and successfully gained followers and connected with younger audiences. GenZ loves sharing videos with their friends, which is how you can get more recognition and interaction. It helps in boosting your sales.