Are Skoda Electric Cars Reliable? A Comprehensive Look at the Latest Data


Soon enough, electric cars will become a new norm in the automotive industry. Yes, we are overly reliant on fossil fuels, and everyone loves a fine-tuned Dodge Challenger engine, but times change. Today we have many companies dedicated only to making electric vehicles. Tesla comes to mind first. They are popular, good looking, and Elon Musk is making sure to always remain in trend. But, they’re not the only ones. They’re not even the pioneers in this domain. When we talk about EVs, some Japanese manufacturers come to mind too.

That’s right, electric vehicles have been around for a while. Yes, not in the commercial sense we have today, but they’re not a novelty. You have Toyota and Nissan making models such as Leaf and Prius. Some time ago even BMW joined the pan with their i-series. So, it was only a matter of time before manufacturers such as Skoda were going to put out EVs of their own making. Skoda, which is owned by Volkswagen now, is not seen as a pioneer in this department. This begs the question. Are Skoda electric cars reliable?

This is a good question. Considering that they have only recently entered the market in this domain a few eyebrows were raised. This is why we’re going to talk about the Skoda electric vehicle which goes under the name Skoda Enyaq. We’re talking about a fully electric SUV, which doesn’t only look good but offers plenty more.  So, below you’ll have a few lines about its performance, options, reliability, and the rest of the important facts. You’ll be able to form an opinion of your own. Let’s see what Enyaq has to offer.


Skoda Enyaq

So, Skoda entered the electric car domain. Their vehicle is good. It is called Enyaq and it is an SUV. The design is nice, futuristic, and reminiscent of their other SUV models such as Karoq and Kodiak. Skoda has its thing going in the SUV department and some of its models top the EU selling charts. The plan is for this one to follow a similar path. After all, the design is not too Sci-Fi. It can pass by as your regular everyday commute car. This was Skoda’s goal when they launched it. It aims to take down competitors such as VW ID4 and Nissan Ariya.

As we said, the Czech manufacturer didn’t want to go too far from their regular design. That’s why you won’t be surprised that it sports a massive grille at the front, flanked by quite classy headlights. The grille is only an aesthetic addition as there’s no need for that much cooling with EVs. The tail lights and bumpers selection rounds up its design that should please your regular Skoda customer. On the inside, it differs in many instances from its standard counterparts. Its basic equipment is not off the charts, but with a few add-ons, you can have yourself quite a packed vehicle. The best part is that it’s quite spacey on the inside, making it a great family vehicle. What you might not get too thrilled with is the 13.0-inch infotainment system. It could be better considering that we’re talking about an EV. Also, their voice command system, named Laura, could be upped a few notches. The cargo space is also quite massive, and you won’t find too many issues with it. But, how much does this Czech pleasure cost?



Well, it depends. As it’s usually the case, you have the basic version as the cheapest one. It starts at £38,970. This is a good price, but you’ll notice that it is a completely naked option. We already mentioned you can achieve so much with selected add-ons, but this is the way to make this vehicle rather expensive. A fully packed version can go up to £52,840. But, and we must say it, even at its priciest option you will find this car much more affordable than let’s say Tesla Model Y.

What Enyaq packs under The Bonnet?

It’s fine. We can’t say too much, but it’s good. It’s a comfortable car with good speed. Not as nearly as fun as a Tesla, but it has its perks. When it comes to city driving this one’s for you. Silent, low to no emissions, and great in start-stop situations. While it can handle city driving, the place where you’ll love it is the highway. It can go fast, and it can get there in no time. It’s no wonder things are like that when you know that this one packs 300bhp under the hood. This translates well to the 6.1 seconds needed to reach 0-60 mph. Yes, there are faster EVs but this is not data to be cast away.


Is It Reliable?

Yes, we can say that it is. There is no direct data tied to this particular model, considering its youth. But, Skoda as a manufacturer rates in position 13 among the top 32 car brands. This is a fine spot especially when you see that Skoda rates as a more reliable vehicle than Volvo. That’s a testimony to its good work. As far as safety goes Enyaq received a five-star rating when tested at Euro NCAP. Because of all of this, we can say that Skoda as a manufacturer is reliable as it gets, and the same can be expected from its EV department.

Bottom Line

Skoda has a fine horse for this EV race. Enyaq is a nice SUV that fits nicely into this niche. Yes, it has good sides and it has flaws. But, is there a perfect car? No. What makes this EV so good is that it offers magnitudes of space within the cabin and in the cargo area. It has a nice range of 68 km. when you look at all of its positives it is a fine SUV by all margins. But, as we said, there are a few flaws. First of all, it is not a speedster as let’s say, Tesla. The infotainment system could be better, especially for its price. When it comes to the price the basic version is fine, but for a few add-ons, you need to pay up a lot.