Tesla’s Plans for 2024

Tesla’s rise to fame has been the talking point of the town in the whole automotive industry for quite a while now. 2024 was especially a fruitful year for the Elon Musk brainchild. While other automotive companies reeled under the impact of Covid19, Tesla’s smart marketing initiatives sent waves down Wall Street. Elon Musk grabbed the ‘Stock of the Year’ award to add to his growing trophy cabinet. Here’s what the newly crowned ‘World’s Richest Man’ has in store for the EV giant for 2024.

Tesla’s ‘Giga’ ventures

Source: electrive.com

Tesla’s Gigafactory 3 production plant in Shanghai acts as its backbone for success in the Asian marketplace. For 2024, Tesla’s envision of producing a rough total of 250000 Model 3s could turn true this year. The same number of Model Ys are expected to join Tesla’s mega Asian production line.

That brings us a whopping total of at least half a million cars yearly through just one production plant. Is this number too unrealistic even by Tesla standards? As such a huge output hasn’t even been achieved for Tesla’s whole production line of 2024. Don’t sleep on Tesla yet, as the Model Y and Model S has already seen a huge demand in China and other Asian countries.

Moving to the European frontier, Tesla’s Giga Berlin Project is another mega initiative. This mega-production plant aims to plant a strong foothold in the prestigious European market. Just like China, the Berlin plant has a lot of work up to its sleeves as production is scheduled to begin later this year. If everything goes smoothly, you will soon see Model Ys and Model 3s rolling out of Berlin by mid-2021 or late year.

Unlike its Fremont and Shanghai compatriots, the Berlin one could also be the hot testing bed of multiple new Tesla technologies. That includes Tesla’s new 4680 battery cells, upgraded paint system, and others. The Giga Berlin is a fitting reply to Tesla’s European rivals.

Coming back to its very own home country, the Giga Austin is another ambitious Tesla Project. This new Gigafactory will be the home to the much-hyped CyberTruck. Apparently, the Y is also in line to undergo mass production here, thanks to its tremendous success in the States. This new plant in Austin, Texas should further solidify the intimate relationship between Tesla and the American audience.

New Wheelies to the Lineup

Plaid Model S

Source: Business Insider

Automotive website, CarIndigo thinks Tesla’s efforts to create a ruthless Porsche Taycan-killer may finally bear fruit this year. The Plaid Model S speaks with its numbers. With its lofty price tag of $139990, you can sprint past the 0-60 mph run within a blink of an eye under 2 seconds. The EV has a freakish top speed of 200 mph and a spectacular battery range of over 500 miles. There is no account of how the Plaid Model S will differ from the Model S used during the Nurburgring testing. Will we get improved aerodynamics and a refreshed design philosophy compared to the 2024 Model S? Time will tell.

Tesla Cybertruck

Source: Reddit

Maybe the glass shattering during the Cybertruck reveal was a publicity stunt after all. Elon Musk’s embarrassment became Tesla’s gain as demands for the Cybertruck went skyrocket high. The Cybertruck is seen as a revolutionary to change the definition of trucks forever. 2024 is the year when the production of the Cybertruck finally gains full steam. The Cybertruck is not alone though, as the Tesla ATV is also rumored to follow in the footsteps of the Cybertruck this year.

Tesla Roadster

Source: Teslarati.com

The Tesla Roadster has been shrouded in secrecy. With its only cameo appearing in a Jay Leno publicized test drive, Tesla has kept the Roadster under wraps for most of the parts. The pandemic came in as a further spoilsport, pushing the Roadster’s production to possibly 2024. Elon Musk teased the production of the Roadster to start in mid-2021. Perhaps it might be even sooner than expected, as many people who availed the Roadster pre-orders with a discount got an email from the Tesla Referral Program stating their confirmation for the same. How ecstatic we are to see the Roadster in full action!

Tesla Semi

Source: InsideEVs

News regarding the Semi has been quiet since it was last revealed in 2017. However, Elon Musk promises that 2024 will be the year when the Semi becomes a full-fledged reality. Pre-orders for the Semi have already started to pile up. Walmart Canada has already expressed their intent to purchase 120 Semis. Many more companies have already invested heartily in the Semi to expand their business horizons. 2024 might be the auspicious occasion for the Semi’s dramatic entry onto the truck scene. Fingers crossed.

4680- The new norm for batteries

Source: Somag News

Tesla’s new 4680 battery cell is one of their most ambitious missions this year. This new battery will dramatically improve the mileage and also send more power to the wheels than your regular battery. Price reduction in the production of batteries is another perk. Initially, this battery line will be equipped under the European Model Y’s hood, before making its way to other Tesla marquees like the 2024 Model S.

More updates?

The 2024 Model S and the Model X might be in for a redesign this year. Tesla’s USP, the AutoPilot self-driving feature may see further improvements in its capability and accuracy. Some mid-cycle technological updates may be down the line for every Tesla car.


Tesla investors are in for a prosperous outing in 2024, as the king of the EV segment is going through a multitude of positive changes to ring in the New Year. The bond between humans and electric cars is set to go on a deeper level this year, thanks to Tesla’s widespread efforts to expand the EV horizon. 2024 is set to be a fruitful year for Tesla, as the company enlarges its global reach with its new mega-production plants and all-new EVs to the lineup. Stay tuned to Elon Musk’s Twitter feed though, if you don’t want to miss out on all the exciting action.