8 Reasons to Use Explainer Videos for Product Promotion

Explainer videos are smart marketing ideas for all businesses. Many companies are now embracing the idea to beat stiff competition in the current marketplace. What makes explainer videos unique? According to Draw Shop, about 77% of viewers will likely watch short clips to the end. They are engaging and will add a spark to the usual marketing techniques. What’s more? Explainer videos are potent marketing tools in any business.

What are the benefits of presenting your products using explainer videos?

Explainer videos are more than just explaining things. They feature amazing illustrations and characters to elicit emotions in all buyers. However, there are different types of explainer videos. They come with many benefits, these include;

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1. Explainer videos are concise

Most users keep off long and boring texts of product descriptions. Ambiguous videos are also a No for many! However, explainer videos are brief and simple to understand. They include various product details but present this in an organized manner within the shortest time possible. Customers can watch such videos without exiting in the middle, and video producers like Spiel will advise that the script is a critical part of video production”

2. Allow for creativity

Most entrepreneurs try all manner of things to entice and keep clients engaged. Well, explainer videos will help you achieve that and more. With these videos, you can showcase your creativity whichever way you want. For instance, you can come up with jokes in the script and lure clients into watching more. Also, you can incorporate music in your videos to create a more relaxed environment. You can as well add many other exciting things to amuse clients.

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3. Wide application& Usage

Explainer videos are applicable in various spots. Once you design an engaging video for your products and services, you can use it on platforms like;

YouTube– YouTube boasts of millions of visitors each day. You can post your explainer videos here and enjoy high traffic to your brand. This highlights your products leading to increased sales and profits.

Website– Explainer videos on your business website make great features. Embed the best video on your homepage, and have your clients coming back for more!

Other social media platforms– You can use explainer videos in different social media forums like Facebook. Have them in different points to draw the attention of potential clients.

4. Suit all types of customers

Explainer videos attract new customers to your business and product. However, these videos do more than that. They help reach existing clients with information about new products or how to use the existing ones. They act as a learning model that benefits both new and existing clientele. Besides, most clients love learning visually, and explainer videos give them a better understanding of what you have to offer.

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5. Explainer videos are emotionally evoking

Explainer videos feature cartoonish characters to gain the attention of the viewer. They also evoke the viewer’s emotions due to greater engagement in the video. That’s not all! The cartoonish characters make clients laugh, and this is an excellent way of gaining their trust. For this reason, you can sue them to showcase your brand through branded videos.

6. Better illustrations

Customers seek solutions to their problems through product descriptions. Using explainer videos to promote your products come with many perks. They are easy to watch and understand compared to text documents comprising of thousands do words. After all, who has time for all that? I presume no one. These videos are an excellent way of illustrating your products, benefits, and usage. Also, the images create an everlasting impression on the reader’s mind.

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7. Easily sharable

Explainer easy to share and you can use them to reach millions of clients globally. They are an excellent way of captivating your customers with your amazing products and services. Your existing clients can share the videos with friends and colleagues, which benefits your business in numerous ways. Moreover, you can share explainer videos in business meetings and conferences, and never worry about messing your pitch.

8. Improved Google results

Business sites with videos have a high likelihood of better Google rankings. Clients are also likely to click engaging video thumbnails than text documents. If you rank high on Google and other search engines, your videos will attract high traffic resulting in more conversions.

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What are the distinct types of explainer videos to use for product promotion?

  • Animated videos

Animated explainer videos are ideal for marketing services or intangible products. These have fewer physical features, making it impossible to create live-action videos. They allow for more creativity and are easy to update live-action explainer videos. For this reason, they are flexible and easy to update, making it easy to incorporate future changes. Examples of animated explainer videos are 2D animated and 3D animated videos.

  • Motion graphics explainer videos

These services use graphics to bring about visual effects and other cinematic approaches. In most cases, they involve animating texts, logos, or abstract shapes and are not based on a story. You can use explainer videos on your homepage, social media, sales meetings, and e-Mail campaigns.

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Examples of explainer videos are;

-Motion graphics

-3D animated



-Whiteboard animation

Which is the ideal explainer video for my business?

Choosing the right explainer video for your business can be confusing. Nevertheless, there are various things to consider. These include; your marketing goals, brand personality, and target audience.

The best video should match your brand personality; if it’s playful, the video should match that too. Your target clients also matter. If marketing to teenagers and youths, your videos should include vivid images and be fun and exciting. On the other hand, the best video for seniors should be short and more informative.

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The bottom line

Explainer videos are an efficient way of showcasing your products to your target audience. They are easy to follow and will educate clients about your products and still leave them entertained. To get the best explainer videos for your business, engage a professional company, and enjoy more leads and improved sales.