8 Reasons Why Explainer Videos Are an Excellent Marketing Tool

Lately, explainer videos became quite popular in businesses. It’s simple to explain why: they help to introduce the company quickly, explain your product to potential users, and show people how a certain product or service can easily help. Of course, every company that sells something, tells about its products and benefits to clients, but it does not always work out because it depends on how you tell. If people watch short and interesting videos, they get the main idea quickly and understand even the most difficult ideas, concepts, or processes.

If you make a video by yourself, we suggest learning important information about creating this type of video and placing it on the website. Of course, the wiser way is to ask professionals to complete this project, and it’s easy to find many trustworthy and experienced online video studios, including darvideo.tv. In our article, we’re going to provide you with reasons why videos are an excellent marketing tool you should use in business to increase sales and improve the reputation of the company.

Source: Silver Bazel
  1. Demonstrate the culture of the company. A good video helps people to understand more things about business, including the company’s culture. When you highlight in a video your professionalism, experience, or whatever else fits your business, people understand it better than saying many words. Needless to say, a video must be quite short and contain only the most important things you plan to share with potential clients. When people get more details about the business culture, they feel easier to trust you.
  2. Clarify the product to people. Any successful explainer video tells customers about products or services the company offers, but apart from this, it helps to attract attention and makes the business more popular among clients. For small companies and startups, it’s not easy to find a lot of clients from the very beginning, but with a successful video, they can attract many buyers who will be interested in getting a particular service or product. According to statistics, around 86% of people said that a video was quite helpful to make their decision about buying things online.
    Source: Anthill Magazine
  3. Boost visibility online. A well-done explainer video can create a better search ranking in Google. Needless to say, it makes your website more popular and increases the number of viewers. According to the algorithms of Google, one of the factors that affect search results is how much time users spend on your webpage. Of course, the more time the user spends, the more relevant and useful this page is. So, when people watch explainer videos on the site, it adds time and increases the webpage ranking. As a plus, you can see the information about your users who visited the site and define your target audience better.
  4. Increase the number of sales. Following the statistics, about 85% of people purchase a product when they watch a short video about it. So, with a video, you can explain your products to potential clients and increase sales significantly. Of course, it doesn’t mean that everyone will buy, but with a video, more people will know about your company. As a plus, you can get information about how many views a video has, how long people watch until they buy something and other important factors that increase conversion rates.
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  5. Reach further. Thanks to explainer videos, you can reach further compared with other content marketing tools. As an example, posts with text attract three times fewer links compared to posts that contain videos. People like to watch videos much more than to read texts, and they choose to watch something interesting instead of wasting time reading. That’s why here it’s important to create a quality and creative video that will attract a lot of users and make them interested in your company.
  6. Stay competitive. According to statistics, about 80% of Internet traffic is video content, and it means that videos are quite popular among people. It also means that if your business does not use explainer videos, you lose a lot of customers who can be your potential clients. Of course, you may think it’s quite difficult to participate in a competition between other companies, but they all use their own videos. You can create your own unique explainer video and get many buyers the next day people watch it. Make sure you placed the video on the website and shared it on social media platforms.
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  7. Better retention. Of course, every user has their own learning style, but according to research, people remember information they have watched better than the content they have read. This is another reason to use an explainer video as a powerful tool to tell people about your services and products. It’s easier for potential customers to watch a 1-minute video than to read a long text (and again, different people have different speeds of reading and understanding the material they have read).
  8. It’s an affordable tool. Nowadays, many companies offer to create various explainer videos at various prices. No matter if you’re an experienced company or just a startup, you can find a price that fits your budget. Of course, you can try to make it on your own, creating a script, using actors to record voice, and checking out sites with free animation. In other words, you can always find a way if you really want to do it.
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If you’re thinking about making an explainer video for your business, stop hesitating and start doing it because it will bring good changes and attract more people to your company. As you can see, a video is a great and powerful marketing tool in business, so don’t lose your chance to accept the challenge, learn something new, increase sales, and earn more money!