How Video Marketing can Boost and Transform Your Sales in 2024

When you think of big players in the consumer market like Apple, Samsung, McDonald’s, and Coca-Cola, you tend to associate them with an identity or a product. This identity or idea of the brand in our mind is seeded as the result of video marketing. You can learn a lot from these brands and use those learnings to your advantage in 2024 using the latest trends in video marketing. The best part is businesses of all sizes can boost their sales by creating professional looking videos with an easy video editor like Clipchamp.

What is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing is the use of video medium as tools to promote brand awareness and boost sales of a business. Video marketing has evolved over the years from traditional media to digital media platforms like YouTube and social media. Today, video marketing is even more accessible and effective.

Video Marketing is all set to evolve in 2024 with the introduction of 5G all around the world things are going to move faster than ever! Let us go through what can be the biggest game-changers in video marketing in the coming year. Let us learn how video marketing can boost and transform your sales in 2024.

Types of Video Marketing

To get started, let’s understand the different types of Video Marketing

  • Demonstration- Demonstration videos (or demo videos) feature a range of the product line showcasing them in-depth while discussing and demonstrating their features and specifications. These videos are used in markets where there is tough competition to showcase even the most little details and specifications to create a competitive advantage. The duration of these videos is slightly longer.
  • Behind The Scenes- These videos dive into the company’s culture and it is a great way to show how your company functions at the back end. This adds a human touch and builds credibility while highlighting authenticity.
  • Customer Testimonial- If your customers are confident in front of the camera about having used your products and having a good experience with your brand then there is nothing like it. These videos can feature clients who have used your products/services in a very candid manner. They can be used as snippets or can be used as a part of a mini-documentary.
  • Mini-Documentaries- These are non-fictional video series that can highlight a product subtly in the frame but the focus is around the subject of the documentary.
  • Brand Short Films- These films have brilliant stories that use the same tonality as the brand and most often the characters here use or recommend products of the brand. Sometimes these videos are also shot on brand locations.
    Filmmakers often approach brands for product placements in exchange for finances.

These are ads that inspire people and are full of emotions. These kinds of ads leave a long-lasting impact on the viewers. It is great for brand building and placing multiple products within the story.

Take Coca-Cola adverts as an example, our key takeaway from their ads would be that they sell ‘happiness, joy, and connections’.

  • Live Streaming- Live Interactions with potential customers are great for feedback and brand building. These can be done via multiple social media platforms. The snippets or highlights can be used later for a montage video to be shared over different formats. Your montage can be easily made using a quality video maker like Clipchamp.
  • Corporate Videos- These can be made especially for B2B pitching so that potential investors gain further interest in the brand. These videos highlight the ways the business works with the help of a storyline meant for multiple product placements.
  • Animated Videos- These work best for highlighting virtual products that are otherwise complex to demonstrate. We suggest you make it super fun if your target audience is kids.

What is the Future of Video Marketing?

So, how is video Marketing set to evolve in 2024? With the introduction of 5G all around the world, things are going to move faster than ever! Let us go through what can be the biggest game-changers in video marketing in the coming year.

High-speed internet means a seamless browsing experience along with it comes technologies that are evolving and are soon going to be used more often than ever. This is soon going to impact the way we interact with our devices and social media.

Most of us are already aware of the usage of Augmented Reality (AR) filters for fun and games but soon the big brands are going to step in to want more engagement.

You can’t ignore modern tech and the way they work with the help of Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented/Virtual, and Mixed Reality we could be heading towards an unimaginable experience for the consumers. It’s all going to benefit the businesses as an advert viewed by the potential customer will be easily transformable to a successful sale.

Here’s a brilliant example of mixed reality

What these emerging technologies will bring is personalized targeting along with easy customizations of products at the consumer’s end.

Here’s another example highlighting easy customizations of products

Social Media Video Marketing (and Ideas You Can Use!)

Social Media Video is here to stay as we are used to consuming social media videos over anything else. Let us understand how things will shape up for 2024:

  • Vertical Video- Insta Reels, YouTube Shorts, IGTV, Facebook Watch, and TikTok every other platform is hinting towards pushing their vertical videos over the usual format.
  • These videos can be made easily on a smaller budget. The best part about making a vertical video is that they hardly take any time to shoot. Editing them can be tricky if not done with a video maker that supports vertical video editing such as Clipchamp’s video maker. It also has numerous templates to choose from for your Social Media Ads.
  • Better Product placement- Product placements in videos will continue to rise as viewers want an uninterrupted viewing experience by purchasing premium versions of YouTube or other OTTs.
  • Influencers and celebrities using products in videos without actually selling will continue to be the trend for the next year as well. If you’re just starting with your business, you can focus on micro-influencers based in your local areas.
  • AR filters- As discussed earlier, AR filters can be a great way for you to highlight your products. Gamification of a filter with a brand or product placement would be a great combination.
  • Apple just added Lidar technology to its phone and soon we can see other companies joining the bandwagon. Lidar stands for Light Detection and Ranging and it can measure distance and depth making it ultra-fast for AR placement. If you have a furniture business, your consumer can check whether the bed will fit in their room ahead of the delivery. This helps for instant sale transformation and cut down unnecessary costs.
  • Viral Video Challenges- Video challenges on the internet are known to spike engagement and have proved to be a great way for brands to instantly grab attention. McDonald’s McSpicy Challenge used influencers to amplify their challenge and witnessed an instant spike in the number of participants.

Cinema Theatres

Lastly, as Cinema theatres open back up, they’re going to see a rise in Video adverts as few businesses would love to target cine-goers. Cinema Theatres make brand films appear larger than life.


2021 seems like a promising year full of opportunities for both big and small players to use videos. If you want to be ahead of the competition, then start creating some magic with Clipchamp’s video maker right away!