How To Record And Edit Video For YouTube – Top 10 Programs


Do you want to edit a video clip, apply effects, and save the result in the desired format? You need a simple and easy-to-use video editing program to create an impressive clip. You can use free or paid applications that contain options for trimming and gluing files, creating titles, applying filters, and music. Next, we will talk about the best video editors for PC.

Best video editors for PC

A good video editing program must meet certain criteria and have:

  • A user-friendly interface in Russian. So the user can quickly get accustomed to the application and immediately start processing;
  • Cool video effects to improve the visuals;
  • built-in collections of audio tracks, titles, and other elements;
  • support for all popular formats.

The rating of video editors consists of the following programs:

Adobe Premiere Pro


Popular software for professional video editing. It offers a variety of tools: you will be able to fine tune the sound, adjust the colors and apply music.

Benefits of Adobe Premiere Pro:

  • Video stabilization;
  • Support for virtual reality;
  • Work with all popular formats;
  • Color correction tools;
  • Cloud storage;
  • Integration with other Adobe products and project sharing.


  • High price: to use the software you will need to pay a monthly subscription fee of 1622 rubles;
  • The video editor is not suitable for beginners and amateurs;
  • Premier Pro is demanding on your computer’s resources.


Wide Range of Effects and Transitions

Adobe Premiere Pro boasts an expansive library of effects and transitions, enabling editors to infuse their projects with creativity and sophistication. These tools, ranging from cinematic enhancements to artistic effects, elevate video content to captivating levels, making Premiere Pro a favored choice among professionals.

Advanced Audio Editing

Premiere Pro’s advanced audio editing extends to multi-track support and a diverse selection of audio effects and filters. This robust feature set empowers users to achieve polished, professional-grade audio experiences in their videos, enhancing overall content quality.


Learning Curve

Adobe Premiere Pro’s extensive capabilities, while powerful, can pose a challenge for newcomers. It necessitates dedication to mastering, but Adobe’s extensive online resources, including tutorials and guides, are invaluable aids in helping users become proficient with the software.

Continuous Updates

Premiere Pro’s commitment to continuous improvement includes regular updates with new features. While advantageous for staying current, users must invest effort in software maintenance and adapting to workflow changes to fully harness the potential of these updates.

In contrast, for those seeking a cost-effective entry into video editing, there are free alternatives available for download that cater to beginners and offer essential editing functionalities. Check out the video editor free download.



A handy program for creating clips with effects, titles, and music. It offers a built-in library of audio tracks, backgrounds, filters and screensavers. Also the software supports all popular video formats and contains ready-made export profiles for mobile devices and social networks.

Benefits of the VideoMontage app:

  • Work with chromakey;
  • Easy light and color correction;
  • Adding music and adjusting its volume;
  • Recording voiceover with a microphone;
  • Creation of clips in HD-quality;
  • A collection of universal titles;
  • Built-in effects and transitions;
  • Interface in Russian;
  • Supports all versions of Windows.


Free use for a trial period only.

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Vegas Pro

Professional video editor that offers tools for audio processing and color correction, as well as allows you to apply effects.

The benefits of Vegas Pro:

  • Video clip stabilization;
  • Editing 360-degree clips;
  • Automatic creation of subtitles;
  • Audio and video effects;
  • Support for 4K.


  • Vegas is system-demanding;
  • High purchase price: 38,990 rubles;
  • Uncomfortable interface, which is not suitable for novice users.



A simple video editor that offers features for editing clips and applying special effects. You will be able to use templates for quick project design, edit clips on the timeline, add music and sound effects, and then save the result in all popular video formats.

Advantages of VideoShow:

  • Templates for video material design;
  • Over 70 video effects;
  • Title layouts that can be customized to your liking;
  • Support for chromakey;
  • Manual creation of animation;
  • Presets to export the result;
  • Work on weak PCs.


Inability to stabilize the visuals.

Corel VideoStudio Pro

A video editing application that can be installed on weak PCs. It allows you to work with multiple tracks at once, and also has a fairly large library of effects and built-in templates for quick project design.

Benefits of Corel VideoStudio Pro:

  • Working with chromakey;
  • Recording screen and sound from the microphone;
  • Creating titles, applying filters, transitions and templates;
  • Support for up to 50 video tracks in one project;
  • Trim, split, merge, rotate, and zoom tools;
  • Collection of free tracks and sound effects;
  • Export the result to YouTube, Flickr, and Vimeo.


  • High price of the full version: 6,300 rubles;
  • Reduces the original quality of the video clip.



Free video editing software. It focuses on the processing of AVI files, but the software is also able to read MPEG-1 and process BMP images. Support for audio and video codecs can be extended by using external plugins.

Benefits of VirtualDub:

  • Capture video data from the screen;
  • Batch processing of content;
  • Built-in filters and audio effects;
  • Freeze frame extraction from a certain fragment;
  • Video compression;
  • Installation on all versions of Windows.


  • Inconvenient interface in English;
  • The software is mainly aimed at correcting AVI files;
  • Few video editing tools.

Wondershare Filmora

A well-known program for creating impressive clips from images, audio and video. You will be able to add effects, mix soundtracks, capture screen and export the result in a suitable format.

Benefits of Wondershare Filmora:

  • Motion tracking;
  • Customizing titles: repositioning, rotating and scaling text;
  • Adding free songs or audio effects from the collection;
  • Large gallery of video filters and transitions;
  • Ability to work with layers and masks.


  • Lack of manual adjustments, which are necessary in professional video correction;
  • The free version places a watermark over the result. To remove the restriction, you will need to purchase a perpetual license for $79.99 or an annual subscription for $39.99.

Camtasia Studio


Screen recording and video editing software that lets you quickly create professional quality videos and share them online. You can also add interactive elements to your video track: for example, create a quiz or quiz.

Benefits of Camtasia Studio:

  • Capture screen and webcam data;
  • Import of high quality images, audio files and video clips at up to 4K resolution;
  • Project voice-over;
  • Working with chromakey;
  • Adding interactive elements;
  • Built-in music library.


  • Can’t download additional video effects and plugins;
  • English menu;
  • High price: $249.99.


Free full-featured editor for creating professional quality video. It has a convenient Russian-language menu and functions to improve the clip: you can perform visual stabilization, use audio mixers in the process and tools for color correction, as well as add text and smooth transitions.

VideoPad Benefits:

  • Imports all popular video formats;
  • Video recording with external devices;
  • Over 50 visual effects and transitions;
  • 3D video editing and 2D-to-3D conversion;
  • Fine-tuning color and visual effects;
  • Video stabilization;
  • Automatic subtitle creation.


  • Long processing and exporting of a video project;
  • Sometimes audio and video tracks are out of sync when saving;
  • Slows down on weak computers.



The easiest video editing software available at no charge. Avidemux is the easiest way to edit video clips that are free of charge. The software supports several video formats: MPEG, DVD, AVI, MP4 and more.

Benefits of Avidemux:

  • Video editing;
  • Color correction and filters;
  • Video compression;
  • Adding subtitles.


  • Few video editing and correction options;
  • Unstable operation of the application.


Now you know which video editor is better. The choice of software depends on the skills of the user and the necessary tools. For beginners and amateurs, the programs VideoMONTAZH, VideoShow and Wondershare Filmora are suitable. They have a user-friendly interface and simple tools that allow you to make high-quality video editing.

Professionals can use the applications Adobe Premiere, VEGAS Pro and Corel VideoStudio Pro. They offer features for multi-track correction and special effects. They are also expensive and demanding on system resources.