3 Tips for Using LinkedIn Automation Tools Effectively

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LinkedIn is all about being active and having more connections. So whether you are new to it or have been using it for some time, you should increase your connectivity. And by connectivity, it means that you should talk to people and have conversations with them. Because this is the platform where there are employers, employees and job-seekers. So you will have an opportunity to make the best out of it.

Automation tools are quite helpful in this regard. LinkedIn shows your activity to your visitors. Therefore, if you remain active and spend some time on the platform, you will get your results. For example, you are a marketer and have no time to spend on the web. However, you need to spend time there too. The automation tools will help you a lot here.

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These tools help you in sending requests, sending messages and many other aspects. And one of the best automation tools is getting help in lead generation. There is a tool Driptify that you can check out on Dripify.io. This tool helps you out with your sales and thus, you can get a better team score.

So, if you are a team leader and do have not enough time to spend on the web, you should try it. You can set it up with your terms and needs. And if it is difficult for you to make the settings, you can also try a free trial at dripify.io

So how can you use these automation tools to your benefit?

1. Keeping your customers active and involved – a way of customer acquisition

Unlike social media networking sites, LinkedIn has serious users. So if someone is active, it means that he is spending his time precisely. Furthermore, their posts and involvements will be according to their interests. Therefore, if someone gives you comment, you will take it seriously.

Similarly, you can use this platform for customer acquisition. If you are a team leader, you will be responsible for making great progress. In addition to this, you will need to increase the sales. One of the best ways is to get involved with people on LinkedIn. You can post about your products or related benefits and get people well-aware of you.

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For example, you have a skincare company and have great products. So instead of posting about your products, you can write posts about skincare methods. Posts about healthy eating and water intake. Likewise, you can write about the best use of products. This will keep the customers interested in your posts.

However, the problem is time. You won’t have enough time to write posts and that too on daily basis. So what will you do? You can use automation tools to post your posts at regular intervals. All you need to do is to make a schedule and the tool will post it on your timeline. You can either assign this job to someone. He will be responsible for finding such tips and tricks and setting a proper schedule.

2. Use related keywords too – while shortlisting candidates for interviews

Another great use of automation tools is for the shortlisting of candidates. A lot of companies use LinkedIn for selecting potential candidates for a vacancy in their company.

There are automation tools to do so. For example, there is a tool where you will need to input some keywords and it will find all the profiles that have used that word in their information.

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Like you need an accountant as there is a vacancy in your office. So you will write the keyword, accountant in the keyword section and let the tool find you the profiles. Though this is a good way of finding potential candidates but sometimes the search results are not good enough. Why? Because not everyone might use the word accountant. They might have studied accounting as a degree program.

So if someone has studied accounting and has not done a job yet, his profile might not have that keyword. Therefore, if you are looking for a fresh graduate, you should write these terms too.

Related keywords help you a lot in finding potential candidates.

3. Personalize the settings

Although tools are made to do a specific job but there are also options to personalize things. For example, there is a tool to make connections. So it will send connections to just anyone on the platform and increase your reach. However, this will include a wide range of people from different categories.

You are in the marketing team and want to connect with every category of people, then it is okay. However, if you want to keep the connection with a specific type of people then you will need personalization. For example, you are the managing director of a company. So you won’t connect with everyone on the platform. Your connections should be people that can be of use to you. Or who are potential candidates for positions that come under you?

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If you collect people from every discipline and they are of no use to you, then what is the use of LinkedIn? Therefore, while using tools, you need to personalize them to look for certain things. You can use keywords and related keywords for personalization and making connections. So if anyone has related information in their profile, the tool will send a request to them.

What you can do with automation tools

LinkedIn automation tools have a variety of options available to use. There are various categories that are helpful to people from different sectors. These automation tools include;

  1. Create your email database. It is not easy to acquire email addresses. Furthermore, people use different emails for shopping. However, you can download the email of all your connections through a tool. Thus, you will have the email addresses that people use.
  2. You can directly use LinkedIn to promote your products and for marketing campaigns.
  3. In addition to all this, you can send personalized messages to your contacts. In this way, you can keep in touch with almost everyone.