10 Best Games Like Roblox in 2024

If you are a real gamer, the name Roblox will be enough. However, for all of you out there, Roblox is a well – known MMO (massively multiplayer online) game, and we believe that everyone heard about this game at one point in their gamer experience, no matter how short it was.

Moreover, for the ones who play it, know that Roblox has numerous outstanding gaming features and options for players to create their game within a game. It is undoubtedly, the top – reviewed feature in the game and one of the most favorite ones.

However, some of you want a different experience, and you are not doing anything wrong; it is quite common, and that is what brought you here after all. There are plenty of games that resemble Roblox, and that can offer high – quality performance as well.

Furthermore, we will list one of the best games that are just as good as Roblox and have a unique and amusing world to create and get lost in it. Keep it up until the end, because it only gets better!

1. Minecraft

Source: The Next Web

Minecraft is one of the most tempting online 3D games, and it has several reasons why it is like that. Firstly, it has a fantastic design and a story that you can easily follow, and that gives the game an excellent flow. Secondly, it is one of the top-selling games so far, over 32 million copies for PC, and over 10 million for other platforms. Finally, it has one of the largest and best gaming communities there, and overall the experience of participating in it is overwhelming.

Moreover, Minecraft is a sandbox styled game. Basically, it means that it belongs to the category of an open world, where the main character is walking around and fulfills specific tasks in order to level up. Therefore, in this category, Minecraft is one of the best games you can find. It provides you to dive into the world of building, and 3D designs, creating your world and have a specific gaming environment. Also, the most important thing is that the game is simulating your creativity, and keeps your focus, which positively affects your mental health.

In case you never played Minecraft, and we caught your attention, we would like to add a few more words about this incredible game.

The Minecraft has, on its disposal, a set of unique and creative maps, and each user has its own unique experience in the game up space, including buildings, animals, monsters, and more. Also, you have an opportunity to deal with all sorts of weapons, which you need to have to fight the enemies when the night falls. Also, it is a multiplayer game, and the players can share maps or create different ones. Minecraft can be applied in multiple devices, and it supports various platforms. It can go with the Desktops, Windows, Fire TV, Kindle, Gear VR, Linux, and of course, Mac. Also, it works on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, 4 and Vita, Switch, and New 3DS.

Note: The game itself is impressive and unique; however, compared to other games, it has poor and unattractive graphics.

Price: $26.95

Features: Available for PC, IOS, Android, Sandbox style game, multiplayer mode, unique maps

2. KoGaMa

Source: KoGaMa

KoGaMa is very similar to Roblox, and it comes free of charge. It is a 3D sandbox-style game, and it is a browser-based game. Moreover, it supports multiplayer mode and allows you and your friends to play together.

Moreover, the game allows players to design various levels and create different games. Also, the players are in charge of making up their rules and decide with whom they will play or not. Some users described KoGaMa as an entirely user-friendly game, and it enhances the gaming experience so that users create their games and socialize with friends while playing it.

Features: 3D sandbox-style game, user-friendly, multiplayer, creative

3. Terraria


Terraria is another great sandbox-style game that has many similarities to the Roblox game. The game is quite popular among players, and they reviewed it as an exciting and useful game. Terraria is sold for over 12 million copies, and it has to expand the gaming community.

Moreover, Terraria is a 2D sandbox game, and it offers three main features, digging, fighting, and building. The digging feature allows the player to explore new worlds and collect raw materials from the earth. The fighting comes after, and the character needs to defend himself by using armor and weapons. After that, the winner gets to build his new world, and players can show their creativity here. They can create machinery, fortress, homes, gardens, and many more.

You can play Terraria on your PC, MAC, or Linux. Also, it supports IOS, Android, and PlayStation systems.

Price: $9.99

Features: Available on common devices, sandbox-style game, multiple features

4. Garry’s Mod

Source: Steam

Here comes another tremendous sandbox-style game available on multiple online platforms, and it quite resembles Roblox.

Garry’s Mod is a viral game, sold over 10 million PC copies, all around the world, and it has a well – established gaming community as well.

Moreover, the game is simple based, user-friendly, and it’s found as a physics game. Players have to create cars, rockets, and similar design objects, based on their interest. Also, whatever the players create can be used in the game. So, if the player creates a rocket, he can fly into space with it, etc.

The game is quite popular due to its excellent content and gaming experience. The game is continually updating and improving, so the players can find something new all the time. It is the creativity and fantastic team that stands behind Garry’s Mod, and that’s why the game is so unique.

Additionally, the game supports multiplayer options, so friends can play together and socialize. While playing with your friends, you can join forces and make something amazing together and enjoy using it.

Price: $9.99

Features: Available on Windows, Linux, Mac, sandbox-style game, frequent updates

5. Trove

Source: trionworlds.com

The game is very similar to Roblox, and it contains both sandboxes – style game and multiplayer options. Also, it belongs to the gaming category of MMO.

Moreover, Trove game provides players with the opportunity to create their homes, that are called cornerstones. Besides, it includes adventures and multiple worlds to discover, but most importantly, it has customized characters and purchased items. The game offers different ranks, and according to it, the actor has the ability to improve and change things.

The game is free of charge, and it is available for Windows, Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Features: Sandbox – style game, MMO, customized characters, multilevel play

6. Terasology

Source: Medium

Terasology is one fantastic game, that is similar to Roblox. It is an open-source game, and it is entirely free of charge. It is a 3D game, and quite popular among younger generations, as it is based on Minecraft game. It is a relatively new game in the field, but it is showing high potential for becoming popular as well.

Moreover, in the game, the main activities are construction buildings, and it has a 3D world, which resembles Minecraft. The game is adventurous, and it challenges players to fight and make their way to survive.

Note: The game is available only for Windows operational system.

Features: 3D structure, free, creative, similar to Minecraft

7. Blockland

Source: Games Like Minecraft

Who loves playing with Lego will enjoy this game. The brick – building based game offers an amazing view of the world of something that can look like Lego, but online. The game is a multiplayer, and it includes a brick building, and it has an amazing design that will make you play this game for sure.

Moreover, Blockland is available for Windows XP and Mac OSX.

Price: $9.99

Features: Lego-like game, creative, multiplayer

8. Lego Worlds

Source: Gamesplane

For even bigger Lego fans, here is the Lego game. It is a sandbox-style game, and it allows you to create your world by using online Lego items.

The game is available on Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One.

Price: $29.99

9. Block N Load

Source: Steam

The game is free of charge, and it is based on the strategic and action planning to win. It can be a single-player game and multiplayer, with a maximum of five players.

Price: $15

10. Rising World

Source: Steam

This recently released game slowly grabs the attention of other players, and it keeps improving in terms of quality and graphics. It is available for Windows and macOS.

Price: $14.99

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