DanTDM Net Worth 2024

YouTubers and professional gamers are overtaking TV programs these days. They connected the massive young community that interacts online. However, it would help if you had something unique to be one of the most significant. Follow our article and find out about the current life and background of this YouTube mogul.

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Early Life

Daniel Robert Middleton was born in Aldershot, England, on the 8th of November 1991. He is the eldest son of his parents. His father was part of the British Army, so his job brought certain sacrifices for his family.

He was transferring from one to another city and taking his family to every new place with him. We do not have exact information on how many times they moved house throughout Dan’s childhood, but we know the fact that poor boy changed ten different schools.

This part of his growing up is sad because he did not have a chance to build long friendships. Besides all, a negative result out of this lifestyle was a divorce between his parents, and the young boy did not handle it easily. After this incident, he got at least a permanent place to stay with his mum and siblings.

He attended the University of Northampton, and in 2010 he stepped inside YouTubers waters. His debut program was related to the “Pokemon” game.

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The young star became very soon popular at Pokemon videos, so he decided to create a gaming YouTube channel in 2012. He named it “The Diamond Minecraft” and later renamed it to “DanTDM,” to be precise in 2016.

He was playing online and posting various videos of gaming and short films as well. He was upgrading his gaming skills in “Minecraft” at first, but later in “Roblox” and “Tomodachi Life.” He became an unbeatable player. He currently has 22.4 million subscribers on his program, and nearly 3.5 thousand posted videos.

Besides the “online” world, he is a book lover, so he wrote a novel “Trayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal,” which he published in 2016, and it was based on the video game characters. Later, he was cooperating with Netflix for web series called “Skylanders Academy.”

2017 was the year when he created series “DanTDM Creates a Big Scene,” along with few actors and social media representatives. This piece was released on YouTube.

Personal Life

Throughout his career, YouTube mogul earned awards several times for ultimately exciting categories:

1) Guinness World Record Most goals scored in “Rocket League” game in the team of 2 and 3

2) Guinness World Record – Most views for the “Minecraft” channel.

3) Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards (Uk’s Favourite Tipser in 2015 and 2016.

Celebrated YouTube star got married to Jemma in 2013. The happy couple has a son, Asher, who was born in January 2024. They look after their pets as well, two pugs, Darcie and Ellie.

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DanTDM Net Worth 2024

As of 2024, Daniel Middleton has an estimated net worth of around $40 million. Being dedicated to his day to day work brought him enormous wealth. Most of his earnings is coming from YouTube.