Robert Costa Net Worth 2024

Robert Costa is an extremely talented political commentator and journalist. Also, he is known as an anchor and host. Every job Costa does, it does it with significant commitment, and maybe that’s the reason why people call him the next-generation journalist. He brought new perspectives to journalism with his political knowledge. Currently, he works for NBC News and MSNBC as a political analyst. Also, Robert is a journalist for the Washington Post.

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Robert Costa net worth 2019

Early Life

Robert Costa was born in Richmond, Virginia, the USA, on October 14, 1985. His parents are Tomas E. and Anne-Dillon D. Costa.

Robert finished Pennsbury High School, and at that moment, he realized that he wants to be a journalist. In high school, he could bring American popular groups to the school events. Costa brought John Mayer, Eve 6, and Maroon 5. Later on, he continued education at Notre Dame University and got a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Robert is still a member of the Board of Directors.

Costa also got a Master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Cambridge.

Source: The International Churchill Society

Professional Career

Robert’s journalism career started in high school, where he was a reporter for The Bucks County Courier Times. He did interviews with bands and musicians, and for each article, he got $50. Also, he worked for PHS-TV and covered professional and local sports.

During college, he was an intern at the House of Commons in the United Kingdom. Also, he interned at This Week of ABC and Charlie Rose of PBS. He produced and hosted an interview for NDTV.

After Robert graduated, he worked at the Wall Street Journal and later on at the Nation Review. The American’s journal has focused on political events and analysis. Costa got promoted and became an editor of the magazine. At the same time, he worked as an associate for MSNBC and CNBC.

In 2014, he started a job with Washington Post, and in the following year, Robert officially became a political analyst for CNBC and MSNBC.

In 2013, he was named as the most influential journalist in the country. Also, Robert did a lot of interviews with the American president, Donald Trump.

Source: PBS

Personal Life

Robert is secretive about his love life, and he doesn’t want to reveal any facts about that matter. There are no rumors about his love life, so we can assume that he is devoted only to the career.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Robert Costa Net Worth 2024

Robert’s annual salary is more than $85k. The net worth is not revealed publicly, but we can assume that his estimated net worth is more than a couple of millions.