Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth 2024

Robert Kiyosaki is a man who has everything for him: the charisma of an international influencer, great business acumen, and above all an enormous fortune. Robert Kiyosaki is an American entrepreneur specializing in personal development who has managed to find his fortune after many failures. Mainly, he draws his wealth from the personal development coaching sessions he organizes, and from the books he sells, which are in high demand in America and around the world.

In this article, we are going to see the non-conformist philosophy of Robert Kiyosaki, who is also his largest book sales force. But before that, we will tell you a little bit about Robert Kiyosaki’s career before he had his fortune, and then about the value of that fortune.

Robert Kiyosaki’s journey before he had his fortune

As a child, Robert Kiyosaki didn’t have an incredible education. He was not given the wealth and tools he needed to succeed. However, despite the fact that he came from a poor family, he managed to graduate from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in 1969.

After graduation, he travelled extensively. His travels allowed him to see how the world lived and he wondered why people were so poor. Witnessing extreme poverty through his travels had an incredible impact on his life and it was an eye-opening experience for him.

In the late 1970s, Robert Kiyosaki was able to start his own company with savings he made from his work as a salesman at Xerox in New York City. Later, he went bankrupt, but he decided to start up again, though unsuccessfully.

However, the last company he started made enough money to invest in real estate. Unfortunately, because of his repeated bankruptcies, he went into so much debt that he found himself broke and homeless.

However, it must be recognized that giving up was never an option for Robert Kiyosaki, because on the contrary, his failures taught him lessons. That’s why he decided to embrace his situation by teaching others how to avoid bankruptcy and manage their finances. He then became a motivational speaker, an activity that has earned him several million dollars over the years.

Where does Robert Kiyosaki’s fortune come from?

The book entitled “Rich Father, Poor Father” is a bestseller, and its author is none other than Robert Kiyosaki. The book is so famous because it reflects Robert Kiyosaki’s unique view of money and the right way to make a lot of it.

While the American dream encourages us to look for work in order to make money, Robert Kiyosaki is more inclined to the idea that you have to work for yourself in order not to have to work all your life.

It is this current of thought that has made Kiyosaki the man who has been able to transform his series of failures into a source of wealth. Indeed, learning from his mistakes, he started writing books full of inspiring quotes so that his readers would not have to make the same mistakes he did. And he adds to this lectures made up of motivational speeches that make him a lot of money.

To further increase his fortune, Robert Kiyosaki has acquired a mining company in China and a silver mine in South America and has also invested in hotel complexes.

All of these sources of income have earned him an estimated $80 million by 2024.

Robert Kiyosaki’s philosophy on the quest for fortune

Although being a speaker has made Robert Kiyosaki a multimillionaire, his fame is mainly due to the success of his books.

One of his best books is the widely known “Rich Dad, Poor Dad“. In short, this book teaches us to see things differently. For Robert Kiyosaki, poor people are poor forever, not because of how much money they earn or how they spend it, but because of their mentality. For him, the most powerful tool a man has is his mind. And it has to be used to manage money well.

So Robert Kiyosaki’s philosophy is that to become rich, you have to think like a rich man. From his point of view, no one has to work all his life for someone else and then live on a pension that is barely enough. For him, the best way to acquire lasting wealth (and in a short period of time) is to bypass the traditional path (study-employment-money) and start your own business. The keys to success are motivation, ambition and prudence, to avoid bankruptcy.

It’s a bit unconventional, and it’s not 100% guaranteed for everyone, but it makes sense and that’s what has allowed him to acquire his current fortune.

In short, Robert Kiyosaki is known not only for his fortune, but also and above all for his vision and ambition, which he is happy to share in his speeches and books.

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To inspire you further on how to get rich, here are some of Robert Kiyosaki’s best quotes:

“It is more important to increase your income than to reduce your expenses. It’s more important to increase your mind than to reduce your dreams.”

“The most successful people in life are the ones who ask questions. They are always learning. They’re always growing. They’re always pushing further.”

“Don’t be addicted to money. Work to learn. Don’t work for money. Work for knowledge.”