10 Must-read Audiobooks That Can Be Found on YouTube for Free

Audiobooks are a great alternative to real books if you want to read but don’t have free time. You can listen to audiobooks wherever you want. You can perform multiple tasks at the same time, and this is the main advantage of audiobooks.

Nowadays, there are many services with a wide variety of audiobooks. One of them is Audible, which has an extensive catalog. But there are also free services where you can listen to your favorite books from fiction to business development and personal self-improvement. Let’s take it. YouTube, for example.

We have created a selection of the best audiobooks available on YouTube. Our rating contains books of different genres and topics, and every reader will be able to find something for themselves. Please feel free to download them to MP3 with notmp3.com apps and listen on your phone or MP3 player.

1. Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy — Douglas Adams

Read this book — it’s like getting into a closed club that you know about for a long time, nodding understandingly to jokes dedicated. Still, at the same time, you continue to sit behind the door and only imitate understanding. Don’t panic! Towel. 42. Manic-depressive Marvin.

I finally know and understand what this is about. I also smile how he smiled as he watched this crazy, absurd trip. There is no more Earth, you were thrown into outer space and you have 30 seconds left, the work of millions of years was destroyed a few seconds before its completion? Everything is OK. Don’t panic; fly on—a mad fusion of laughter, absurd talk, and light extravagance.

Novels in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy series are multi-faceted works. They are also damn simple representatives of fiction with mandatory aliens, other planets, travel to the past and future, and all this is sprinkled with subtle British humor. And at the same time, these are complex constructions where, in the form of satire, they will talk to you about God, about the place of man in the Universe, and turn human vices inside out.

2. 1984 — George Orwell

Next audiobook available on YouTube is the story about our future- “1984”
From the first lines of the novel, the reader is immersed in the insensitive gray world of a cowed society, where every action of a person is under the control of the state. There is an uncomfortable feeling of disgust and a vague fear of the described society.

Orwell describes in” 1984 “a totalitarian society where the individual is a cog of a well-established party system. A cog is an exact definition of a person in a given society, because he is not a person or an individual. The person in “1984” is seen as a tool or method for achieving the goals set by the party.

George Orwell’s book” 1984 “touches on fascinating aspects of life that many of us do not notice in our daily lives and therefore do not attach importance to them.

3. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone — J.K. Rowling

This is one of the iconic books for the 2000s generation. We all know this story, and if someone hasn’t read the books, they’ve probably seen at least one movie about Harry and his friends. This is a truly magical story of an 11-year-old boy who, when very young, was able to defeat the most powerful wizard who killed his parents and miraculously survived. This work will make you believe in true friendship.

4. Alice’s’ Adventures In Wonderland — Lewis Carroll

It’s amazing how clever this book is written! How many curious paradoxes the author has invented? Genius and madness go hand in this book.

Alice in Wonderland is another favorite childhood book. Like the Wizard of Oz, Alice…” it allows us to move into a very unusual and strange, but so charming world that many people who read this book as a child, do not mind returning to it at a more conscious age.
Those who have fully understood this book will remember it in their hearts forever.

5. Rich Dad Poor Dad — Robert Kiyosaki

The main idea of the book by Robert Kiyosaki, “Rich dad, Poor dad” can be called showing the difference between the thinking of a mercenary and an entrepreneur. This is mainly done by contrasting these two types of people that occur in front of the child, little Robert.

In his work, Kiyosaki is imbued with the idea of helping people Wake up in everyone’s financial thinking, which, in his opinion, certainly exists in every person. Some, and their minority, manage to Wake it up, but the majority, it remains asleep.
The book is quite well written, and its leading ideas are correct.

6. The Martian — Andy Weir

This novel centers on astronaut Mark Watney, who was left alone on Mars due to circumstances. He has to show imagination and use all his knowledge to survive and try to return to Earth. The novel is a science-fiction Robesonian, and despite several fantastic assumptions from a scientific and technical point of view, it is not devoid of authenticity.

7. The Time Machine — H. G. Wells.

“The Time machine” is the first science fiction novel by H. G. Wells, describing a journey to the world of the future, inhabited by two types of creatures that man has become: Morlocks, who live in the underground world and serve machines, and fragile Eloi, entirely unsuited for work. Over the millennia, both of them have almost lost their minds, turning into half-animals.

8. Walden — Henry David Thoreau

The author, the American writer, philosopher, and naturalist Henry Thoreau recounts his experience of seclusion and seclusion to learn his personal needs. To achieve his goal, he goes to the forest, where he is engaged in building a dugout, growing beans, and other household chores. The course of his thoughts, as well as many observations of nature, he writes in a diary. After living for two years, the author returned “to the people”.

The book will be of interest to those who share the author’s opinion about the survey of the life and against modern total consumerism. After reading the book, we can understand that for growth, we need a small part of all the material, the acquisition of which we spend years of our lives.

9. The Great Gatsby — F. Scott Fitzgerald

This book is one of the most influential books in American literature. The book by Fitzgerald, a recognized master of the word, tells about people living in the bustling New York of the twenties, in an atmosphere of endless celebration. And only one person keeps in mind one goal, which is more than five years-and finally comes. And, predictably, it does not come the way it started, and the goal is not quite the same as it was five years ago.

The success of this book, which at first aroused contrary opinions, was ensured by the great depression that followed a few years after its publication, which showed that the holiday could not be endless, and the carelessness of high society representatives became an object of hatred for everyone else.

10. The Art Of War — Sun Tzu

Much of what is written in the book may seem banal, evident, and well-known place. But this seems so precisely because this and similar books were written and entered the universal culture.

The value of the book is not only that it is a collection of tips for the conduct of war. But the fact that the author systematized knowledge, linked them in a logical sequence, clearly stated all the factors known to him that affect the war.