Da Brat Net Worth 2024

Da Brat began her music career back in the 90s, and when she came to the scene, she was an instant hit. The American rapper even had a platinum certification and was the first woman rapper that got that certification, in a solo career.

The American rapper had many ups and downs in her life, but despite all that, her music is still appreciated today. For more information about this veteran American rapper, take a look at our article below.

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Born Shawntae Harris, her zodiac sign is Aries, as she was born on April 14, 1974. She was born in a place called Joliet, which is located in one of the United States of America named Illinois. Her father’s name is David Ray McCoy, and he was a businessman located in Chicago, Illinois. Her mother is Nadine Brewer, and she was a Chicago bus driver. Her parents were never married, and her mother and grandmother raised young Shawntae Harris.

When the time came, she began her education. She first went to Kenwood Academy to complete her high school education, and afterward, she attended the Academy of Scholastic Achievement. She finished her education in 1992.

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Funkdafied was what rose her to stars. Shawntae Harris’ stage name is Da Brat, and that is how she is known in the world. Her fantastic music career and her talent are overshadowed by some other things she did in her life, like when she went to jail for assault.

Besides Fundafied, which got her to platinum certification, she had some small amount of solo albums issued, and now she is mostly collaboration with other artists. She has a contract with So So Def Records, and in addition to her music career, she is also an actress and a TV personality. She appeared in Kazaam, Carmen: A Hip Hopera, Celebrity Fit Club, Celebrity Rap Superstar, Civil Brand, and The Parent Hood. In her career, she received two Grammy nominations and three Billboard Awards.

Da Brat began her music career in 1992, and so far, she was featured as a guest of a remix of Destiny’s Child’s song Jumpin’, Jumpin’, Brandy’s remix of U Don’t Know Me, and Carey’s Heartbreaker. In 2013 Da Brat issued a solo song, Is It Chu.

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The biggest scandal the American rapper was involved in and which overshadowed a bit her fantastic career was when she ended up in jail for assault. Da Brat was fighting with a woman in an Atlanta nightclub when she, at the end of the fight, hit the woman in the head. The woman sustained a significant injury, and the American rapper was arrested again in October 2007, six years after the first incident. This time she attacked Shayla Stevens, an ex NFL cheerleader. That prison sentence cost her a lot of money, and she got three years in prison with seven years of probation.

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Da Brat Net Worth 2024

Da Brat is currently co-hosting Rickey Smiley Morning Show, and from 2016 she is a judge in The Rap Game, a reality competition series. Even though she declared bankruptcy in 2018, she is still earning some cash. As of 2024, her estimated net worth is around $3 million.