Ester Dobrik Net Worth 2024

This teenager spends her days capturing her favorite moments with her family and friends on her TikTok and Instagram accounts, and it brought her money and fame.

The public’s attention was brought on this young girl purely due to the fortune of being David Dobrik’s younger sister. Her brother, a famous YouTuber with over 14 million subscribers on his main channel and around 7 million subscribers on his second channel, shot videos with all of his siblings. That was where the Internet first heard of Ester.

Here you can find out all about her life and social media activity, alongside her yearly income.


Personal Life

Ester Dobrik was born on March 4, 2004. Her father, Pavo Dobrik and his wife moved from Slovakia to Chicago around 2002, where Ester was born and raised.

David set aside, she has two younger siblings, Sara and Toby.

Ester even shot a video with her brother’s long-time girlfriend, Liza Koshy, which was uploaded on David’s main channel. Liza is a successful YouTuber and Viner, who dated the eldest Dobrik child from 2015 to 2018. Even after their break- up, the two remained close friends.

Source: Twitter

Social Media Activity

Ester Dobrik’s  TikTok account @esterdobrik, which is full of dancing and singing, now has over 400 thousand followers.

She was very active on, posting videos where she does lip-syncing, dancing and gymnastics.

Her Instagram profile has over 3 thousand followers.

She appears on her older brother’s YouTube channel frequently, but we cannot forget that she also had her own channel on this platform, called SimplyEster. Sadly, she is no longer active on that channel. If you type that username into YouTube’s search box, the only thing that would pop up are videos of her uploaded on the platform by her older brother.

Most of our sources label the origin of Ester’s money as being a family member, which can be true, given that the girl is 15 and, other that TikTok and Instagram, has no other ways of earning money. David, however, is a completely different story. His net worth for 2019 is estimated to be around $7 million; surely, he shares this money with his family.

Ester Dobrik Net Worth 2024

Our sources estimate that Ester’s Net Worth in 2024 is around $500,000. That is quite an impressive sum, for a fifteen-year-old.