Kenia Ontiveros Net Worth 2024

Kenia Ontiveros was born on June 17, 1991, in Sinaloa, Mexico. Her Zodiak sign is Gemini. She moved to the US with her mother in 1992. Her love for make-up and fashion grew within her around the age of 14; that is when she decided that she wanted to study runway and acting.

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Early Life

During her last year of high school, she met Larry Hernandes who she will later on marry and raise her two daughters, Daleyza and Dalary, with. During her first pregnancy, Kenia lived under the same roof as Larry’s first wife.

In 2015, Larry was arrested and charged for kidnap, thus Kenia began living as a single mother.

In 2017, the two exchanged wedding vows in front of their two children, the rest of the family and friends.


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They were both unknown to the public up until they were talked into doing an American reality show called “Larrymania“. It premiered in 2012 on Universo. It revolved around Kenia’s husband who is a Mexican- American singer.

The couple star in it alongside Manuela, Larry’s mother, and Sebastian, one of his son’s from a previous marriage. The show is still running.

As ”Larrymania“ snatched more and more attention, Kenia and her daughters made a decision to start their social media profiles, gaining support from the “Larrymania“ fandom.

Her profiles are blossoming. Her YouTube channel has almost 80 thousand subscribers; its videos each have thusands of views and likes.

After almost ten thousand tweets on her Twitter account, Kenia has an impressive number of 55.2 thousand followers on this platform.

She has two Instagram accounts; one for her cosmetic line @keniabeauty, and one personal profile.  The product one has 326 thousand followers. In its bio, there are contacts of the beauty and cosmetic company she is the CEO of.

Her other profile, @keniaontiverosoficial, has 2 million followers and is full of videos and pictures of Kenia. She is also active on Facebook.

Beauty has been her passion since teenage years and she finally got the chance to share it with everyone else. She took the chance and started her own brand, Kenia Beauty, which has launched many lipstick collections and brush sets so far. But, Kenia also promotes other brands.

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Kenia Ontiveros Net Worth 2024

This successful business woman, Instagram and reality show star has stolen quite the spotlight. All of her incomes combined had earned her a net worth of around $1 million in 2024. Since her cosmetics company has a bright future, that number will surely grow in the future.