Brad Lau Net Worth 2024

Brad Lau is most commonly known as LadyIronChef, and he specializes in blogging about food. If you want to know more about his food critic, as well as what is his current net worth, we suggest that you keep on reading our article.


Bradley Lau was born on May 30, 1987, and his zodiac sign is Gemini. He was born in Singapore, and apart from this information, there are little to no facts about his early life and childhood. Regarding his education, that information is also unknown, but we can only assume that the food blogger attended a local elementary school, as well as a local high school.

When it comes to attending college, we currently don’t hold any information about this, and until we find something, we won’t be able to share them with you. As soon as we find something, you will be informed as well.

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When it comes to his career, there are some more known details from his life. Brad Lau started a food blogging channel, which he called LadyIronChef, and that is the name of his website. According to, Lau’s website is “the leading food and travel website in Singapore that started from a humble blog.

” Lau started his blogging project back in 2007, and he has managed to obtain massive fame, popularity, and wealth, all based on that project.

The website also mentioned the blogger, stating how he “writes about his personal experiences from his daily life, dishing out honest reviews about food and dining places, countries and cities that he travels to and visits, and generic lifestyle products.

” The website also reads, “LadyIronChef is an independent and stand-alone company with no affiliation with any blogging company and management. We have had the honor of working with a portfolio of clients for many successful branding and tactical campaigns, bringing you products and promotions that we believe in and are beneficial for each and every one of you.

We are truly humbled by your support and faith, and we will always work hard to bring you the best, the latest and the truest in the glorious worlds of Food, Travel and Lifestyle.”

Personal life

Many have wondered why the website and Lau himself are called LadyIronChef, and many came to the wrong conclusion that Lau is actually a female. However, on, there is a segment that explains everything. It reads, “And yes, Ladyironchef is a man. And there is no reason nor meaning behind this alias.”

When it comes to his personal life details, the food critic hasn’t shared anything with the public yet, and until h decides to do so, we won’t be able to share with you such kind of information. However, according to some, he is married to Melody Yap since 2016.

Brad Lau
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The scandal

Brad Lau was involved in a scandal when after dining in a restaurant, he didn’t pay the bill. The Straits Times wrote on this matter, and Kaelyn, a food blogger commented on the subject. “I’m surprised. It’s beyond my understanding how someone can actually request for a free meal on the house just because he’s a food blogger,” said Kaelyn.

The food blogger further continued, “Anyone can be a food blogger these days, all it takes is a camera and a blog. Does it mean restaurants have to sponsor everyone for their meals?”

Other food bloggers chimed in, like Alvinology, and the Singapore blog wrote, “Firstly, never accept an invitation if you don’t want to write a review. Accepting the invitation is promising to write a review, even if it’s a bad one. Secondly, keep to the number of guests stated on the invite. In this case, they said bring a guest. A guest. One. Then keep to it.

And if you bring more, don’t assume they will dine for free.” All of this caused quite a commotion, and Brad Lau found himself in an awkward position. According to him, he wasn’t aware that he was supposed to pay for all four meals when, in reality, he only got a free meal for two people.

He brought two more friends with him, and that was what he had to pay. Lau commented it was “an oversight to assume to that no acknowledgment from Melanie about my 3 accompanying guests would mean that their meals would be on the house too.

I assumed that the meal would be, at the very least, on the house for myself and one dining partner.” Lau concluded; “I was not expected to be billed for and then ‘waived’ off from what was disguised as a ‘food tasting session;’ I must admit the hostility while paying (I had tossed my credit card on the table) was uncalled for, and I sincerely apologize.”

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Brad Lau Net Worth 2024

The food critic and blogger managed to contain a massive wealth for his line of work, and he also got fantastic popularity. He has a large number of followers on his Instagram account. As of 2024, Brad Lau’s estimated net worth is around $60 million.