EMDR Therapy: What is EMDR Therapy and How It Is Working Wonders for People in Singapore

If you live in Singapore and are dealing with anxiety and depression issues, then your therapist might have already recommended EMDR therapy to you. EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy are some of the most successful psychotherapy techniques used for treating psychological anxiety and stress. It is said to be the best treatment for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). While this therapy is popular all across the globe, it is widely practised in Singapore. EMDR  is the go-to psychological treatment in Singapore. Thousands of people have undergone this treatment and have enjoyed wonderful benefits from it. Let’s know more about EMDR therapy in Singapore in detail!

EMDR is an effective way to treat mental issues like depression, post-traumatic anxiety and stress.

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What Is EMDR Therapy and How Does It Work?

During therapy sessions, the person is made to revisit his traumatic experiences in a brief while an expert therapist administers his eye movements and maps them to the brain. EMDR is regarded as a powerful treatment because it works by recalling the triggering events which are very less upsetting as the attention is diverted. This enables the subject to get exposed to the memories or experiences without really having any powerful psychological response.

When performed regularly, EMDR sessions are believed to reduce the impact of your bad memories, accidents and traumatic experiences on your mental health and well-being.

What Happens During EMDR Therapy Sessions?

As mentioned above, EMDR treatment is divided into 8 different stages, meaning the patient has to attend multiple sessions. Here is what happens during each phase of EMDR Singapore :

Stage 1: Reviewing History And Planning

For planning a customized therapy, your therapist begins the procedure by taking a look at your past. This phase involves talking about the traumatic experience you had and the current problems you’re dealing with.

Stage 2: Preparation

In this stage, your therapist will teach you about different techniques to tackle the psychological and emotional stress you’re going through. In this phase, most therapists in Singapore prefer using mindfulness and breathing techniques.

Stage 3: Evaluation

In the third stage of EMDR treatment, your therapist identifies and understands your bad memories and their impact on your mental health.

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Stage 4-7: Treatment

This is when the actual EMDR treatment begins. During these settings, you’re made to revisit your traumatic experience and recall the bad memories associated with it.

Your therapist will then keep asking and monitoring your eye movements. This is a form of bilateral stimulation and the expert might also use some tape or sound or music, depending on the severity of your case.

Once done, you’ll be asked to let your mind go blank and note down the thoughts and feelings you’re experiencing at that time. If you become stressed during this process, your therapist will give you a break before focusing on the next memory. Over time, each bad memory will be addressed one by one until they fade away.

Stage 8: Final Assessment

At the end of treatment, your progress will be checked. At this point, most people can get rid of their traumatic memories and bad experiences.

Source: Sante Center For Healing

7 Amazing Benefits of EMDR Singapore

1. Most Effective For PTSD Patients

The biggest advantages of EMDR therapy in Singapore are enjoyed by PTSD patients. As discussed above, this therapy makes people relive their traumatic experiences in a guided environment. This helps the therapist to track eye movements and monitor brain activity. With a couple of regular sessions, the subject starts getting familiar with his trauma and learns to overcome it quickly. Most people in Singapore have found this process to be extremely beneficial for people dealing with post-traumatic stress. It is one of the most recommended therapies for PTSD patients in Singapore.

2. Helps In Treating Various Psychological Problems

EMDR Singapore is becoming the most approachable and popular way of treating a wide array of mental problems such as depression, anxiety, panic, stress, etc.

The best part about  EMDR Singapore is, it enables individuals to take over their negative thought processing and start developing a positive approach towards their life. Because the patients relieve their bad experience, again and again, it reduces the negative impact on their brain.

Source: Dr Francesco Bernardi

3. Planned Approach

Another great feature of EMDR therapy is that the treatment is divided into several segments. Each segment offers enough time for the patient to realise and achieve the practical goals. Further, the therapist also takes enough time to understand the stress tolerance level of the patient and personalize the treatment accordingly. After the steps, there is also an evaluation stage where patients share their experiences and the sensations associated with them.

4. Helps In Developing A Positive Outlook Towards Life

EMDR Therapy is gradually being regarded as a common method of developing a positive approach towards life in Singapore. The main focus of this treatment is to relive the negative thoughts and harmful emotions in a controlled manner and then gradually change the subject’s responses towards them by desensitizing the traumatic episodes.

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5. Consistent Approach

Unlike other treatments and psychological therapies where the patients keep expressing their stress and anxiety triggers without experiencing any improvement, EMDR Singapore takes a more fine-tuned approach.

Many Singaporeans who have taken this treatment have reported the effectiveness of this planned approach on their mental health.

6. EMDR Singapore Offers Permanent Results

Several leading mental health experts in Singapore have agreed on the fact that EMDR offers promising results that last for a long time. Not just in Singapore, but EMDR therapy is showing effective results for people dealing with PTSD and related issues, all around the world.

All the research and studies that have been conducted on EMDR Singapore shows that it not only helps patients to recover from their traumatic side effects but also helps them become more positive, stress-free and relaxed over long periods.

Source: Midwest Recovery Centers

7. Much Better Than Medications

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapies are way better than medications and other treatments. They are one of the safest ways to deal with mental issues like stress, depression and anxiety. The process only involves a step-by-step guided therapy session without involving any drug or medicine. There is no need to worry about side effects just like the other treatments. Not just that, EMDR is comparatively cost-effective than medications.

These are some of the remarkable benefits one can get from EMDR Singapore. Here, people prioritise their mental health and well-being more than anything and this is the reason why Singapore is named among the happiest and most lively countries in the world. EMDR is and will be the most powerful tool for relieving numerous mental issues in Singapore and the entire world. Learn more about EMDR Therapy in Singapore