10 Best LVLP Spray Gun – Top Picks and Buying Guide (2024)

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Do you feel exhausted by paying a painter to do a job you know you can handle yourself? Are you a do it yourself kind of person or are you fed up with paying for one paint job or the other?

Whatever mood these questions might leave you in or whatever situation you’re in right now, do not worry much as this best lvlp spray gun review will certainly lift your spirits.

A Complete Buying Guide On Finding The Best LVLP Spray Gun

best lvlp spray gun

Right now we want to bring to your notice what LVLP spray guns are and these guns have been around for a long time but with several changes due to some technological advancements.

You might just be hearing about them for the first time right now or you might be looking for one that would be okay for you to make use of but whatever the case may be, you have come to the right place.

The best lvlp spray gun that we have listed and discussed below are what’s hot on the market right now and they come packed with many intriguing features that would make working with them worth it.

They are durable, are made of high quality and are also convenient to read this review and find out all you have been missing out on for a very long time.

1. SPRAYIT SP-352 Gravity Feed Spray Gun

best lvlp spray gun

The first product we want to look at and also our best choice lvlp spray gun product is the SPRAYIT gravity feed spray cup which also comes with a swivel cup made from aluminum and what we can tell you so far about this product is it is one that won the heart of many customers all over the market.

With this high-quality spray gun, you should expect nothing less than a high quality and fast paint job and having a lightweight design also ensures that the arms would not be stressed or injured while working with this spray gun.

Its stand out design is also another eye catching feature of this spray gun while its swivel cup is also designed to last long and now you are sure that you can apply paint even in the smallest regions.

A corrosive resistant needle nozzle and stainless steel needle is also another proof that this is a high quality and durable lvlp spray gun and you also rest assured that you would make use of this spray gun in several years to come.

Key Features:

  1. The best for use in automotive, marine and also in a woodworking environment
  2. Its air control and easy to adjust fluid pattern helps in saving paint
  3. Durable

2. SPRAYIT SP-33000K LVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun Kit

It is really no surprise that the SPRAY IT spray gun is also on this list again as they have been in the business of making high-quality spray guns since 1928 and now, we have this lightweight aluminum spray gun which has both durability and practical design.

The manufacturers of this product however designed something that isn’t like the regular spray gun you find on the market at this time, it comes with a diaphragm air regulator, socket, brush and also an additional spanner which would make sure LVLP is in a perfect working condition.

Being able to select from a 1.5mm, 1.3mm or 1.77mm tip for use is what customers find appealing about this high-quality product but this is however dependent on the surface area you would be working on. You would also have better control over the amount of spray thanks to its impressive and low-pressure fan pattern and this is clearly one lvlp spray gun you really don’t want to miss out on.

Key Features:

  1. Its wide and narrow spray modes help in controlling the amount of spray
  2. Made using lightweight aluminum material
  3. Durable as it features corrosion resistant nozzle and stainless steel needle

3. SPRAYIT SP-33500K LVLP Gravity Feed

Trust me when I say you would definitely feel like the next 007 James bond when you have this lvlp spray gun in your hands and this time, this product doesn’t come with just one but two spray guns and you can trust this kit to have all you need when it comes to carrying out either small or big chores.

These guns are however manufactured from lightweight aluminum material and they are designed to have this snug fit when held by the fingers.

Working with this spray gun simply means obtaining stunning results especially when used with low and fast and dry viscosity paints. Unlike other low-quality lvlp spray guns, this one wouldn’t break anytime soon while its aluminum lightweight body guarantees that it would be around for several years to come. This is also one lvlp spray gun kit that you also don’t want to fail to grab.

Key Features:

  1. This product comes with a one-year limited warranty
  2. Features an air inlet operative
  3. Having air controls, fan pattern and adjustable fluids all helps in controlling the level of flow

4. Astro EVOT14 EuroPro Forged LVLP Spray Gun

Speaking in terms of quality and price, the ASTRO EVOT14 lvlp spray gun is one that is unbeatable and one feature that makes this lvlp gun to be sought after is its unique air curtain design.

The air curtain design is quite instrumental towards the reduction of excess spray and pollution and this is one product that is concerned about your comfort which is why it has lubricated knobs and a soft trigger which makes sure the hands feel well relaxed when working with this gun.

There is however an innovative quick thread technology that enables users to unlock and lock several features and this is quite important as it opens the user to several working units on this tool.

The body of this lvlp spray gun is well forged meaning it would last for a very long time and an example of its durability is its fluid tip and stainless steel needle which ensures long-lasting use.’

Key Features:

  1. Quick thread technology makes this tool very easy to work with
  2. Has an anodized and lightweight body
  3. Hand fatigue is lessened thanks to its lubricated knobs and soft trigger that also offers maximum control

5. SPRAYIT SP-31000 LVLP Siphon Feed Spray Gun

The SPRAY IT brand is back again in this review for the third time and this time this product is slightly different from the previous two models that we have talked about.

This one has stepped up their durability as it now comes with aluminum cups instead of plastic cups like in the previous two models we discussed and you know what advantage aluminum brings. It means that these cups or even the spray gun, in general, would not crack.

There is also the addition of an enviable air controls and easy to adjust fluid pattern and this feature however proves to be one of the major difference in the SPRAY IT spray gun and the previous two SPRAY IT spray guns that we have talked about previously and if you check the reviews by customers concerning this product, you would find out that customers are impressed with its low and economical paint application which results into a higher quality paint.

With this SPRAY IT lvlp spray gun, the difference between mediocre and magnificent would be seen.

Key Features:

  1. Comes with an adjustable and separate fluid pattern
  2. Comes with a nozzle that is resistant to corrosion
  3. Has a stainless steel needle for durability

6. Iwata 5552 hvlp-sprayers

ATOMIZATION is the word that comes to mind when talking about the Iwata lvlp spray gun and this is because this spray gun was designed with the intent of carrying out atomization perfectly thanks to its low air consumption and other impressive features.

It is quite rare to find a spray gun that has environmentally friendly claims but yet, this spray gun proves to be such spray gun thanks to its LV technology and tulip spray pattern which makes sure excess spray isn’t produced.

This lvlp spray gun from Iwata is one this list because it has what it takes to rival other top quality brands and the manufacturers of this product have so much trust and confidence in it that they have attached a one year warranty on workmanship and material.

Its cup and aluminum body also ensures that you are not going to shop for an lvlp spray gun anytime soon and with this spray gun you can finally say goodbye to bad and poor quality lvlp spray guns.

Key Features:

  1. Comes with a year’s warranty on material and workmanship
  2. Has a durable and sturdy design
  3. This is a gravity-fed type of gun

7. Speedway 50188 Latex Household Spray Gun

If you want a spray gun for both external and interior use then this spray gun from Speedway is just the best product for you as it comes with low volume and low pressure and here’s something you should know about this spray gun.

The low volume and low weight material transfer that makes it possible for the paint to spread evenly isn’t so with this spray gun and what most users who have tried out this product before complained about is the fact that it has a very time consuming cleaning up process and this could be very hectic for users.

This isn’t the best spray gun for use if you are not a professional as its design can be a bit complicated sometimes and that is why it is often considered to be designed specifically for professional use.

If you intend carrying out a paint job but on a small scale then this is simply the best and right lvlp spray gun that you can count on to help you get the job done. In all, despite its complaints and flaws, settling for this spray gun isn’t totally a bad idea.

Key Features:

  1. Suitable for interior and external use
  2. The best for use on smaller projects
  3. Durable
  4. Recommended for professional use

8. Astro 4008 Spray Gun with Cup, Red Handle

This is one lvlp spray gun that comes with several impressive and mouthwatering features that every user or customer would grow to rely on and guess what, this spray gun comes with a quartz volume cup and this is a bit greater than the volume of cups of some products that we have talked about in this review.

There is however something interesting about this lvlp spray gun and that is its cup’s anti-drip system which makes refilling hazards minimal.

What customers complained about in this product is the fact that it feels very bulky or heavy and this owes to the fact that it is made using metals and not plastics but this metal construction is solely the reason why this lvlp spray gun unit is durable and also has a long-lasting lifespan.

Here is one more thing about this product that was lacking in the last product we talked about and that is being very easy to clean.

Key Features:

  1. High-quality metal construction
  2. Its cup has a high capacity
  3. Its cup is also drip-proof

9. Wagner Spraytech FLEXiO 590

This lvlp spray gun might be the most comfortable spray gun you would ever get to work with and it is designed to mold perfectly with the hands and have a firm grip. This is also why this spray gun is the best choice when it comes to large spraying and painting projects and comfort is also possible thanks to its lightweight design.

It is lightweight definitely means that the hands would not get tired to hold it while working and the presence of smart cup arrangements and dual nozzles means you can either select a large cup or a small cup depending on the type of project you are working on.

This spray gun comes with nine different spray speeds and this is the main reason why customers love and admire this spray gun.

It offers different kinds of spray speeds to choose from but this feature isn’t so needed in some projects but when it is needed then you would know how important it is.

Key Features:

  1. Best for large scale projects
  2. Offers optimal comfort
  3. Has a high capacity

10. Campbell Hausfeld Paint Spray Gun

This is a high-quality kit that comes with everything you need and we are talking about coming with two valves, two guns, ten paint filters and also a small kit for maintenance.

What makes this spray gun a very good choice is the fact that whether you are a professional or a do it yourself kind of person, you would find this spray gun very easy to work with as it has no worrying issue and it has a user friendly design which is why it is also a good and recommended choice for beginners.

This spray gun kit comes with high-quality components and that is why it is highly sought after today as the market is flooded is spray guns that are made using poor quality materials or have a poor quality design in general.

This spray gun is built with high quality and high precision in mind. However, this product is quite affordable as it sells for a cheap price and looking at all of its exceptional features, you would know that this isn’t the type of lvlp spray gun you want to fail to purchase.’

Key Features:

  1. Comes with everything necessary tool or material for use
  2. Affordable
  3. High precision kit
  4. High-quality material build

Benefits of Working With An LVLP Spray Gun

You would benefit a lot just by painting with an lvkp spray gun and that is exactly what we want to look at right now;

  1. Precision – if you have a paint job you really need to complete without messing it up then you should get an lvlp spray gun for it as it would make sure every detail is fine is precisely painted. This tool is very easy to make use of and that is why you do not need to be a professional to make use of this tool and after working with this tool you would always find it awkward or tiring to paint using a brush or roller again. These are just the best tools for painting.
  2. Price – here is something people do not know about lvlp spray guns. Yes, they help in saving time and effort when working but what people do not know is it also helps them in saving money they would have spent in paying a painter for something they can do themselves. They are very affordable and do not need you to spend a heavy amount on purchasing them.

LVLP Spray Gun Types

The two main types of LVLP spray guns that you would ever come across are the conventional feed and the gravity feed. The gravity feed is the ones that are very efficient and also have a cup at the top design which allows smaller batches of a coat to be made use of while a conventional lvlp spray gun is the one that has its cup placed at the bottom.

Gravity feed spray guns are preferred because they are very versatile, deliver a quality finish and do not overspray but if you intend doing it the old school way then the conventional spray gun is what you need.

Final Thoughts – Our Favorite Product

Despite all the impressive models of lvlp spray guns that we have talked about in this review, there is one we would always pick and prefer to work with and that is the SPRAYIT gravity feed spray gun and this spray gun comes with so many enticing features which you would rarely find on any other spray gun on the market.

This product is also one that is designed to help you save money and time and customers who have tried it out have all made positive remarks about it. You should try it out too.

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