Do You Want a Big Booty? 10 Foods to Try


Did you know that butt enlargement drugs can be consumed from foods commonly eaten daily? Some foods, such as nuts, seafood, and eggs, are a type of food that is very useful for butt enlargement.

The importance of having big buttocks is a trend for women. In particular, someone with a big butt can make it easier for you to carry out activities, such as being more comfortable when sitting for a long time and having solid muscles in activities such as lifting weights and other things.

In addition to facilitating activities, of course, for women, it will also increase self-confidence, by having big and firm buttocks can certainly increase self-confidence and make you the centre of attention.

Some methods of buttocks enlargement can be done by doing special exercises and taking buttocks enlargement pills. Several types of drugs and pills will help the formation of buttock muscle tissue. Of course, to take drugs must be under the supervision of a doctor and the costs that need to be spent. But you can also get nutrients in the body to build butt muscles. Here are eight foods that can be consumed to enlarge the buttocks, read more about this:

Protein and muscle growth

For the buttocks to be bigger and firmer, you need to increase the muscle mass in the buttocks, where you need to produce protein and calories that are useful in forming buttocks muscle tissue, some foods that are rich in protein in helping muscle growth are,

1. Salmon


Salmon is a type of seafood that is believed to have a lot of protein content. If you cook salmon in 4 to 5-ounce portions, the protein reaches 20 to 30 grams. As we know, that fish is a type of food rich in fibre, fat and omega-3. Of course, this makes salmon the healthiest food in the world.

The fatty acids and omega three contained in salmon play a significant role in the formation of tissue and muscle mass, which will turn into calories after burning carbohydrates in the body, resulting in protein and calories that are very useful in building muscle.

2. Flaxseed

This type of grain is often found in the middle east mainland. These seeds can help suppress and destroy harmful cholesterol levels stored in the body. They also contain magnesium, vitamin B and lots of phosphorus, so it’s not surprising that these seeds are often referred to as enlargement drugs. Healthy butt.

The formation of muscle mass in your buttocks can be produced from the protein content in this flaxseed. Besides that, these seeds are also very beneficial for your health.

3. Eggs


As we know, eggs are foods that are rich in protein, and the content of phosphorus and vitamin B12 in eggs can be helpful in the formation of your muscles. One egg is estimated to have a protein content of 6-8 grams.

This food is commonly found in the community. You can enjoy these eggs with various simple processing methods, such as drinks or food. Besides that, eggs can also help need cholesterol and maintain the health of the human brain.

4. Quinoa

It is a type of seed that is a staple food for people in Indians. This food is found in the Andes mountain plains, Peru, and South America. These foods are rich in protein, which can lower sugar levels in the body and improve digestion.

The use of this seed as a buttocks enlargement drug is also often used by the community, the complete carbohydrate content is believed to help produce more energy, so you have enough energy to do exercises or workouts to shape the buttocks.

Some health mentors often use this seed as one of the recommendations that must be consumed to maintain body fitness and restore a stronger body balance.

5. Legumes


The content of amino acids and iron are essential nutrients contained in this food as a booster for the formation of buttocks muscles. Some nuts, such as peas and peanuts, are believed to help build lean muscle mass.

You can also vary the presentation of consuming this food with various types, such as drinks, juices, or mixtures of foods that are very good for the health of the body. Nuts can also help brighten the skin and protect the skin from UV rays.

6. Brown rice

This rice can help restore and maintain the balance of the body because it has a very high carbohydrate and protein content, this type of grain is very useful in maintaining a healthy body. It is believed to be able to overcome free radicals and cholesterol.

The protein content in this food is obtained from its unusual processing, where the rice is only peeled off the skin, leaving a thin layer of brown or red.

In forming muscle tissue, rice is also helpful because it has a high amino acid content. Therefore consuming this rice will be very useful for your body.

7. Protein shakes


Is a protein content that is good for consumption. Some types of food, such as milk, will help your muscle growth, and it’s a good idea to use this as a drink, snack, or snack while practising. It will also help restore lost energy and add focus to your workout.

This protein can be consumed instantly without being processed because many food distributors already provide it, and you can drink it directly.

8. Avocados

Someone trying to increase muscle mass and maintain body balance is highly recommended to consume this food. You can process it into juice, or fresh fruit is eaten with a mixture of candied sugar or natural honey.

The protein content in this fruit can help you need bad fats, so your weight can be more stable. The formation of muscle tissue can also be obtained because this fruit has protein that can help the growth of muscle mass.

9. Milk


You can get this drink at the nearest store or mini-market. By consuming milk, your body will get back in shape during exercise. This drink is unquestionably related to its protein content, and it is best to consume whole milk, which is healthier.

10. Pumpkin seeds

As a readily available food, you can make pumpkin seeds for consumption or snacks while practising. The high protein content in pumpkin seeds will help maintain your weight and restore lost energy.

The types of food above are relatively easy to find in everyday life, by consuming these foods can be a substitute for buttocks enlargement pills that you have to buy at various drugstores.