Science of How to Build Muscle – A Detailed Guide

You have often come across various guides where they depict on how to build muscle, yet you are not sure either they are worth experimenting or not. If you are a beginner and looking for tips to begin your bodybuilding journey, here I am with an authentic and firm guide that will surely help you to build strong muscles.

If we talk about growth, health eating, daily exercise and taking enough sleep is an ultimate solution for your body problems. According to research, it is how you can attain approximately 12 to 15 lbs muscles in minimum time. There is a common myth that having poor genetics prevent you from gaining muscles that is absolutely false.

With consistency and hard work, you can gain muscles according to your requirement. It is applicable both for men and women. However, a few suffer from plateau problem and that’s the reason we have a detailed guide on bodypass on muscles gain and muscle growth plateau problem.

We will also discuss all the possible solutions in this guide so that if anyone is experiencing it, they can find ways to overcome it.

The Mechanics of Muscle Growth

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Whenever you bend your biceps, thousands of small fibre muscles get contracted. The fibre is referred to as a muscle cell that is made of thousands of links known as sarcomeres. There are thin Contractile fibres inside every sarcomere that are known as myosin and actin. It is the point where your muscles start to grow.

It takes a complicated process to grow your muscles as it is not a matter of a few steps. With every step, additional myosin adds to each fibre which makes the cells’s engine healthier and more significant. Let’s put a light on a few essential tips on how to increase the muscles growth.

1- Enhance Your Training Volume

One of the significant ways to grow your muscles productively is by increasing the training volume. When you enhance the training volume, your muscles will grow by taking the least possible time. You can increase the volume by adding some reps and sets of an exercise.

However, make sure that it won’t affect your safety. In the start, add only 1 set, and gradually you can increase the volume as per your feasibility. Apart from sets, you can add weight and besides this, keep trying new methods of training.

2- Modify Your Exercise

If you are experimenting the same type of exercise for quite a long time, it is better to try a new one. Your body needs variation; otherwise, it will surely get tired and bored of performing the same exercise. Give your muscles something new to achieve so that your body boosts muscle growth. However, the changes should not swear in the start so that it won’t have an adverse effect on your body.

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3- Enlarge Your Calories

One of the best ways to add muscles is to enhance your calories. You need not just enough calories to fuel the fit muscle tissue you have, however somewhat extra to fuel the development of new tissue. The question emerges how much calories one should consume daily for profitable muscles growth?

According to research, a person should have approximately 200 calories for healthy muscles. However, those additional muscles should not reach to your waistline, so make sure the calories you are consuming should be from healthy food. If you take healthy food that contains proteins and healthy fats, it will be beneficial for your body.

4- Experience Drop Set Strategy

Drop Set is a common bodybuilding strategy that is linked to muscles building. In bodybuilding, it is a technique that let you continue the exercise with light-weight in case of muscle failure. You don’t need to stop doing exercise. Hence, due to some reasons, if you suffered muscle failure, and you have lost the hope of building it again, drop set strategy will work here.

Decrease the weight and increase reps that will let your body to be in good form. For example, if you were using 20 pounds of dumbbell with 12 reps, stick to 12 reps however reduce the weight of dumbbell.

Calculation of Total Metabolism

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The first step towards the perfect food plan aimed at increasing muscles is the calculation of the total metabolism or the sum of basal metabolic rate and physical activity.

The age, the percentage of muscle mass, and the intensity of physical movement determine the basal metabolism, i.e. all the activities that our body must carry out to maintain vital processes, such as the functioning of the cardiovascular system and individual organs.

The level of physical activity is the additional energy of our body, which is very individual and determined by factors such as our work, the amount of sport practiced and the management of free time.

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Workout Inspiration

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Setting workout programs and looking for different ways to build muscles is one thing, while the foremost thing that needs is an inspiration. Many people don’t even think to start workout due to lack of inspiration. Now from where this inspiration comes? Let’s discuss it.

How would it feel to transform your body with only 90 days of hard work and later surprise your friends and family? Every day you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and check your body but how it feels to have the perfect body as you once wished to have?

Stop wishing for it and let it have only with a few days of sweat and hard work. Make a goal and do everything to achieve it. Start with a little work out without tiring yourself. Take low weight dumbbells and give only 15 to 20 minutes to your body; it will bring a passion in you and you likely to start pursuing it. With time, increase the time duration and weight, and it is how you will be able to achieve your set goals.