How Artists Can Use YouTube Promotion and Why You Need to Get Into It


YouTube has long been one of the most popular social networks available to artists around the world. And it’s no secret that video content is becoming increasingly popular among music fans.

For this reason, YouTube has become an integral part of any successful artist’s arsenal, a great video promotion service, and yet another tool for the popularization of music. From releasing music and creating music videos to show unique content that will help musicians connect with their audience — there are many ways to grow your channel.

But not everyone can gain popularity on YouTube on their own. We all often see artists who have become well-known stars thanks to YouTube. Artists whom no one knew a few days ago, but today they went viral and are already conquering all the tops. And in a lot of situations, it’s not just a fluke.

Most people who explode in a short amount of time have most likely spent many months, if not years, planning how to present themselves on YouTube. In addition, they can also be popular on other platforms such as SoundCloud, TikTok or Instagram. Thanks to it, following the artists on YouTube, their loyal fans are also moving. And the number of them will only grow with the right approach to promotion on this platform.

So what’s YouTube’s secret?


How YouTube can be useful for an artist and why you need to get into it

To start with, it’s worth mentioning that working with YouTube isn’t only creating and uploading videos. YouTube channel promotion is a much more complex and planning needed process.

  1. First of all, define the goals and ideas of the channel and answer the main question: «Why do I need YouTube and what do I want to achieve?». Only with clear goals and an idea you can start creating content and promoting the channel.
  2. Once you have goals and ideas, you will better understand what content to create and how to promote your channel. But, don’t forget about the «portrait of a fan» in order to understand with what right audience you will need to work with.

Consider a content plan. A content plan isn’t just a list of topics for videos with dates of expected publications. No, this is a list of search queries for promotion, topics, description of the target audience that the content is aimed at and much more.

Well, don’t forget to analyze the existing video content on your channel (you can do it through your YouTube Creator Studio Analytics). Use ideas and formats that «shoot» more than others, improve and develop them, and study the content of colleagues and competitors.


How YouTube Promotion Works for Maximizing Views

During its existence YouTube has gathered around itself a real fan base of the platform. And for artists, who want to promote using YouTube, there are several main pros that they will receive after working with the platform.

How to Make Your YouTube Channel Popular

You recorded and edited the video, uploaded it to YouTube, formatted it correctly and set it up. What’s next? Is this enough for promotion? No. You can greatly improve fans (and future fans) engagement by approaching the issue more holistically and using additional promotional options.

Announcements in social networks

Announcing a future or already released YouTube video on social networks is a good way to attract an audience. And if we are talking about a page that already exists and works for your promotion on other platforms, then this method is also free.

If the video is especially important, you can run targeted YouTube ads and Google ads. Just make sure you set it up correctly. Often the most reasonable and profitable thing is to involve specialists in promotion in social networks. Only a YouTube promotion service — we also help artists on social media and can offer many relevant and profitable packages.

Fan and Audience Engagement

Your additional task is to interact with the viewers of your channel and engage them. Activity under the video and comments are an incentive for YouTube to promote your videos.


Collaborating with other musicians, channels and bloggers and creating content together can be a positive outcome for both of you.


Why It’s Important to Buy Fans for YouTube Video Promotion

To elevate your engagement on YouTube channels and promote YouTube videos, you need to have more likes, views, shares, and comments.

When you are just on the beginner’s level, you need to have a lot of patience and things to learn before joining the popular YouTubers list. But the number of active fans is a key for you to have a speedy process.

The YouTube algorithm always pushes the content that has more views and likes on its insights. That’s why most YouTube users often lean towards buying fans even if they are just beginning — this helps to reach a wider audience in the long term.

Subscribers are a bit more difficult to obtain than other metrics such as likes, comments, and shares. These people have to go out of their way to create an account and then subscribe to you.

How to Get More YouTube Likes From Video Promotion

If you’re interested in getting more YouTube likes, you must follow a few important points:

  • One more time: promote yourself and your YouTube videos across all social media platforms
  • Сreate diverse content for your key audience and fan base. But don’t forget to analyze and experiment with new formats to attract new viewers
  • Upload content regularly
  • Use different youtube features. For example, broadcast yourself on YouTube Live to get more attention
  • Take feedback and negative comments well to improve the videos and music you’re putting out
  • Communicate with the audience actively, answer in the comments and don’t forget about the feedback from you to fans

Personalized YouTube Channels Promotion Using Promotional Packages

To save money and not purchase several different services at once, you can choose from one of the comprehensive YouTube promo packs. These packages are created to help you start a successful YouTube channel and become one of the most searched artists on YouTube.