How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Essay Writer?


Price is usually the last when looking for a reliable essay writer. In most cases, the cheapest essay-writing companies have a bad reputation due to low quality and poor customer service. Their support teams are unprofessional and unresponsive. Before we talk about pricing, it is important to address some important factors to consider when choosing an essay writer.

Tips for Students Looking to Hire Essay Writers


Safety and Security

The most important factor to consider when looking to hire essay writers is your safety and security. No grade is worth risking your career or future, especially when education defines it. In this case, you must look for a path that guarantees your safety. Only use pseudo-names and temporary email addresses if you settle for freelance writers. Do not disclose your personal details to a stranger hoping they will be obligated to protect such data.

Similarly, you should only deal with entities that have the minimum financial and cybersecurity risk. If you settle for a custom writing site, ensure it has security badges from reputable institutions like DMCA Protected and TrustedSite. Cybersecurity firms offer specific levels of protection against third-party infiltration, similar to firewalls and antiviruses. These features are critical when determining the trustworthiness of a website, especially where you share financial information. Hence, you should only use reputable payment platforms such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.


Confidentiality is also part of the safety and security considerations. A good essay writing site should not require sensitive information as part of the order placement process. Do not share your login details for school libraries and students’ arenas. Unscrupulous individuals might use it for other businesses or sell it in the black market. Some will even blackmail you for money or favors. Reputable writing sites maintain information sharing at the bare minimum and do not share such details with third parties.


Writers’ qualifications and experience

Another important factor is the writer’s experience and academic credentials. No one wants their master’s level assignment to be completed by a high school dropout. You must do your due diligence and verify the expert’s capacity to write your essay. In most cases, when the price is too low, the writer is usually not qualified enough to complete the assignment. They may not have the necessary training to assess the assignment and comprehend the instructions. You must search for reliable service providers if you need a quality essay.

At some organizations like CustomWritings you can find essay writers for hire who have mastered the art and science of academic writing. They have strict writer recruitment processes that only absorb the most qualified experts in each discipline. The successful candidates then undergo thorough training and regular reviews to ensure they are fit to complete Ph.D.-level assignments. The result is a team of professional essay writers that can complete a thesis within a week. They will write your papers, research projects, or book reviews from scratch within impossible deadlines with minimal errors and mistakes. You can find similar reputable organizations online with the help of referrals and verified customer reviews from rating sites.

Authenticity and reliability of the service provider

Once you have settled on a provider, you must assess the authenticity and reliability. You should always find more information about a company before placing an order. A good essay writing site will have a verifiable address and feature the registered name of the owner company. Reputable organizations are easy to locate online as customer testimonies and testimonials appear on various websites.

A reliable entity should ideally have positive and negative reviews since no institution can satisfy all its customers. Consider the alternative if you can’t find a single negative testimony about a company. Usually, unscrupulous entities tend to conceal their negative company images using sponsored or unrealistically positive testimonials. Consider referrals from friends and social media platforms when assessing the authenticity of an essay writing service. Check out reviews from verifiable customers on rating sites.

Credible websites will also provide featured reviews and sample papers for perusal. Assess the quality of the shared documents before placing an order to ascertain the quality of the expected paper.



One of the most frequently asked questions about essay writing services is, how much does it cost to hire a writer? There can be no direct answer to this question due to the diversity and dynamic nature of the industry. However, an average university-level paper can cost anywhere between $15 and $40. The actual cost of hiring an essay writer will vary based on the complexity of the order, the academic discipline, and the deadline. For instance, the price of completing one page of code will cost slightly higher than a similar-sized psychology assignment.

On the other hand, a structural engineering sketch or calculations paper will be more expensive than a coding assignment. Besides, some complex disciplines have few expert writers raising the prices due to demand and supply factors. Thus, several factors determine the cost of hiring essay writers.

  1. Academic discipline
  2. Urgency or Delivery deadline
  3. Order complexity
  4. Length of the essay
  5. Research required
  6. Writer category

Refund policy

Other than the price, you may also want to understand the provider’s refund policy. A company with a money-back guarantee is more committed to quality due to the risk of losing its income through refunds. Always review this policy to understand the value essay writing sites place on your request.


Where Can I Find Essay Writers for Hire?

There are several options for finding pay-for-service writers, especially with the evolution of the internet. You can choose between a freelance writer and a custom writing company. In most cases, working directly with a freelance writer requires a verifiable and reliable referral from a close friend, as the risk of losing your money is extremely high. You can also find experts on gig markets such as Indeed or UpWork, but there is still no way of verifying their expertise or writing prowess. The best option is to use a reputable essay writing company with professional writers.

Most custom writing sites have strict expert vetting processes that guarantee their papers’ quality and timely delivery. The entities have experience in the industry and have refined their services to match their customers’ needs and eliminate financial risk. However, the probability of landing on a scam site is still relatively high due to the associated economic benefits of essay writing. Thus, you should only use verifiable sites owned by reputable companies. It is advisable to use a referral or assess the reliability and trustworthiness of your service provider. One way of verifying authenticity is through social media reviews and rating sites.

Consumer review websites such as Sitejabber and Trustpilot allocate rating stars to brand names based on verified customer reviews, giving consumers a reference point for decision-making.