5 Main Reasons To Explore Italy By Train

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When it comes to exploring the world, we often focus on the destination over the journey. After all, countries like Italy have so much to see and do. But what if we paid more attention and loved both the journey and destination? Well, train travel in Italy offers you that opportunity. Taking a train is the most exciting way of exploring “the land of a thousand hills,” connecting and interacting with local Italians, and enjoying the picturesque countryside views, you would never have seen using other means. Even better, you will arrive at your destination quickly, comfortably, and conveniently. Here are some of the reasons why you should tour Italy by train:

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1. Meet and Interact with the Locals

One of the best things about Italian train travel is that it allows you to meet and engage with the locals. Sure, not all local travelers will want to interact with you, but you will probably be able to practice the little Italian you know with a friendly local and even learn much more. Generally, Italians are friendly and hospitable and tend to enjoy hearty conversations. Even better, they might even teach you a few valuable insights about your final destination. For example, if you are traveling to Rome, you might meet a Roman born and bred there or an Italian who has visited several times and therefore knows the ins and outs of the city. It is always nice to connect with people from other backgrounds to not only see new things but to get to know people who are part of different cultures.

2. Enjoy the Beautiful Sights of the Italian Countryside

Italy boasts lots of high-speed trains, which might make it a little hard for you to take numerous photos on the journey. However, you can hop into a slower-moving regional train and enjoy the breathtaking sites of the Italian countryside. Train routes often pass through parts of the country that you would never see with other transport options. You will be passing through lush valleys and beautiful rolling green hills. Imagine enjoying the gorgeous views of Tuscany hills as the train makes its way into Florence. Even better, most Italian train routes pass via Australia or Switzerland. You will appreciate the spectacular Brenner or Gotthard Passes from your comfortable train. No other means of transport allows you to examine your surroundings attentively and to be able to perceive them fully.

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3. Nothing Beats Comfort

Trains in Italy are designed and built to help you travel and feel like royalty. Once you get into the train and sink into your seat, your responsibilities disappear. You do not need to think about navigation or where to stop for gas. Your main and only job is to sit back, relax and read a book, take a nap, listen to a podcast, interact with other passengers, and enjoy the beautiful views. Besides, Italian trains are spacious with an incredible amount of legroom. Even the slowest and cheapest options allow you to get much more relaxed and comfortable than an airplane’s coach class. Besides, there are mostly no luggage restrictions, so you can always carry as many souvenirs as possible. Most times, the trains are equipped with air-conditioning for utmost comfort and complementary fast Wi-Fi to keep you connected throughout the journey.

4. High-Speed Allowing You To Cover More Ground

If you are touring Italy on a schedule, taking a high-speed train will help you explore different cities much faster than you would be using a bus or car. Sure, flying might seem like the fastest option. However, once you consider the fact that you need to get to the airport three hours in advance and go through the crazy security queues, train travel becomes much faster and more convenient. Furthermore, train stations are conveniently located close to the city centers, and you can get there up to 15 minutes before your departure time. Besides, with train travel, you can hit most spots in what might seem like no time. For instance, Milan, Naples, Sicily and Florence are one-day trips when traveling from Rome using high-speed trains. In addition, each Italian city features incredible sights and historical artifacts dating back thousands of years.

Rome, the oldest city, boasts excellent ancient civilizations, while Naples and Florence have great arts and architecture that amaze even seasoned museum-goers. Besides, why not take a sleeper train and cover more ground? Rest in the comfortable trains as you are transported across great distances waking up ready another city to tour Italy.

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5. Travel sustainably

Over the last few years, it has become increasingly clear that climate change is a very serious threat to our planet. As pleasant as it can be to be on the other side of the world in a few hours by plane, it is important to consider whether it is the best travel option overall. For long-haul flights, where the journey can take a day or more, this may still make sense. For shorter distances, however, one should be aware of one’s own responsibility and, if possible, switch to a more sustainable mode of travel. Especially if you hardly or not at all have to restrict your own comfort in the process. More environmentally conscious travel ensures that generations to come will be able to visit the same breathtaking places as we do today.

Conclusion: Train travel in Italy can be recommended

There is no better way of exploring and getting to know more about Italian cities than by train. Italy offers a wide range of cultural diversity. From different landscapes to regional specialties and centuries-old art. Therefore, it is not only worth immersing yourself in a certain region or city, but to make time to discover the entire diversity of the country. Italy has train links to virtually any center, town, and city. So, whether you plan to cross the country or just tour neighboring cities, taking a train is the most convenient, comfortable, and environmentally friendly means of transportation. Even better than all is the fun and adventure of exploring the beautiful countryside, meeting new people, and making new friends.