3 Reasons to Choose Sicily for Your Next Holiday Destination – 2024 Guide

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The expression that we are not aware of how important something is to us until we lose it can be applied now. The freedom of planning your holiday (in advance) is also something most of the people didn’t appreciate enough until the COVID-19 outbreak. Now, we are all dreaming about that one extraordinary destination for a perfect vacation, and the one country that has it all is for sure Italy. Its rich history, monumental buildings, art, food and much, much more, really has something for everyone, and visiting one place will make your holiday special. That place is Sicily, and in this text, you will find ten reasons why it should be on everyone’s map.

1. Cuisine

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Talking about Italian food, what comes first on everyone’s mind is undoubtedly pizza or pasta, but Italy and especially Sicily have much more to offer. If you decide to check out authentic Sicilian street food, you will also learn about the Spanish, Greek, and Middle Eastern influence to Sicilian cuisine, which is different from the rest of the country. Having one bite of Sfincione, the soft bread creation with onions, tomato sauce, anchovies, caciocavallo cheese, and of course olive oil, will leave you breathless.

That is just one of many choices you will have to make, but make sure to taste as many as you can, like Stigghiola, Arancini, Pezzi di Rosticceria. For those who like seafood, having one in Sicily is something you have never experienced before and will leave you asking for more.

Some of the oldest and most prestigious wines in the world are from Italy. Knowing that every region of the country is producing the wine, you can say that this is the wine lovers’ heaven.

The Greeks had a lot of influence in Sicily, and they also brought the culture of cultivating the wine to this region. They were so impressed with the fertility of the land that they named it a ‘land of wine’ which says a lot about the quality of the wine.

The Italians have a culture of drinking it with lunch, and it always has its place on the table. They genuinely appreciate it, and it plays a huge roll in their history and culture. Visiting Sicilian vineyards is also a unique experience that everyone should do while planning their trip there.

2. Art

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If you are an art lover, Sicily is a place that can’t leave you indifferent. While exploring the island, you can find many different types of art from a different time. On Levanzo island, you will see Grotta del Genovese with amazing cave paintings of tuna and deers from the prehistoric period. You can see the great examples of Roman art in Villa Romana del Casale, Greek theatre at Taormina and gladiator arena at Syracuse.

There is also astonishing art from the Norman period, and you can see it in Monreale Cathedral, Cappella Palatina, and Cathedral at Cefalu that are full of amazing mosaics that you should see. Those are just a few of many pieces of art and you should explore Sicily carefully to see everything that it can offer.

Sicily is full of amazing archaeological sites, and one of the most famous is Selinunte. This place is ideal for spending a day with your kids since it is almost one kilometer wide for a casual walk. If you don’t like walking, you can explore all the sites with electric buggies. You can enter through one of the two entrances, Triscina on the west and Marinella di Selinunte on the east. Although the site is now empty for almost 2500 years, you can still see its beauty if you decide to visit it, and with your imagination, it can live again.

One of the most visited cities in Sicily is the city of Taormina. Charming streets, many festivals, and friendly people are just some of the reasons why you should visit this city. It is near Etna volcano, so that excursion is something that everyone has to experience.

The town has a great history, and it was home to many famous people such as Goethe, Brahms, Coppola, and many others. The main attraction is the Greek-Roman theatre that is home to many plays, shows, and concerts, but also monument by itself.

For people who want to know more about history, Syracuse is the town that is known as the historic city of Sicily. It is very famous because it is the birthplace of Archimedes, and also for the ancient ruins that you can find throughout the town.

There are many ancient amphitheaters and the museum with the astonishing exhibition of white marble carvings. A cave with human ear shape is another very remarkable thing to see. Stunning beaches are just one plus to all the great things that you can see if you choose to visit Syracuse.

3. Beaches

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Sicily has something to offer to any person and if you love swimming and sunbathing, there is no need to worry, you are in the right place. With astonishing sandy beaches that you can swim in for six months a year, Sicily is the best location for sea lovers. You can find marvelous beaches all around Sicily, but maybe the most beautiful are Cefalu, Mondello, and Calamosche. The truth is that there is no shady beach in Sicily, so wherever you choose to go, you can be sure that you decided well.

For beach lovers, experiencing the Menfi coastline is a real paradise. The amazing unspoiled dunes, 12 kilometers of white sand, and translucent water will make you want to stay there forever. If you add great food, celebrated wines, and the perfect location for further research of Italy (about 70 kilometers southwest of Palermo and about 60 kilometers northwest of Agrigento) to this commune, you will have everything you need.

Scopello is another ideal destination for beach lovers. Its translucent and calm waters are the best for relaxing, and those with a more adventurous spirit can enjoy diving from various dive sites like caves and shipwrecks. While in this authentic Sicilian village, you can also visit the old tuna fishery building, and nearby there is a natural reserve Riserva Naturale Dello Zingaro, where you can furthermore explore the beauty of Sicilian beaches, trails, lookouts, and caves.

For nature lovers, probably the most attractive while visiting Sicily could be different horse riding tours. There are various tours, and you can choose anything you like. Horse Riding through the beach, exploring the Etna volcano, and visiting the Valley of temples are just some of the exciting tours you can choose. If you are a beginner, there is no need to worry, as there are special tours for those who never tried horse riding before. That can be an ideal way to spend some time in nature and explore Sicily too.

There are many ways to visit and explore Sicily, but the best and the safest one is for sure, staying in a private villa. It is the best way as you will have your privacy, and the locals will always help you make the most of the experience. It is also the most secure way because it favors social distance, but you can also enjoy a peaceful and relaxing vacation with all the desired amenities. For more information about Sicily, the benefits of staying at the villa while there, and for help with choosing the right one, check Select Sicily.