Sicily, an Island with a Millenary History

Sicily, one of Italy’s largest regions, is a beautiful island with a millenary history.

The particular charm that characterizes this island is not only linked to its breathtaking panoramas and coasts, but also to the vibrant culture and traditions that can be discovered in all its cities and towns. As you can imagine, this island really offers a lot of opportunities that can be appreciated by many people with different needs and tastes. Therefore, everyone should, at least for once, book a holiday in Sicily, because it is a land where comfort, nature, and history blend.


Discover Sicily’s culinary delights: true Sicilian cornerstones for food lovers

If you decide to go on holiday to Sicily, you can be sure that it will be a memorable experience. You can visit many of its cities located along the coast or in the hinterland, where you can observe historical monuments, stunning and uncontaminated beaches with crystal-clear water, and get to know the local folklore. Of course, the food as well represents one of the cornerstones of this beautiful island, with all its flavors, colors, and fragrances. Therefore, every traveler who decides to visit Sicily must be ready to get all their senses stimulated in a 360-degree experience, involving culture, cuisine, history, and nature.

For those who like food, Sicily is like Heaven! Both at restaurants or in the street, you will have hundreds of opportunities to taste the local Sicilian food, which is considered one of the tastiest ones in all the country. Sicilian people are very proud of their cuisine because it is hearty and substantial and an interesting mix of flavors, thanks to the special ingredients that are used in the preparation of all the dishes, such as spices and herbs. The dishes or products that you can taste in all the regions will please and satisfy everyone, both those who like savory food and those who prefer the sweet one.

One of the best things to try is arancini’s, a fried rice meatball that can be realized in different variants, such as the ragu one, or the mozzarella and ham one. If you are a pasta lover, you should definitely eat a full dish of the pasta alla norma, made with eggplant, tomato, and ricotta Salata cheese. Sicily is also very famous for the huge variety of sweet pastry, that can be eaten for breakfast or as a dessert after lunch or dinner. Among them, the cassata siciliana, the iris, and the cannoli are three fundamental products that get everyone very hungry and, especially, really full!

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A melting pot of cultures who left their traces in fascinating architectural masterpieces

Apart from its delicious and rich cuisine, Sicily is well known for its history and culture, which are characterized by the mixture and succession over time of many civilizations and people coming from different parts of the world from the ancient era with the Greek and Roman power, to the medieval and modern ones, respectively represented by the Arabic and Bourbonic dominations. As you can imagine, the entire island shows the signs of this cultural melting pot, which above all, can be identified in the monuments or buildings that are located in the most important cities of the region.

The Mediterranean architecture that is visible in Sicily is a mix of different styles and elements, which contributed to making this region a unique place and a cause of pride and interest for many people living on the island and also in the rest of the Italian peninsula. Among these styles, the most remarkable ones are the Arab-Norman, the Sicilian Baroque, and the Art Nouveau from the 19th and 20th centuries.

As the name suggests, the Arab-Norman style was obtained from the fusion of Norman elements, brought by the Normans when they invaded the island at the beginning of the 13th century, and the Arabic culture which had already rooted all over Sicily. Some of the most remarkable aspects of this unique style are the use of mosaics, which are typical of the Byzantine influence, majestic bell towers, typical of the Norman architecture, and colorful geometric decorations, which are a clear example of the Arabic culture.

The period in which the Baroque style flourished was during the Spanish domination in Sicily. This style is characterized by the splendor and spectacular ostentation, which were applied to many aristocratic palaces, mansions and churches, both externally on the facades and internally on the walls and on pieces of furniture. Stuccoes, precious stones, frescoes, ironwork, and statues were employed to show all the power and grandeur of the Spanish monarchy.

During the modern and industrial era, Sicily as well started to develop a new style and taste in terms of architecture and aesthetics, which, also, in this case, was characterized by openness towards foreign influences and cultures. It is in this period that Sicily welcomes the Art Nouveau, which was fostered by the arrival of French aristocrats, British merchants, and Austrian officials.

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Spend some of your time in Palermo, the authentic Sicilian capital

If you really want to have a true Sicilian experience, you should definitely start your trip in the city of Palermo, the capital of the Sicily region. If you are in Sicily for a summer vacation on the beach or for a city trip, Palermo is the place where you need to start your journey. It is close to the sea, and there are a lot of beautiful beaches where you can swim in the vicinity, like Mondello or Addaura, that is also quite close to the airport of the city and, therefore, they can be reached quite easily.

On the contrary, for those who love art, architecture, and history, the city center of Palermo offers a huge variety of places to go and visit. Many of them are old churches and former mosques because religion has always had a crucial role in the history and culture of the city. The main church, the Cathedral of Palermo, is a huge and beautiful building characterized by crenellations and arches, typical of the Baroque period.

Palermo can also be appreciated and admired for its traditions and folklore. Walking in the streets of the city is the perfect way to discover and feel the rhythm of the Sicilian everyday life. For example, you could visit the Vucciria market or the Ballarò market, where you will be mesmerized by the colorful fruit and vegetable stalls, people selling fish, meat, cheese, other local products, or all sort of things. Men, women, elderly people, and kids walk in these markets, talking and laughing, conveying an atmosphere of vitality and warm-heartedness.

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From the crystal-clear sea to beautiful cities: Sicily is the perfect destination within everyone’s reach

This island really has a lot to offer, and it can accommodate different kinds of travelers, also the most demanding ones. Sicily is the perfect place where you can travel and relax, getting the most of your experience not only from architecture, art, and gastronomy but also from the luxury and splendor that this island hides. So, if you really want to have a wonderful vacation, the best solution for an outstanding holiday is to choose the Sicily villa rentals with