How To Get Started With YouTube For Business

Every minute, over 300 hours of content is uploaded on YouTube. The platform has 2 billion users worldwide. This means YouTube has something to offer for everyone. Video as a means of communication is becoming increasingly popular. Thus, YouTube is becoming more likable. Especially with the readily available video editing software and free video makers online, generating professional videos is non-expensive and rather simple.

So, if you want to take advantage of what YouTube has to offer, keep reading.

Start Your YouTube Business With Seven Simple Actions

You can make your business popular on YouTube and earn revenue for the same. YouTube presents a dual opportunity for businesses who wish to be active participants on its platform. Whether you are a small business entity, an independent YouTube business account, or an established brand, YouTube is a  great marketing platform.

It helps create brand awareness, maintain a sustainable relationship with your audiences, and make money online. All you need to do is get started as a business on YouTube and keep your channel actively running. Here is how to get started with YouTube for business:

1) Create Your YouTube Business Channel

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If you are new to YouTube, you can access this platform by signing into your existing Google ID or create a new one. To customize your YouTube business channel follow these simple steps:

  1. After signing in, click on the user icon which features your thumbnail. Search for the gear icon which stands for settings.
  2. Click on “settings,” which will open a new tab for you.
  3. Click on the ‘create a new channel’ option to get started.
  4. Choose an option that says “use a business or other name.”
  5. Add a brand name and click on create.

2) Add Your Business Details

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Customize your YouTube business profile by adding details specific to your brand or identity. The channel URL will correspond to the username you have opted for your brand on YouTube. Add a description of what your brand is about and what users can expect from your YouTube channel. Think through the descriptions carefully, as it can determine whether you make or break an impression with your viewers.

It is also a  good idea to add your brand’s website link and other social media handles in this section. Under the ‘featured channels’ section, you can add other YouTube channels your brand or business owns. This gives the audience a glimpse of all your activities on YouTube.

3) Beautify Your Brands With YouTube Channel Art

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Channel Art adds a personality to your brand page on YouTube and distinguishes it from the rest of the competitor brands. The header section allows marketers to upload a cover image, similar to the ones you upload on Facebook or Twitter. Let the cover image be as attractive as possible and make sure it captures the essence of your brand with the help of a catchy tagline. This upload should be less than 4 MB and be 2560 x 1440 pixels wide.

Similarly, add a display image for your brand. It is usually a high-resolution logo of your brand or a thumbnail of yourself if you are running the channel as an independent blogger. If you need help with creating logo, check out this useful tool on Designhill.

Also, add a channel trailer, which is seen right below the cover image on the channel’s homepage. The trailer video often correlates with the ongoing theme and can be changed at intervals.

4) Brainstorm On Video Ideas

Source: The Fletcher Group

You must first define your target audience and then curate appropriate content to reach out to them. Your viewers like a bit of variety. So, create a mixed bag of video content to match your campaign objective. If you are launching a new product, you can create a series of videos that feature teasers and then get onto revealing the product. Just search for a free intro maker online that serves your video’s purpose and get started. Our recommendation is Video Creek.

While it is good to get maximum publicity on YouTube for your brands, you must also keep in mind the interests of your followers. Now and then, brands must put up educational videos or something similar that is for the greater benefit of the YouTubers. The bottom line is that your content must be informative, entertaining, and tell brand stories to capture the viewer’s interest.

If you’re a vlogger, you might want to focus on a niche like fashion, technology, automobiles, travel, or food.   Accordingly, plan your journey forward. You might want to create DIY videos and handy tutorials to gain the support of your audience, as they start looking to you for advice.

5) Share Your Content Like A Boss

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Upload your video content on your YouTube business channel and get going. Businesses often create playlists and categorize their uploads under different headings. This makes your channel look professional and organized. Also, looking for a video under its head category makes it easier for the audience. Make sure the interval between the current video upload and the next one is neither too short nor too long. You don’t want your audience bombarded with an overload of video content. At the same time, you don’t want them to lose their patience and ultimately interest, waiting for your next video.

6) Monetize Your Channel

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For this, you need to permit YouTube to ‘Monetize with Ads’. If any ‘one’ of your videos crosses 10,000 views, you have managed to crack the code.  Your videos will be eligible for monetization. People make anywhere between a few hundred dollars annually to millions of dollars per year. The more viewership your videos garner the more chances of you making money. Make sure your business is registered for taxes, and you own a bank account which is purely for business, to reap sustainable benefits from YouTube monetization. Through monetization, YouTube Ads made with various Video Ad maker tools will feature in your video.

7) Elevate Your YouTube Business

An excellent way to market your business on YouTube is to partner with others who follow a similar YouTube business model. Ask your fellow businesses to feature you on their channel and do the same for them. Make it clear to your audience about featuring a fellow business on your channel, to avoid confusion.

Lastly, don’t forget to have a call-to-action appeal at the end of your video messages. It could be anything like asking your audiences to subscribe to your channel or add their comments. Every little step goes into building a rapport with them.


YouTube business benefits many independent movie making enthusiasts, small entrepreneurs, and well-known brands. It is easy to get started on YouTube. However,  the key is to keep the tempo going by creating inspiring, high-quality content for viewers. So, analyze, optimize, and monetize to make your YouTube business a success.