Top 7 Assignment Writing Mistakes You Have to Avoid at All Costs

Students typically hate writing, and the teachers hate grading the assignment – the feeling is more or less mutual. However, fortunately, or unfortunately, assignments are the necessary evil, we all have to do to pass the exams. We can, of course, do it quickly, if we avoid doing a few things, which our professors hate. Moreover, if you omit those things, you will be able to write assignments like a pro every time. So, here is a quick rundown of a few things that you must strictly avoid while writing your paper.

1. Plagiarism

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If you plagiarise your writing, the professor will reject the piece without a thought. Take it from us – It is a cardinal sin and must be executed by law if there is even a thing like that. Why? Well, stealing someone’s work, and then lying about it are the two most evil things that you can do. Furthermore, it is a horrible practice to plagiarize your assignments and believe us when we say this; your teachers are not stupid. They are not ignorant of technology. A teacher can easily tell when the idea is stolen, even if you have spun the things, and your article passes through Copyscape.

In many cases, they, too, might be using the same software. If caught, you could end up in a soup. They might fail you in the assignment or test, and at times, you might even be expelled or suspended. So, why would you ever risk your career over this minor assignment? The best thing is to trust your writing skills, and know you can do it. Bottom line, give due credit where it is due. If you are using someone’s work, either take permission or quote them or cite them. If you feel that the topic is too complicated, you can use an essay writing platform like EduWorldUSA.

2. Writing way more than is required


The second thing that you need to take care of when you are writing is adhering to the word limit specified by your tutor. Exceeding the word limit would be considered okay by your professor only and only if your content is of exceptional quality because then it would showcase your knowledge and creativity on the topic. However, in most cases, superseding the word count shows lack of focus and discipline.

3. Writing below the word count

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Similarly, there is a problem when you write below the required word limit. When you do that, it puts forth your lack of knowledge or creativity. Further, writing an incomplete piece is a sign of pure laziness on your part. At times, the professors will construe that you do not take the task seriously to put adequate input onto it.

So, research thoroughly and rework if required. Your professors are already short of time and have a tiny window to mark your assignment. So, exercise due judgement and write good and in the requested word count.

4. Do not beat around the bush


Take it from us, nobody, absolutely nobody enjoys reading a piece where you just beat around the bush to complete the word count. Everyone today has a low attention span, and teachers are already running short of time. So, when you are writing your college assignment, be very specific in what you are writing. A lot of students have a habit of veering away from the main topic. So, do not do that.

5. Including irrelevant content

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Another mistake that a lot of children make is including irrelevant information. Trust us when we say this, if you add a lot of unrelated data in your content, you not only lose marks for not sticking to what’s been asked but also make errors in your writing.

So, depend on your content, and stick to the topic. Your professors would be okay if you write a shorter paper and go below the word count, but they would hate it if you pepper it with useless and irrelevant staff only to keep up the word count. Also please do not use cliches. It not only is obvious but also depicts a lack of originality on your part. Your professor spends a lot of time creating the assignments.

So, it would be best if you gave due regard to their sentiment. They would never appreciate it if you do not answer what is being asked or include irrelevant content. It seems like a waste of time and detracts from the overall work. If, you think, you have done everything you can, but your assignment still does not look up to the mark, you can approach an expert at TFTH, and they can help you make your assignment A-worthy.

6. Too many spelling and grammar errors

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Forget getting an A in your paper, if it is filled with tons of spelling and grammar errors. The same applies for typos too. When you make too many mistakes in a short piece of content, it depicts your lack of focus, and you could certainly lose a lot of points for the same. Further, it also points out your lack of learning and education through all these years. If you continue doing that, it might be a significant loss even in your professional life too later on.

7. Not proofreading before submitting

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Let’s face it; all of us have adequate free time. We can run a quick spell and grammar check before submission. Thankfully, today, we have more than a few tools to help us with this. You should always proofread the paper, the old-fashioned way, before you turn it in. It is quintessential to give your writing a thorough read, as when we are writing, we are too involved in the process that we tend to miss out on typos or the other grammar or punctuation errors.

Moreover, even if you are using auto-correct software, it might fail because the spell checker is unable to catch the homonyms. In this case, it is the human judgement, which would work the best. So, even after passing your documents through the software, you should read it once more, and proofread it well before submitting.